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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Rugby adminstration: Forward domination????

Source: News24
Article by De Jongh Borchardt , Beeld

Photo: News24

The struggle to become SA Rugby's president is going to be an interesting tussle.

Just like Brian van Rooyen, Oregan Hoskins was also a lock and flank in his playing days. These two probably never played against each another, but they are going to be opponents when a president is elected at SA Rugby's AGM in Cape Town next month.

Hoskins has confirmed that he will oppose Van Rooyen on February 24. He will be officially nominated by the board of the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union on Monday evening.

Hoskins said: "I'm doing it in the interest of rugby in South Africa.

"It's not about the people in the board rooms, but about the players on the rugby fields. Rugby in this country can do with less controversy."

His name is perhaps not so well known in the South African rugby fraternity, but this Durban attorney is convinced he has enough experience to take over from Van Rooyen if he gets enough votes.

He came to the fore towards the end of last year when he insisted that allegations of corporate mismanagement against Van Rooyen should be further investigated.

Hoskins said last year that he was not interested in getting involved in an election as opposition to Van Rooyen, but he declined on Monday to elaborate why he had changed his mind.

"I was approached in the last two weeks to make myself available. I'm not saying I've got all the answers and if I'm elected, I will have a humble approach," said Hoskins who has been involved in the KZNRU for the past 11 years.

Hoskins is upset that Durban will not host a Tri-Nations Test this year. The past few years the KZNRU played host for either the All Blacks or the Wallabies every second season.

The New Zealanders were supposed to play in Durban this year, but the two Bok Tests against the Kiwis were allocated to Pretoria and Rustenburg.

"One has to ask the question if such a decision was taken in South Africa's interest. Durban is known throughout the world as a rugby city and was supposed to get the Test this year," Hoskins said.

Moer hom Oregan!  

Being kind tonight aren't you?
We all know why Rustenburg got the test - wheeling and dealing for votes.
I know there are many who will disagree, but I don't think Rustenburg is home ground advantage for the Boks. Nobody has played there.
It's like Perth for the Wallabies -their least favourite ground and the only place we could beat them since whenever.
"It's not about the people in the board rooms, but about the players on the rugby fields. Rugby in this country can do with less controversy."

Amen, brother!!!
In fact, it encourages me that Oregan doesn't have a massive profile in SA.

It means he has steered mostly clear of controversy.

What South African sport, and rugby in particular, requires is a period of consensus administering, not confrontational stuff.

The incumbent had his chance, blew his chance and simply attracts far too much controversy.

It's time for the winds of change to blow through South African rugby.

Some of those who steadfastly refused to confront the excesses may also have to fall on their swords.

There are people whose duty it was not to allow any rampaging 'Lone Bull' attitudes.
I'd love Os to shove BvR's ass right past his ears if it comes to forward battles.

I like the word "humble" in Oregans vocabulary.
any chance the public gets a vote?  
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