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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Rugby Administration: Prinsloo says NZ won fair and square

SA Rugby Cool On Threat to Sue Over 2011

Business Day (Johannesburg)

January 9, 2006
Posted to the web January 9, 2006

Zeena Isaacs

THE South African Rugby Union (Saru) yesterday opposed the Asian Rugby Union's (ARU's) threat to take legal action against the International Rugby Board (IRB) for awarding the 2011 Rugby World Cup to New Zealand, and questioned why the ARU had taken so long to raise its concerns about the ballot.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, the ARU threatened to take legal action against the sport's governing body unless it annulled the vote that awarded the 2011 showpiece to New Zealand instead of to favourites Japan or SA .

The report stated that the ARU wanted a new ballot by the IRB council on the grounds that the vote in November lacked transparency because the IRB decided only during the voting process not to reveal the count.

Saru CEO Johan Prinsloo -- who accompanied representatives from the South African bid company, including Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile and Saru president Brian van Rooyen, among others, to Dublin in November for the announcement of the host nation -- said yesterday that in his view the voting process was fair.

"The IRB could have revealed the vote count," said Prinsloo. "I am surprised that the ARU waited until now to make that statement.

"In my view, it was a fair ballot. Everyone could go in and vote, and independent auditors were present throughout the process."

The report said IRB chairman Syd Millar had received a fax from English law firm Addleshaw Goddard, acting on behalf of the ARU, asking for a new vote to take place by March 31.

If the Dublin-based IRB does not respond by Friday, the ARU may take action in court under English law.

The IRB confirmed to the Sunday Times that it had received the letter. But it said it was uncertain about whether it had been sent by official ARU representatives and the ARU was investigating the matter further.

"We have been informed that the letter was not sent by insistence of officially elected representatives of the ARU and we have been asked not to do anything until the ARU can fully investigate," the IRB was quoted as saying.

This suggestion was dismissed by Addleshaw Goddard.

"We are absolutely clear that our instructions have come from the highest level of the ARU," the head of the firm's sports business group, Quentin Smith, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Japanese rugby officials had questioned the decision to keep the vote count secret after the ballot.
Of course this boetie botrie bastard would want the vote kept secret seeing as they made the deals and shenannigans with the Kiwis about we'll wash your back if you wash ours attitude.

He won't see anything wring with it will he?

After all, this is the way they vote for the leadership of SARU. All sorts of promises and deals beforehand to ensure you hold your position.


SARU was involved in those shenannigans weren't they?

I say:


Sue the bastards!!!!!

Syd Millar looks like an oily character in any case...

I mean, the oke is supposed to be president of the IRB, the position of the most important man in rugby and probably the most important in the voting itself and he is seen dopping with a member of one of the delegations a day before the vote.


NOT ON AT ALL!!!!!!!
If fair and square means that you make all sorts of shady deals about washing backs and providing games in return for votes then OF COURSE it's fair and square.  
So bribing voters and corrupting their officials is 'fair and square'

welcome to africa...

please come again...

Welcome to the IRB

We do things the African way!!!!
We learned from the Mugabe Instutute for Democracy  
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