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Friday, January 27, 2006


Rugby administration: Brian defies rumours

Article by Jan de Koning

'I am determined to go to the polls'

Controversial South African Rugby Union (SARU) president Brian van Rooyen has taken the extraordinary step of issuing a formal statement to deny that he is quitting the presidency race ahead of the union's general meeting next month.

Apart from the challenge of KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union (KZNRU) president Oregon Hoskins, who will oppose him in the battle for the SARU presidency at the union's general meeting on February 24, Van Rooyen is also facing a government driven enquiry into allegations that he is guilty on numerous charges of maladministration and breaches of SARU's code of conduct.

Despite making it clear in several media interviews in recent weeks that he will "fight to the bitter end", Van Rooyen on Thursday felt the need to issue a formal statement.

In the statement Van Rooyen strongly denied "recent speculation" that he is no longer available to stand for the position of President of SARU in the upcoming election on February 24.

"It is completely unfounded and untrue. I am determined to clear my name of all allegations," Van Rooyen said in the statement. "I will be standing for the presidency and I will not be entering into any deals with people.

"There is a democratic process that we have to adhere to and respect. I am determined to go to the polls," Van Rooyen added.

The statement did not make it clear what the source of this "recent speculation" is and whether it is just in reaction to recent reports.

Van Rooyen did not answer his phone and did not return any of this website's calls, thus making it impossible to determine what "speculation" he is referring to.

A couple of phone calls to informed sources at SARU suggested new rumours about "secret deals" started to do the rounds on Thursday, but none of these could be confirmed.

* Meanwhile it is reported that Sharks CEO Brian van Zyl and other senior officials at the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union (KZNRU) will meet with a SARU delegation next week in an attempt to find a solution in the stand-off between the two organisations over internationals fixtures.

The Sharks feel they are being penalised for opposing Van Rooyen and have been denied the right to host a prime Tri-Nations Test against the All Blacks.

Durban has been awarded the right to host a Test against Scotland, while officials feel they should - according top an informal rotation policy - be awarded an All Black Tri-Nations Test.

That Test (against the All Blacks) have instead gone to the Leopards - who have in James Stoffberg a known supporter of Van Rooyen.

The Sharks CEO and other officials are to meet with four members of the SA Rugby board to discuss the decision to shift the All Black Test away from Durban this year and the lop-sided Super 14 draw.

The Sharks delegation (including Van Zyl) will meet with SA Rugby board chairman Dolf van Huysteen, Ali Bacher (representative of the sponsors), board member Mpumelelo Tshumi and managing director Johan Prinsloo.

The Sharks have hinted at taking legal action in the matter and the meeting next week is to broker a piece deal.


That must be the understatement of the year. Incompetent, irresponsible, etc......
Lot's of 'I''s could be used, Henno!  
No understatement of the year is 'recent speculation'

What do you call

Two full reports compiled by three top notch lawyers

Scores of media reports

A referral to a disciplinary committee by an appellate court judge

Convening a hearing before "Hanging Judge" Joos Hefer

Outcries by each and every real fan of SA Rugby

An out and out ousting campaign from government

"Recent Speculation"
And this is surprising? Please man, the guy is a plonker that doesn't even belong there in the first place. He was after all banned from taking part in any rugby body, before coming with all kinds of backdoor tactics.  
hehe, true davids,

keep digging BVR, the hole is getting deeper.
From the day he took office, rugby administration in SA has been chaotic.

The board are meant to act as a handbrake, mentor, guide and act in a benevolent fashion to the past, present and future of South African rugby.

They are NOT meant to be 'hands-on', assume 'day-to-day' functional duties and responsibilities.

You get experts in their field to do that at an operational level.

Van Rooyen could have gone down as one of the best President's in SA rugby history, given the resurgence in our on-field fortunes.

Instead many believe his reign will be remembered as divisive, factional, self-interested, expensive, litiginous and totally chaotic.

If not even more sinister pending the results of the investigation.

Perhaps a change is needed?
Julle weet seker hoe hulle 'n os van 'n bul maak. Kan ons nie dieselfde ding met van Rooyen doen nie. Sit vir die man 'n rek aan.  
Genl Joubert

I think he has allready been for that procedure. If he had any left, he would walk away.

Instead he is just trying to get his hands on some more of the SUPPORTERS money.
I can't make up my mind whether Brian is a piece of work or if he actually honestly believes he is doing good for SA rugby.

Part of me feels sorry for the oke...

then I remember the 'offices'
Eish this site is quiet today.

I do feel sorry for the guy, how would you feel if wpw firstly fingers you and then two months later he probes you?!
The problem is that it is not only BvR who is ubusing SA Rugby. He has pulled in a few of his cronies aswell. Gideon Sam, Kyle Nel, Athrob Petersen,.... you name them.

Hell even Mark Keohane was in with BvR before Geogate in 2003. That is why he will never critisize BvR. They all stand to loose if BvR goes.

Lets hope he does.
ek gaan vir jou bliksem!!!
Down with all the clowns!!!!

BvR is just the ringmaster.

So it's a whole cabal.

Remember Athrob Petersen not going north to recce in 2004 and forgetting to make sure travel arrangments were done and the wring beds and the wrong studs.

I'm sure he's part of the Brian's Bigtop Show

Down with the Clowns

Viva Viva!!!!!
wpw, shouldn't you have a colored player as a pic?  
By the way Wes , I might be coming down to Cape Town next weekend. What's the chance of wife to be cooking us a meal?  

take the boere thug to CPT's finest for a beer - take him to the Bell
Which Bell.The Brass Bell?
Aldo,dont visit me,ill take you to The Gal(galaxy) your life will never be the same again!
Anon, no dogy places now. I'm a respectable person in the community. People look up to me!  
Aldo,if he is talking about Brass Bell then it is a nice spot,its on KalkBay Harbour.  
I wouldn't know, I've only been to Cape Twon once before and that was just to do the Argus. So I'm probably gonna get lost.  
Yuo got the N1.M5.M3 and the main road,stay close and you will be alrite.
Burnt out TableMountain and Ocean on one end,ALOT of ocean on the other,if all you see is land,you going the wrong way on the N2
hel yes man, the brass bell, where else?

not galaxy you crazy????
HAHAHA from the Bell to the Gal,HELL YEAH!like i said,his life will never be the same again!  
Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella, unless at rugby, and your biltong is getting wet, then, for the eating period only, it is permissible.  
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