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Friday, January 13, 2006


Rugby Administration: Rugby bosses take no-tolerance approach to transformation

Source: Business Day

In an attempt to fast track transformation of rugby SARU has issued a set of directives to the Super 14 franchises concerning the allocation of black players to the Super 14 yeams. As you will see the report in Business Day and their quotes from Johan Prinsloo differs markedly from what a popular rugby website claimed earlier today about the numbers of black players that Super 14 sides must have.

In an attempt to fast-track transformation in South African rugby ahead of the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the South African Rugby Union (Saru) has adopted a no-tolerance approach to teams that fail to further its transformation objectives in the Super 14 competition that starts next month.
Speaking after a meeting in Johannesburg yesterday, at which the five Super 14 coaches had to submit their final squads to Saru for approval, CEO Johan Prinsloo said it was essential that black players in particular, received adequate game time during the competition and that they featured in their respective teams’ starting line-ups.
Saru reinforced its commitment to transforming the sport by specifying that no fewer than eight black players had to be included in each Super 14 squad.
Six of these players would have to be included in the match 22 each week, while four of them had to be in the starting lineup.
Yesterday’s meeting followed a lengthy discussion on Wednesday between national coach Jake White, Saru’s manager of national teams Andy Marinos and the Super 14 coaches, in which they discussed issues of mutual concern in the build-up to the World Cup.
Prinsloo said one of Saru’s objectives in its strict approach to transformation this year was to help White and the national selectors to increase their pool of experienced black players for the international showpiece in 2007.
“The president, Brian van Rooyen, made it clear that we will not accept excuses and that the transformation process will be monitored carefully,” said Prinsloo.
“I admit that we (Saru) have not delivered on some of our transformation objectives in the past but the coaches now understand the significance of the process.”
Prinsloo said it was important that the public did not view their transformation process as a quota system.
Rather, it was a real opportunity to develop players.
SA’s five Super 14 squads will be announced today.
Meanwhile, three of the five franchises start their preseason campaigns tomorrow with the first of a series of warm-up games.
The Central Cheetahs play the Southern Spears in Port Elizabeth tomorrow afternoon.
The Cats and the Bulls, which have each been divided into two teams, will battle it out at Ellis Park.
So who's telling the truth then?

Is it Johan Prinsloo who says 8 in the squad, 6 in the 22 and 4 in the 15 or the other site reporting 8 in the squad, 4 in the 22 and 2 onfield?
Good question. Perhaps you should post it on the "other site"?  
It was already posted there.

Isn't it that at any given time there must not be less than two on the field, but 4 in teh starting line up.

That's the issue donner

Keohane's reporting that its is 8 in the squad, 4 in the 22 starting team and 2 in the starting line up XV.

Now Business Day and more importantly, Johan Prinsloo is underlining the directive given in December
Sorry, then I misread Keo soek 'n noot. I read two on the field at any time.

Do you think the source is dof( :-D)
More likely Chris is dof and wasn't listening properly given the quality of work he is producing...  
did he name prinsloo as a source or was it 'sources close to' again???  
If I remember correctly he also spoke to Moaner.  
So do you reckon Johan Prinsloo or Moans is lying or that Chris wasn't listening properly to "sources close to"

I know where my money is...
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