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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Rugby Administration: Senior Member of SARU MANCO resigns

Citing the 'current circumstances', a senior member of Brian van Rooyen's Management Committee has resigned saying that, 'he was not prepared to continue working in the current circumstances.'

SABC News reports that the beleaguered President of South African Rugby, Brian van Rooyen, suffered another blow on Tuesday with the resignation of a senior member of his management committee.

Koos Basson, who is also President of the Western Province Rugby Union, said in his letter of resignation that he was not prepared to continue working in the current circumstances.

South African rugby has been plagued by turmoil and infighting, and members of the President's Council of the South African Rugby Union (Saru), have come out in open revolt against Van Rooyen's leadership.

The CEO of the Cheetahs Rugby Union, Harold Verster, confirmed that members of the president's council had met in Johannesburg on Tuesday to discuss the way ahead, and the Executive of the Golden Lions announced that they would not support Van Rooyen in the Saru elections later this month.

Sharks Rugby Union President Oregan Hoskins will stand against Van Rooyen, and support for his candidacy is reported to be going from strength to strength.

Meanwhile, Van Rooyen is to be the centre of the Judge Joos Hefer inquiry into alleged mismanagement of Saru corporate affairs.
Suppose Koos didn't offer him a free ride in his Rover.
These "circumstances" have been ongoing for many months - why resign only now?
Anyway, it seems that BvR's support base is starting to crumble. At last.
Ja, Boertjie, I'm utterly bemused as well.

What 'current circumstances' could be so much worse than, for example, when the auditors released their report?

Or the motor vehicle incident?

Don't forget that Koos was sick during that 'no-confidence' vote, his place being taken by Tobie Titus who promptly voted for BvR.
I don't trust any of these happenings. There is too much of politics being played behind the scenes. This resignation stinks of it.  
So, Koos was head of the Justice Committee or Legal Committee or some such.

When Oregan Hoskins resigned from the Audit Committee ages ago it was because his recommendations that the dossier be given to an independent auditor were ignored.

On a point of principle he immediately resigned his position on the audit committee - that committee seems to have been defunct ever since.

SARU's information policy is a cesspit, a complete and utter shambles. They tell the public nothing, their website shows nothing, you cannot easily find out who does what.

It needs a metaphorical bomb under it.

Who currently makes up the Audit Committee?
All these issues fall under the remit of Prinsloo - communicating with the fans is his responsibility.

The same bloody fans that buy the sponsors products that keeps him in his job.
And the SA media keeps to its low key approach. Are they incompetent, or too afraid of law suits to show their colours?
In the end we may have to pin our hopes on Ali Bacher to issue some
ultimatums from the sponsors to put Ras' "methaphorical bomb" under their arses.

BTW where are the Banana Bananas going to find sponsors, apart from semi-state institutions like Telkom and Eskom?
First team since the new format in 1996 to finish goalless!!!
i dont even want to start on Koos Basson and WP rugby.

this is, as mentioned, a political circus. basson obviously sees BVR is going down and thus, by resigning makes it public that he does not support BVR in an effort to save his rugby career hoping Hoskins will want him onboard....

i hope Hoskins practices what he preaches and will not stand for underhand corrupt political bullshit.

I didn't want to say it in so many words, but that is exactly my first thoughts too.

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