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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Rugby Administration: King wants to 'get on with it'


Edwin King, a retired judge president of the Western Cape, is eager to get started with his enquiry into the affairs of South African Rugby Football Union (SARU) president Brian van Rooyen and other members of his notorious president's council.

But a delay in finalising the "charge sheet" has resulted in the start of the latest "King Commission" to be pushed on into February.
King told on Monday that January 23 - the date originally proposed for the start of the hearing - was not acceptable.
It is now likely that the hearing won't get underway till some time in February, when Van Rooyen and other members of the president's council may already have been given the boot at SARU's annual meeting.
The controversial SARU president, Van Rooyen, is likely to be voted out at the union's annual meeting in February.
KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union (KZNRU) president Oregan Hoskins said recently he the way has been paved for Van Rooyen to be removed at the AGM in February, especially now that a number of Van Rooyen's most ardent supporters - Joey Daniels (South Western Districts), Baby Richards (Griquas), Riaan von Gericke (Griffons) and Monwabisi Yako (Border) - have been axed by their provincial unions.
It is not sure what purpose the King Commission would serve if Van Rooyen and Company have already been voted out of power.
Judge Lex Mpati, an Appeal Court judge in Bloemfontein, last month appointed King to head the enquiry.
On Monday King revealed that it is "not clear" exactly what his brief is.
"There is a number of specific incidents that is to be investigated," he told
"But no date has been set for the start of the hearing yet. I would like to get on with it, but the various parties must have time to prepare themselves properly. I hope it starts sooner rather than later ... next month," he added.
King also said that no decision has yet been taken whether it will be a public or closed hearing.
"Consideration has been given to various alternatives," he said about the format of the hearing.
one Union president to another
very hush hush

so here is the deal- lets knife Brain van Rooyen- everyone wants that anyway- and maybe the probe/investigation/inquiry will go away...
The problem is who will be the replacement. I still stand by my believe that SARU should move away from this Presidents' Council boetie-boetie thing.

It is professional sport and needs to be run like a business. period.
Agree with Donner. A bussiness man must run the Sport. Lol at OO!  
Sounds like a load of old cobblers

How long must this thing drag out
Louis Luyt

As long as it takes to get Brian out. I'm not saying he's the reason for the shambles, but our rugby administration is in shambles and he is one of many reasons. He's brain is at his own company more than it is at rugby.
Please Louis

Please please please come back.

All is forgiven...
No use getting rid of Van if the system selecting his successor remains the same!

The whole set-up is flawed and unless we start the change at the individual union level we will keep on having the same shit!
King has a time bomb in his hands that is going to explode; of that there is no doubt in my mind. What bothers me is who is going to pick up the pieces and set it all together again?
Given Carte blanch names that come to mind are Morne, Dawie de Villiers and Schalk Snr.
Should we not make a concerted effort for one of these gentlemen to at least express an interest in leading SA rugby?
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