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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Rugby Administration: The transformation bugbear today (2

The close of 2005 saw the obligatory semi-final clashes between the existing powerhouses of SA rugby with the teams who are leaders in transformation, the Lions and WP, both losing to the “black wingers only” sides the Cheetahs and Bulls. In the final we saw the obligatory black wingers from the Bulls, but the Cheetahs also played Kabamba Floors aside from one wing and their fullback. Jake White followed this up with a similar strategy in his EOYT. And the present state of transformation in rugby?

With Jake White playing the obligatory “black wings only” approach to transformation of rugby in Europe he did black rugby no favours. So with the end of the season, where do we stand now?

The EOYT did black rugby players no favours

In 2004 Jake White went to Europe with what was then a record number of black players in the Bok squad. Brian Van Rooyen claimed quotas were dead and transformation was in. In 2005 the squad was back to its Straueli-esque best. Out of the 28 players selected, there were nine black players. The usual suspects, with Wayne Julies, Breyten Paulse, Bryan Habana, Lawrence Sephaka and Solly Tybilika among the names. Only Paulse, Sephaka and Habana actually got game time. A far cry from a team that fielded six black players in the match 22 against Australia at Ellis Park.

At the end of the season, Jake White could find nine players, but only three who actually got real game time. Much like Straueli.

Promising youngsters like Jongi Nokwe, Earl Rose, Tim Dlulane and Bevan Fortuin were left at home.

The “Charter”

The predators are gathering as the sickening zebra that is SARU stumbles from one scandal to another. The politicians and ANCYL in particular are annoyed with rugby. SARU are summonsed to a parliamentary sports committee meeting to explain their lack of transformation. Unlike government the excuse ‘legacy of apartheid’ is not open to them.

Instead of using the chance to display their management diversity SARU sends two old style Afrikaners to face the sports committee, Willie Basson and Johan Prinsloo. They present SARU with a “Charter” on transformation, similar in style to the BEE Charters the Financial Sector, IT and Mining created to escape the effects of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act.

The Charter contains a scorecard and weighting. It also contains mysterious ‘penalties’ for non compliance. The most controversial part of the weighting in the scorecard is that players reflecting racial demographics of the country counts for 60 points out of 100. This completely misses the real origin of rugby players, i.e. skills development and investment in the youth.

The SARU directive: Thou shalt….

In December Mveleli Ncula of SARU directed that each Super 14 team should have eight black players in its squad, six in the match day 22 and 4 in the starting XV. The media was stunned but, given that SARU was closed over the festive season, nothing more was said. Then in January there is a meeting between coaches and administrators. Ostensibly it is to let the coaches of the Super 14 share ideas and standardise the South African playing style to make things easier for Jake White. But Johan Prinsloo uses it to reiterate Mveleli Ncula’s “Thou Shalt…”-directive. A well known rugby website reports that this has been reduced to eight in the squad, four in the 22 and 2 in the run-on XV. But Johan Prinsloo refutes this in Business Day and on the SARU website and stands by Mveleli’s original pronouncement.

The Charter and the Directive lose other elements from sight

An excellent BEE contributor is one that scores 60 or above on the scorecard (out of 100). Co-incidence that the weight of player representation is counted at 60? It looks less and less that way. In a normal scorecard, the major weighting is given to ownership, skills development and procurement. A representative workplace is seen as only a 10% of the scorecard.

The focus of BEE is development and growth, with the idea that this will create representivity. But SARU does not see it this way. They want to impress and already unimpressed government. But, is government just unimpressed because of the slow pace of transformation? No. Their major gripe is the shambles in the management of SA Rugby. Transformation comes second. Every time Makinkese Stofile has threatened interference in SA Rugby it has been because of its inherent nepotism and corruption, and not just player representivity.

What does government really want?

When there’s an issue about player representivity, it has always been the discredited radical mouthpiece of Jacob Zuma, ANCYL that makes the noise. But ANCYL is the fringe of the ANC. The place where they put rabble rousers and not leaders. The last time ANCYL had good leadership was when twosome OR Tambo and NR Mandela were ANCYL heads. Anyone remember Peter Mokaba? Former Minister of the “highly influential” Department of Science Arts and Culture. Dies in mysterious circumstances of a lung disease when he’s too young to suffer it because of age. Who is the current head of ANCYL. Bet you can’t name him now.

No, government is not actually interested in black numbers on the field as much as what they are interested in the development of the game among black people.

My friend Sandile is from the Eastern Cape and he is a fanatical rugby supporter. Last year he interrupted an important urgent Saturday business meeting and said he couldn’t bear not watching the Boks play Australia. He is high up in the ANC too.

He also reckons that SARU are useless because they don’t understand that player representivity is a long term goal of government. Instead they should be concentrating to ensure that the game is played in the dusty streets of Katlehong and Alexandra and ensuring that the next generation of player represent the demographics of the country. The government knows that the numbers will come. They want to see leadership change. But not just that, they want to see the old style management go and a move to a more corporate style of management.

Well, SARU had that opportunity. But they elected to focus on the silliness of just ensuring the players are demographically representative, without focusing on growing the game, changing the leadership or changing the style of governance.

In the next article we look at the radical proposed changes SARU ignored to protect the fatcats at the top.

Like always you don't pull any punches. Great stuff.

Can't actually believe that the powers that be doesn't know these things. Maybe they should start focussing on what they are paid to do at SARU and not their own businesses.
Black wingers only


Where did hanyani Shimange got gametime in 2004, Who developed Guthro Steenkamp, You mentioned Fortuin & Floors thanks

Point is accusing the Cheetahs of only playing black wingers ea Bulls

that is a crock of shit
On the rest of your arti- quite interesting

Then it is time to clean out the Presidents Council- grow the game at grassroots level and play the best 15- even if, and I say if- it is lillywhite- in 2006.

Otherwise the whole effort means sqaut- rugby will end up like the representative soccer - useless.
That's the point OO

They're focusing on number crunching instead of development.

BTW, Hanyane was originally from CT.

BTW, that is more or less what they did in the CC final and semi.
I like it David. None so blind as those who will not see...  
Hey DavidS,as usual nice piece man.but on the Britz thread you say i have culture,you take that back right gonna mess up my rep !  
davids - what's your email? Or drop me a line at if you don't wanna post it...  


Anyone who digs Paul Coelho's PI's is a cultured man in my book!
Hi Dawids,

Good thread. Agree totally that this process has to start in the townships. Can you imagine how much talent we would have if half the youngsters gave up soccer and started playing rugby. The question then becomes how do you instill a culture of rugby amongs young black kids.

You got mail.
Dawie - insightful and relevant, guess it'll touch a nerve somewhere.

One question - who would you have dropped to include Rose and why?
indeed. So should you now  
And could somebody enlighten me on how I can get a naaice pic for my nick too??

Purty Please!!
Thanks Rob I replied.


No question. Brent Russel. Russel's ageing and it's damned obvious Jake doesn't really like him so if he's there and not being used, replece him with someone who will. Earl is better under the high ball for me, but their style of play and build is somewhat similar.

Another option would have been to select three or four players to go along as development players, the way they did with Tom Dlulane and Jongi Nokwe in 2004.
Haha davids,Paulo rules,i havent had the time to check out The Zahier yet but i will get to it sometime.anyhoo,i wont disturb the flow of thread so ill let this thread "find its treasure"  

The pic can't come off your pc. It must be on the web.

Then click on your name and you'll get a short summary of who you are. Select "Edit Profile"

Then go to the picture block. It'll ask you for your picture's URL. Go to the page where the picture is. Right click on it and select "properrties".

It'll give you the URL. Right click on that and select "Copy"

Then go back to the ruggaworld profile and in the picture space right click and select "Paste".

Et voila

Nice picture next to your name saying

"Namboer Supports The Cats"
And then I'll really like you, because I won't be alone anymore.  

I think that we don't have the people who'll say

You damned commie k-boetie

I hate blacks

I hate everyone who's not white

Maak al die wittes Bokke

types on this site so post away.
{RobD, a tip you might well have noticed DavidS is a member of Ruggaworld administration. As it is, his emails address is no secret. To view his email address please do the following: If you are on the comments page, scroll to the top and click on the Rugga World link where it reads "Post a Comment On: Rugga World.
Now carefully scroll down and scan the left-hand side of this page and you'll notice a section with the heading of "Contact Us". Notice under that the email address "", sure as shyte that's the one you're looking for!! Okay?!}

;-P Just kidding, you'll have picked up on it sometime anyways and I'm just poking fun at you
Raait Dawie, back in a flash...hang on to your helmets!  
Ag man - this blerrie internet dinges is too confusing for the likes of a software engineer like me.  
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Weekdays just wouldnt be the same without you guys!  
"The question then becomes how do you instill a culture of rugby amongst young black kids."

Well, all white kids got theirs from their schools and their dads.
And right now the first hurdle is to just create proper schooling for the blacks that cannot afford dominantly white schools - never mind sports facilities. And the success rate is not great.

Ethnic groups all over the world have preferences for certain sports - I don't have to go into that. In SA soccer is traditionally the sport that blacks
support - just look at the newspapers with a black majority readers. Some of them don't even mention the score of a Bok test, never mind a preview or report.

This for obvious reasons reflects the interests of their readers.

Soccer is much easier to play - you need a tennis ball or even a sock. This is one of the reasons why it has also become the sport of third world countries with large numbers of disadvantaged citizens, e.g. in South American countries.

Right now running items in athletics are dominated by blacks, the more technical field items by whites (and table tennis by Asians).

I believe there is something like natural selection and preference.

Transformation does not mean that 50% of all boilermakers have to be female - it just means that females mujst have an equal chance should they wish to follow this occupation.

Rugby is still a very long way away from this ideal, and it will not be reached by forcing non-merit selections.
The Tony that posted daai laaaaaaaagne - is he Tony McCeever? (sp)

And hows likes you oaks my news piksure?

Sorry Dawie (I should be calling you 'Oom Dawie'...."wrong side of 35"...) noting on the cats yet, but I'm working on it.
"Transformation does not mean that 50% of all boilermakers have to be female - it just means that females mujst have an equal chance should they wish to follow this occupation."

Can't have said it better had someone paid me.

Btw Farmerlet, hao u schmak my prentjié¿
DavidS,one thing,you can hardly call the Black wingers from the Bulls token black okes,Habana is the best in SA,and also Odungwane was one off the top trie scorers in the S12.So,they certainly deserve to be there!

Fact is,transformation(read qoutas)will not work in the premier competitions like the CC and S14,Franchises,coaches and players stand too lose too much to take the gamble to put in a non-white player,who may not be on the same level as the oke he replaces.hear me,I think qoutas should be implemented,but only as far as Vodacom Cup,from there on,CC and S14,it's the best man for the job,no matter what colour!

Bad news - sorry - that's Rasputin's pic. LOL

I'm moving Tony's comment to a seperate thread.

That the FS have to import 18-year old non-whites and develop them is a given- point I just want to make is that the Cheetahs will not cling to the concept of wings only- therefore your comparison is unfair.


I like your Charter- have you read my piece on the Spears - on OORB- before the Cheetah game- please comment on it on OORB as I see it part of my mission to see real transformation in rugby- not just rent a black face to keep the politicians happy.

Will happily debate with you this transformation issue- race is but part of - unfortunatly the most visible part.
Storming Bull on the rampage!!!!Namboer,nou dis 'n mooi enetjie ne?  
Waar's almal nou?  
U know what's scary? The wife is busy on the computer and i decided to grab my phone and come see how u guys r. I just found out my phone connects to the site faster than the diginet at work! Fuck ek sè, browsing is net moeilik! O ja, b4 i forget, davids u commie k boetie! Aldo  
Vleis ek like jou pic!  
Thanks Aldo,ek wik en weeg nog,wat van een van die Bulls se cheerleaders?  
HAhahahahaha,you Stormers pillowbiters will have to pull up your socks(or put away some other things?),This is a Bulls invasion!!!!!  
Hehe vleis!  
Kandas and your band of Merry Men!Pay attention,if I am left alone here for much longer,I will have to start creating havoc!

Like a Bull in a Chinashop!!!!!


like a Bull against a WP/Stormers team.
Is this how you treat a guest???Shyte,even WP/Stormers players are more welcome in Pretoria(especially certain type of bars,if you catch my drift) than I feel right now!!!!!!!!

How about a written rendition of the Bulls song?
Ok vleis

I'm here!
Ook maar net betyds!!!Jy weet,ek sing nie so mooi nie!

How you doing Kandas,we havent had a chat in a long time!The site must be keeping you busy!Found you're Kiepie yet?
Kandas,I've wanted to ask you,have you received any reaction from Keo re the site?  
:) Not yet vleis but I'm fine. We're just working ourr asses off here today.

Luckily my pic is green otherwise it would have been all Bloubul Country on this thread.

No the Bulls had their minute. We will now give the Sharks supporters a minute to take over the site till we return.
You working your asses off??!!???Thats justice for keeping me from doing my work!

Kandas,are the Spears,in the regional form,going to compete in the CC?How will it work?Will the "Feeder Unions" not play in the CC?
No reaction vleis.

We dont see it as competition though. Lots of other goodies to follow on this site.
Ja,but maybe they will see it as competition!Which it will be for sure!  

How they feel about the site is not in our hands. Neither how you guys feel. We would just like to know if you guys are satisfied with what we offer and what else you would like to read about.
Or are you also like PA who only comments and doesn't read the articles.

He just hopes the comment is in some or other way related.
Would be a pity - totally different content and market, especially with the goodies to come.

So, are you coming for the KKNK?

Jsut press F5 to refresh the page.
Donner,no,site is fine,I guess it can only get better as the season progresses and the real action begins.Only thing that bothers me,and I dont know if it is just because I dont have all the savvy re computers etc.,is,when the chatting starts to hot up,how can we keep up?At keo you just click on "home",then go back to the thread and all the new comments are up,I am not sure what to do here???Any help?

Kandas,boet,werk werk werk.Maybe,when is it?
Feeder Unions will also play in the CC. You got me in trouble now as Boertjie has been on me for a long time to explain the situation. I will do the article tonight.  
Vleis - hier is my prentjie.

Blykbaar het iemand my na-aap toe moes ek 'n ander ene loop soek...

Ek het hoog en laag, wyd en syd, noord en oos gesoek voor ek die 'regte' ene kon kry. Spesiaal vir jou!

(Ek het maar die sigare gelos, met so min brannewyn in jou bloed steek jy dalk lepel in die dak as ek hom gevat het!!)
Aaahhhh,just saw the topic for Brannas,nice one,that should get the tongues wagging!

Why did you remove it again?

Kom ons gesels Final 2005 ;-)
Namboer,dis nou wat ek 'n donnerse lae hou noem!!!!!Sies man,skaam jou!Het jou ma jou nie maniere geleer nie!

Ek is geskok,tot in my diepste binneste!
Namboer- like jou pic

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Nah didn't remove it. Something funny was going on. It is back again
Namboer,NEEEEEE!!!!!!!!Asseblief man,vervang hom ASSEBLIEF!!!!!!!  
Lyk my vleis chat net met die WP manne  
Sure Vleis- sien ons jou die 10de in Bloem?

Gaan 'n moerse game wees
OO,enige tyd!!!!

Even before the semi's(and PA and Donner may remember this)I said that if the Bulls play in the finals against the Cheetahs,they stand a good chance to loose,so,I was not so dissapointed!Only that pics off Ollie is killing me!Why not one off Os???
Yes, please let blow with that arti.

I can offer you stunning pics of Jorrie Muller and Gus Theron and Fatboy Davids to choose from.

Suppose that could only be said in the Sweetest language.
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Whats up with the Anglo?
Is my imagination,or is this site faster than Keo?

OO,and what do you have to say?

A lot , but depends nogal who i am talking too.

What is your take on the Cheetahs-Bulls game?
Okay Vleis, hy's weg en ek was darem heel menslik om die sigeer uit te los!!

How do you like this one?
Kap 'refresh' - is ook die manier om nuwe kommentare op te roep.
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Namboer i can likened to be saying that can have just saving me money. I can likes to hang that pic in my house and scares away any goggas. I can be allmost liking to say goodbye, but i can then be lying. I can have to gone cos my phone's bat is liking to say peep! So it can like to be charged. Sien yous at brannasnacht. Aldo  
Can't we let Aldo speak Spanish or French - his Anglaise makes me clean through each other.
Aldo, maar jy's 'n technological freak!! Sommer onne foun hey? Am glad that you schmaak my pics, unfortunateley I'll have to change to something that does not go against other muppit's 'konstutisies'!
You boys enjoy Brannasnacht, no internet at home, not big on brandy and it's waaaaaaay past my bedtime!

Lets be honest,the Bulls under performed,Leonard should not have played.For me,it's more like the Bulls lost the game than the Cheetahs won it.But,dont get me wrong,the Cheetahs,and especially Rassie forced the Bulls out off their comfort zone.A lot off blame should actually go to HM,why did Leonard play?And,HM basically leaving the team,and then coming back????

But the Cheetahs deserved it.They must just remember,it is easier to become a champion than to stay one.This year every-one will be gunning for them!

Namboer,dis beter!

Boertjie,wish I could,but,I am moving to a new House,so,I have a lot to do before the move in the next week or two!

So vroeg in die kooi?
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Fok,I just checked in on Keo,jeez okes,it seems that most of the guys on this site,kept Keo going at times when he would've been quiet!  
Well gents,I've got some work to do!
Cheers for eers!
Nam was dit net vir my gewees?

Ag dankie man ek waardeer dit!!!!!!

ps. Nam was that just for me. Thank you man I appreciate it

I knew you'd come around.

Well done for seeing the light

Why so early to bed?
Ag boys, unlike Kandas I'm not (yet!) a Greek God so I need my beauty rest - the more of it the better.

Actually I'm trying to get into the habit of being on-time for work the last few months it goes more or less like this:

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0715 - It's much too early and I'm still sooooooo sleepy. Turn over on the other side & think happy thoughpts.
0730 - If I don't get up now I'll have to skip breakfast......fookit, I can buy some AllBran bars! Zzzzzzzzzz
0740 - If I don't get up now, I'll have to go without pants...
0745 - get up, get dressed, 'freshen up' (lets face it, I can try but it'll not really work) brush teeth, grab stuff, run to car, swear cause the keys are still on the coffee table, fetch keys, forget to lock safety door, 'fly' to work.
0810/0815 Clock in at work, moderately on time.

en dan kom die reen namboer en donner alles op want die mense kan nie bestuur in reen hier nie  

Ek was nog nooit in Windhoek nie.

That sounds like my day starting excepting for:

0630: Little baby wakes up. Wife grumbles about getting up at night.

06h45: Playing with baby, trying to go for smoke and have coffee - multitasking is for girls

06h58: older babay wakes up. Bad mood and wants attention.

06h59: little baby upset cos she also wants attention (Wife still sleeping)

07h00: Can't do anything. Babies happy that each one is sitting on either side of me.

07h05: Maid comes in

07h06: Babies both start crying when I give them up. Soothe them.

07h10: Still soothing babies. Smoke and coffee forgotten

07h15: Wife wakes because of noise. Get lecture.

07h20: shower, shave, shampoo and get dressed at light speed.

07h35: Maid's daughter asks if she's going to be late for school. Give her meaningful glare. Run out of house. Babies scream.

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07h39: Go back and fetch everything I forgot. Soothe babies.

07h41: File flight plan with Jhb Intl.

07h45: Drop maid's daughter at school as the bell rings.

08h05: Arrive at work. Forgot clocking card at home.

08h07: Get let in after HR Manager gives lecture about the stupid thing....

08h15: Wife phones to say I forgot my wallet at home.
donner jy moet biekie plan maak.

davids and then you still find time to post on here????


You just blamed me for stuff happening there without being there and now you want me to come there. Hell what are you going to blame on me then?

That's nothing compared to my 'get-home' schedule

I'd post it but I'd need a whole server of all sorts of quirks of nature resulting in an exhausted collapse in bed at about 23h00 to sleep till the oldest wakes up, which she invariably does.

My wife takes care of the youngster and the oldest is a REAL Daddy's Girl.

If my wife tries to guilt trip me and go to Katya's room in the middle of night when she wakes up, Katya will tell her:

"Move it! Ek wil my pappa he"
everything donner, the fact that the price of beer has goen up for one.  
davids as jy maar net doen wat ek gedoen het  
An excellent and balanced article, David. Many thanks.

Has anybody actually seen this Transformation Charter, apart from the scorecard. (Which I think is actually weighted 65% for representivity) ??

I e-mailed SARU to request a copy, or to post it on their website. So far, I think they have been too busy with their lunches.
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