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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Rugby Administration: Shock move as judge King withdraws from inquest

Source: Beeld

In a surprise move former judge Edwin King has announced that he is not available anymore to lead the investigation into the alleged corporative mismanagement at SA Rugby.

King was asked to lead the investigation and would have used the Brand/Heunis report, as well as other evidence against SA Rugby and among others, the president, Brian van Rooyen as stepping stone in his investigation.

SA Rugby's CEO, Johan Prinsloo, confirmed that King was not available anymore.

"He withdrew because of personal reasons. We will have to wait and see what
the next step is that must be taken."

SA Rugby's board of directors are holding a meeting on Tuesday. King's shock withdrawal, as well as what will happen after the completion of the investigation into the alleged corporate mismanagement in SA Rugby, will be high on the

It is essential that the allegations and accusations are thoroughly investigated and then buried. The AGM of SA Rugby will be held in Cape Town on February 23.

Notice of the meeting, at which enemies of Van Rooyen will try to unseat him, has already been sent to all the unions involved. No candidates have so far been nominated to oppose Van Rooyen.
So the delay tactics of last week again favoured Brian van Rooyen. Only thing SARU needs now is an elephant or two and the circus will be complete. Hell they have enough monkeys there  
Could there have been proposals or pressure placed on King to reach certain specific conclusions on finalisation of the inquest which made him decide to withdraw ?

That would get the conspiracy theorists going!

Although past experience of the goings on at SARU and the power struggles (like Donner said - circus) makes you realise that anything is possible!!!

i dont even want to consider that!

this is a huge setback, personally, if BVR is not kicked out of SA rugby before the international season kicks off, i wont support SA rugby.
I tend to agree with Donner, delaying tactics made King decide he is nobodies pawn and to hell with the rest. It’s like lying, if repeated often enough it eventually is believed..  
I promise you guys, maybe I'm too gullible, but I can not understand that ANYBODY can go as far as BvR to just look after himself nd not care a f**k about a whole Nation and their Sport!

And nobody is doing something about it!
I don't get why Lex Mpati couldn't just have led the investigation from the start. He is the head of the SARU disciplinary unit in any case and a respected appellate court judge of higher stature than Edwin King was.

The truth is that King is not as squeaky clean as everyone thinks.

In any event maybe they need that hardnosed old Afrikaner "hanging judge" Joost Hefer. He won't stand for this kind of delaying tactics, like the way the ANC tried last year with that Bulelani Ngkuka farce.

I'd personally prefer him in any case. Besides why go through all this when the Brand/ Heunis report is completed and a senior counsel has already made recommendations. Just hand the damned file to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions!!!!!
I agree get a Afrikaner judge, how can you let a token judge handle the sport of the white man!

Okay now on a serious note, this might just work in BvR's favour, now the report won' complete by the next presidential election. Bad news for SA Rugby.
Agreed Aldo  
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