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Friday, January 27, 2006


Rugby Administration: Probe into Van Rooyen gathers momentum

Reportedly the Minister of Sport, Rev Makhenkesi Stofile, has been getting briefings over the last two days into the scope of the investigation of SA Rugby and it's President, Brian van Rooyen.

As you will no doubt recall, Judge King was initially appointed to lead the investigation but withdrew. His position being taken by retired Judge, Joos Hefer, after a request from appeal court judge Lex Mpati, who serves on SA Rugby's disciplinary committee.

The president of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, Jannie Ferreira, has been tasked with briefing the Minister and it is reported that agreement has been reached about the nature of the investigation.

One of the Minister's gripes about the previous investigation was over not being kept informed on the progress of the probe.

Ferriera has said, "An agreement has been reached about the ground rules for the investigation. The investigation can start when both parties decide they're ready."

"SA Rugby has asked advocate Nick Treurnicht to compile a charge sheet and hand it to judge Hefer. This is in conjunction to the investigation completed by advocate Jannie Lubbe last year.

"All that documentation forms part of the investigation."

"The minister has not insisted on anything, apart from a request that he's kept informed. All the necessary documents will also be at his disposal. He was previously not kept informed, but it was my duty the past few days to supply him with all the details."

Professor Ferreira is the President of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, the union at which Brian van Rooyen was previously a vice-President. The GLRU Chief Executive at the time of Van Rooyen's election was Johan Prinsloo.

It is not a certainty that the investigation will be complete by the time SARU's election is held.

Van Rooyen will be opposed by the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union (KZNRU) president, Oregan Hoskins, a lawyer by profession, who is believed to have the support of government, the sponsors and the bigger unions. The election will indicate whether he has the vital rugby support required from the smaller unions.

Like Van Rooyen, Hoskins was a lock and flank in his playing days, as was Louis Luyt coincidentally, however it would appear that the similarities end there. Hoskins has been quoted on IOL as saying, "This shouldn't be about a personal battle but rather about rugby," and, “There is too much negativity surrounding our rugby,” he told the Cape Times. “Rugby cannot prosper if it is rocked by one scandal after another. My motivation for standing is to do what I can to improve rugby’s image.”

Van Rooyen has been quoted in the Cape Times as saying, "I'm ready for a fight, Meneer!"

The question is, does South African rugby really need any more fighting?

Wouldn't you fight if you stand to loose R800k a year. Damn one will have to scale down considerably on your lunch bill.
Somebody should probe Van Rooyen with a blunt koevoet. This will be the easiest way to get rid of him. He will cling to his position as baby crap to a wooly blanket.

This will further drag SA's name through the mud.

Hi boys,

Saw Brannasnag had a good one last night. Sorry I couldn't join as my girlfriend threatened to castrate me if I didn't spend some time with her.

As to van Rooyen. Whip him to death. I believe he has done as much damage to our rugby as Strauli.
"Probe into Van Rooyen gathers momentum"

that is a pearler Ras - shit that was funny.

for me it is pretty simple, i can guarrantee you guys this investigation WILL NOT be finalised before the AGM, and BVR will insist that the investigation should have no influence on the election as he has a right to innocense until proven guilty.

this is hoskins' biggest weapon to win votes - the investigation and the allegations against BVR - mark my words, BVR will claim he is innocent until proven guilty (and until the findings of this report is published he will be - but then it will be too late) so hoskins' argument holds no gournds.....
Inattention never pays off in the kitchen.  
okay Ferdinand.......

You know what is funny, Brian van Rooyen was banned from any and all SARVU rugby after the Louis Luyt saga. This was at a Disciplanery (Spelling?) hearing. How can he then be president of SA Rugby. I'm gonna post a letter by Louis Luyt a bit later. It's in Afrikaans, so you'll just have to bear with me.
I dont' care what it takes - we need this self-serving boor to get the hell away from our beloved game. And to take all his gravy-train passenger lackeys with him.

Voertsek, Brian! You are the weakest link.
I changed my pic, not to show any pollitical support or anything, just some respect for a party with a sense of humour. Earlier this week, a guy called Wackhead Simpson, who has a 07:10 slot on highveld stereo, made a prank call to the DA, asking for them to deliver 3 Reginas and some sort of pizza. The guy informed him that he is now at the DA, so his anser was, "Well, your posters say the DA delivers." The DA official burst out laughing. This morning, at 07:10, who shows up in the Highveld studios? Three DA officials, dressed up in Mr Delivery suits, delivering pizzas!  
Shameless electioneering. You gotta love it!  
quite funny aldo....  
everyone is really quiet this morning. Good brannas last night?  

ja hulle het genoeg kak gepraat vir n jaar robd.

It would have been much better if certain guys just stop drying up water while they should be attending to Brannasnacht.
What province??????  
Man - I was going to join in, but then my wife changed her plans (and mine by association) at the last minute.

I see blondie took some stick. Shame ono you guys!
bliksem i wish you guys can see the amount of water this place has at the moment, it has basically rained non stop since christmas here - and it is suppose to be a dessert....  
PA - where is "here"?  
the great namib robd  
bugger me. What do you do for fun? Collect sand?  
The headline of this article reminds me of the "wpw fingers van Rooyen" thing that happened on keo. Just doesn't sound right. Probe into van Rooyen, shees, what next!?  
well rob, to put it to you this way, beer is cheaper than water here......  

I see we share views

However, the nice thing about elections is that it works on innuendo and allegation and empty promises.

If Hoskins' PR team plays the media and the smaller union leaders right, then BVR will lose.

However, when BVR lost his election to L Luyt he learned a valuable lesson about playing the unions.

In the 2003 he went in assured of the win because he played the unions properly and won. Silas Nkanunu went to Border and even Yako wouldn't support him because BVR had done his bit long before already.

The issue is that BVR will be as sneaky and conniving and clever as he was in 2003. I wonder if Hoskins is dishonourable enough to use all those filthy tactics to get votes?

This scares me.
sad thing is, if the rugby fans of SA was to vote, this guy will not stand a chance  
lol @ pa

Ja Rob

And they have the gall to insult where we live!!!!!

Were you flooded out by the rain?

My damned pool overflowed into the garden....hectic. My Kreepy Krauly's dead for some reason too - roads were overflowing when I was trying to get home yesterday!


First that hail the size of eggs last year and now flooding!
What happened to OO's revolution...

PA - I think I need to come visit.
Did you get the mail i sent you yesterday?  
Naaa - had a bit of damage to some tomato plants, which was about the extent of it. Come to think of it, that could've been my dogs, though. Was worried about my bonsai, but they survived just fine.  
About your mountain Province?

Ja I did.

I replied
Ja everything in the Ekurhuleni is tougher than the north, even our weather!!!  
davids - remember how God used the flood to remove the stuff He didn't approve of?  
And your paper Davids, just sad your team's not!  
Daarsy. Baie beter pic dink ek.  
Anyone know where I can find a pic of Wahl Bartmann?  
lol @ RobD,DavidS got your reply,that post was for Kandas,still dunno how they managed to catch one dude throwing out a cig stubb.anyhoo.  
What happened to OO's revolution...


I pledged the Ruggaworld Board not to organise in public So

All interested in the RugRatRing Revolution

drop a mail to
OO - did you not get the mail I sent yesterday? Should we not set up a site dedicated to the revolution? It could be affiliated to RW, but not directly involved...?  
yes we do not want to get obscene phone calls from saru RE a revolution - we just blame it on OO then  

A better game for ALL

Note the "ALL", you buggers, not just a handful of you at the top!
Viva le Resistance!

Ok - I promise not to mention any REVOLUTION in public on this site anymore. Any REVOLUTION will be organised strictly in private. That way nobody will ever know anything about the REVOLUTION until the REVOLUTION has already happened, by which time it will be too late.

P.S. A better game for all...


check the address and please resend

I have been trying to preach the gospel of the rugratring to the Ruggaworld board but aside from some sympathetic noises- nothing ;-)

Time to go Channel 1 then.

Just got back from 'probing brian van rooyen' (thanks PissAnt).

Why do i get the feeling i wont hear the end of this? sniff sniff
On a more serious note. did any of you watch Boots & All last nite?
Naas, John Robbie, Joel and the other boere thug all agreed that the Bulls can win the S14 this yr. They say that they do have the team to do it...

I for one think that they are being to over confident. thats the problem with most SA fans... Optimism is great & all, but we need to be realistic.

The only SA team with a chance of winning the S14 is the Sharks!



i just had to... (sorry robd)
WPW wheelspins with 13" hubcaps  
in an 1100 taz!!!  
Hey, i'll let you know it's an ALL POWERFUL 1300.

I see it's 'pick on wpw day'

This is cos i'm black aint it? lol
Nope its because you wax Nick Mallets back!  

Ek het nou weer my moer gestrip vir die Vrystaat RU. Wie de hel launch eers hulle nuwe kit die Maandag voor die S14 begin. Hoop die trui van jou is op pad.

PS: Wat is die storie met die Revolusie. Teen wie of wat revolusioneer ons.

Paience is a virgin.

Patience is a virgin.
wpw - you are 100% right. Not often we agree on something.  
Ok Anon( RAS, Donner, PissAnt, Kandas) ;-), maybe so but rhyming with analysis is paralysis

and Florrie, Prudence & Violet?
Ok Anon( RAS, Donner, PissAnt, Kandas) ;-), maybe so but rhyming with analysis is paralysis

and Florrie, Prudence & Violet?
All powerfull 1300! That's the funniest shit I've read all day!!!

WPW, you know I'll never pick on you because you're black. I work for black people and have a black boss. I like black people. I pick on you cos you're coloured!
"I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have started to commit suicide under the walls of Baghdad. We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly."  
Aldo, lmfao  
Wie is hierie Al Queda perdjies wat so snot gorrel?? Mens sal nou sweer die donners kan nie Ingels lees nie....

Why so queit today? Did e'vr'body over exert themselves with Brannasnacht? That Blondie cherrie had, in her words, 'quiet a time'. Nogal ne! Poor bugger, still dunno what to make of the situation!
When we meet on this site, I'll point her to my 2:14 posting on the Jake & Jaco thread, I still want her to share with us her findings in the Peep Test.

Speaking of namely tests, can someone explain the procedure of a bleep test to me again. Appaerntly we doing one on Monday at training. Sheesh!
Also, I gather the the best bleep test for the Namibian u/19 rugby players was in the region of 10.25s, apparently not too good. What is good then and could someone get what SA Bokkies' bleep test look like?
aldo jou bliksem. lol

that was a good one i must say...

You will find the answer there
Shot, dankie Donner.  
Now that I read it, I wish I hadn't! Shyte, sounds like work hey!?  
OO - get my mail yet?  
lol @ Nam!!!!!!!!

So jy sal eerder daar kom Maandag en geskok word!
This pun is intended but van Ruin needs to be kicked into touch!!!!  
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