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Monday, January 23, 2006


Rugby Administration: "Hoskins will be new SARU president"

Source: Rapport

Brian van Rooyen will be ousted and Oregan Hoskins of the Sharks will become the new president of SA Rugby on 23 February. This follows after Van Rooyen on Friday tried in vain to convince Saru's union presidents to scrap the inquiry about its bad government.

This is the lead story in today's Rapport Sunday paper under the heading "Skoert, Brian! sê rugbybase" (Buzz off Brian! says rugby bosses.) JJ Harmse says that the withdrawal of retired judge Edwin King from the inquiry offered a last gap for the Van Rooyen camp to stop the inquiry. They battled for five hours to achieve this, but in vain.

Van Rooyen lost the decisive support of the presidents of the Griffons, Griquas, Border and the SWD when they were ousted by their unions because of their support for the president.

"Lawyer with clean hands"

His opponents apparently also want the dismissal of James Stofberg (Leopards) and prof. Jannie Ferreira (Lions) for supporting Van Rooyen in spite of the evidence against him.

The newspaper reports that retired appeal judge Joos Hefer wil be asked to lead the inquiry, and that the minister of sport, Makhenkesi Stofile, will be asked to expedite matters.

According to Rapport's information the majority of the SA unions now back Hoskins, who is seen as "a lawyer with clean hands." He was one of a small group that initially asked Van Rooyen to resign and also resigned from Saru's audit committee after failing to get answers to several questions.
It honestly astounds me how few people resign from SARU administration. Perhaps I should rephrase that, the good ones resign out of sheer frustration at their inability to change things, it's the rest that fight to the bitter end, regardless of the damage it might cause the game, or the reputation of South African rugby.

Then SARU wonder why, instead of celebrating our rugby performance, the nation, and international audience, laugh at them?
Yes Ras - and they even turn to the courts to reinstate them after hey had been democratically ousted - and I'm referring to Yako of Border.
Hell, there must be A HELL OF A LOT of gravy on the rugby trains.
i think these trains have bcome boats guys, cause with all that gravy this shit must surely be floating round about now  
Well, if you are up to date with the shenanigans of our not-so-honourable vice-president, you will know she has now upgraded herself to a gravy PLANE.  
jet propelled too.

nogal kief vir afrika ek se
bloody hell, i am becoming another boertjie and rasputin posting in early morning hours.....  
You're still a novice at early hours posting, PA!!!

Your elders will need to show you how it's done!!
Sê hom, Ras!
Hy pos net laatnag as hy sy gat lê en afslaap het in die dag :-)
Ja en nou lê julle julle gatte en uitslaap.  
ek is al lankal op en wakker  

Op of wakker?? :-))
Moenie so hard praat nie!!!!  

More, hopelik is jy al uit die bed en gestort met baie koffie vir die lang dag
HOE SE JY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
Sheesh, you lighties get up late!!  

Watse pic het jy daar???!!!!

Dit is my gunsteling akteur, bliksems mooi ne??
It doesn't show, Tafel, I think Donner has put the censor on it!!  
Next week on Brannasnacht, can we be our favourite All Black player?  
Or maybe it's just my PC censoring it.  

No, don't know what is going on, show the pic and as soon as I F5 it is gone. Must me a KF
Lets try a new one  

THat theme is still on the list in the future under the category least liked international player. :-)))

I will keep it in mind, but my thoughts is to make next Brannasnacht a normal one just to get some sanity back and try and keep people form falling asleep.
Getting back to the topic.

This guy really seems to think he is invincible. When are we going to find another Doc Craven who made sure that rugby came first.
This from Mweb news

Hoskins 'to oppose Van Rooyen'2006-01-20 14:03:KZN rugby president Oregan Hoskins is apparently ready to oppose Brian van Rooyen for the presidency of the SA Rugby Union at elections to be held on February 24. Johannesburg - Kwazulu Natal Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins is to oppose Brian van Rooyen for the presidency of the SA Rugby Union at elections to be held at the general council meeting on February 24, according to Finweek.
The general council currently consists of 44 members - Van Rooyen, vice-president Mike Stofile and 3 members each of the 14 provincial unions.

Hoskins' confirmation came amidst a stormy President's Council meeting on Friday. Various issues relating to Van Rooyen's apparent unwillingness to co-operate with a disciplinary enquiry were debated.

Finweek can also reveal that Stofile will run for deputy-president. It is understood that Harold Verster, president of the Free State Rugby Union is not available for high office in Saru but is a strong Hoskins supporter.

Hoskins became President of the KZNRU two years ago.
Touch wood but Hoskins thus far seems a pretty decent candidate.

At least there are not countless rumours and accusations swirling around his head.

If they have a clean-up it would be an ideal time to clear out the dead wood that refused to confront the issues and merely voted for petty self-interest.

It would also be an excellent time to co-opt someone like Morne du Plessis back into rugby.
Was Ali Bacher at Friday's meeting to represent the sponsors?  
It's a disgrace that SARU allegedly dithered around so much that Judge King apparently washed his hands of them.

A suspicious person might suspect that the ploy is to keep prevaricating endlessly in the hope something turns up to save various members.

It seems apparent that if there were not the remuneration rewards available, we probably wouldn't see these unedifying scenes.

It was reported a while ago that the head of SARU apparently gets about R400k from SARU and another approximate R400k from the IRB, plus expenses and perks.

That's a lot of moolah and you can see why some might fight like a rat in a corner to keep it, if the sums are accurate.
Where's the cricket article gone?  
sorry cricket arti is back up, nice piece from JJ. my pc went bang as i posted it and edited it.

on hoskins, is it only me that thinks the sharks has not been the best managed / run union in the last couple of years?

not to suggest for a second clown bvr should stay - but is hoskins the right guy.

i dont know him that well - has anyone got more information on this guy?
"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza."

thought for the day for me and knadas

Voel jy 'n bietjie broos?

nee ek is een van daai mense wat selde van babelaas suffer!!!


ek begin nou weer die braai en n lekker botteltjie fleyr de cap 2003 merlot wag en roep my!
must read fleur*****

miskien moet ek hom maar net los waar hy is.....

Shit is dit nodig jy praat so van kos. Ek steek ook sommer 'n vuurtjie aan.

Maak twee van ons, weet nie wat 'n hoofpyn is nie


Gaan steek aan die vuur, die vleis is in die micro
ja man gaan steek die vuur op, dink aan ouens soos ras wat seker nie eers meer weet hoe n lekker skaaptjoppie op die vuur ruik nie!!!

sorry ras.

Vuur aan, glase al te veel kere hervul. Tjoppies, wors en hoeder in die micro. Wat wil mens meer hê
Gelukkige man - ek sien Tafeltjie "kry nooit hoofpyn nie" :-)
Tjops, wors en HOENDER???
Die hoender is seker vir die groente?
Ras weet nie eens meer hoe 'n skaap lyk nie, newwermaaind.

It was reported in September 05 that Mike Stofile favours Hoskins for the job, saying he could work with him. Stofile wants to be vice-president, nothing more.

Re Sharks: Has Hokins been there long enough to change their system? It seems that even someone like Mallett is going to need much more time with the Drizzles.
good point boertjie - i just dont want to see another clown and idiot run SA rugby again.

i dont know much about hoskins that is why i asked - but if he is what most people within rugby circles believe to him to be - i will give him a chance.

he is walking into a nightmare though - so if he is successful good luck to him.


sosaties, skaap tjoppies en braaibrood - plus natuurlik n lekker glasie wyn - net wat n sondag voor vra!!!

Jip, Hoskins must know what's awaiting him, been there.

Hmmm. Gisteraand skaaprib gebraai -njam! Met 'n bottel rooi, pap en soussss.
Vandag maar 'n wieletjie gaan eet by die see.
Hallo Boertjie

Julle het natuurlik nie gedink mens kry nog sulke gelukkige mans nie.


Daai fleyr de cap 2003 klink werklik goed
hy is gaaf tafeltjie, besig om hom te nuttig op die oomblik

**check daai afrikaans**
PA se Afrikaans is op sy beste as hy net so effens gekoring is :-)  
LOL Boertjie  

Probeer net by jou by hou
Donner en die oudste donnertjie slaap, dus moet ek maar oop ogies sit vir die klein donnertjie. Wat het mens dan anders om te doen?  
Hey, I braai in the snow, nogal!!!

And there are more skaapies in the UK than in SA!!

Plus, I get lekker boerewors, droewors and biltong locally.

So, it's not all bad!!

You must taste my tamatie en uie (Sp?) sous!!! F****n heerlik!!!
It's my secret ingredients that make all the difference.  
Also make my own blatjang every year.

Last year's was good, the previous year I made a Green Tomato Blatjang from all my leftover and unripened toms.

I should market it, it's that good!

"Rasputin's Green Tomato Blatjang"

I can export it to St Petersburg, I hear the chefs are kak there.
(I can export it to St Petersburg, I hear the chefs are kak there. )


onlu the english and chinese ones!!!!


afrikaans ones are aparently THE BOMB

Bring some with, if you come to the KKNK in April
lets hope this is bye bye Brian - that cynical side of me says that it aint gonna be easy ....  
I don't blame you for inventing your own recipes - from what I hear and from my own little experience NOBODY in the world cooks worse than the Brits.
LOL - Just thinking back now to a post Bliksem made from NZL, calling their chops "supersonic shit"

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