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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Rugby administration: Brian calls for reinforcements

Source: News24
Article by Hennie Brandt , Beeld

Johannesburg - One of the legal heavyweights who represented former president Nelson Mandela in the court case against Louis Luyt years ago will be in the corner of SA Rugby president, Brian van Rooyen in the investigation into allegations of corporate mismanagement against both SA Rugby and Van Rooyen.

Van Rooyen's legal team will be led by advocate Gilbert Marcus. Like the other members of the team, he is an expert on constitutional law.

He was a member of Madiba's team in his court battle against Luyt, who was president of the South African Rugby Football Union (Sarfu) at the time.

Appeal Court judge Lex Mpati requested former judge Joos Hefer to take charge of the investigation after another former judge, Edwin King, last week withdrew from the investigation because of personal reasons.

Van Rooyen said: "I welcome the investigation, but because my integrity and credibility are being questioned, I need experts in the field of constitutional affairs to assist me. I want to make sure my constitutional rights are not impaired or violated. Everything hinges on the constitution."

Liam Del Carme reports that the date for the start of the investigation will probably be announced on Wednesday.

The president of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, Jannie Ferreira, instructed by SA Rugby to, among others, establish the ground rules of the investigation, said on Tuesday that the matter had been discussed with the department of sport.

"I want to ensure that all the correct procedures are being followed, because that was the problem initially. I want to have everything in writing, discuss it with the department and will then make a statement, " Ferreira said.
Haven't this clown realised that it is not a constitutional issue, but a corporate issue.

What about the supporters' constitutional right not be be lied to and exposed to this backstabbing, etc. Who is going to protect that?

You are using SA Rugby for yur own personal gain Van Rooyen. For once be a man and realise your are not competant nor worthy of this position.
I wonder who will pick up the tab for this high profile defense team?  

Who do you think?

Well ticket prices for the tests just increased by R50 a piece.

this guy is desperate - davids might confirm this later, but making this or tunring it into a constitutional battle he gives himself an easy way out and use issues such as discrediting him or tarnishing his reputation and turning them into legal arguments which in my view will buy him time.

i am no lawyer, but this tells me that reports containing damning evidence against him may well be turned around where they argue his character is unfairly being attacked when many other individuals are involved as well, hence taking the heat of the criminal charges stacked against him, and turning this into another circus of 'i told you so's' and 'shifting the blame'.

just how i see it, but like i said i am no lawyer.

on the tab issue - need we say more about how criminal it is for supporters to see money that could have helped with transformation or given the the cheetahs and the spears to be competitive is wasted on personal vendetta's?

how come, SARU funds, which in my view forms part of SA Rugby, which is a national treasure, which effectively means it belongs to the public, can not be frozen in situations like this and these clowns are made to pay for their own circus is beyond me.

i mean look at this logically.

assuming he is found guilty, assuming!

then he stole money from SARU, used money from SARU to try and defend himself, and lost all that money because he was guilty.

who wins out of all of this?

it is high time that the powers that be in this country takes issues like this seriously, and if a person is found guilty of fraud or theft, no matter if he works for the government, SARU, hell a Total petrol station in Tackler's case, be criminally prosecuted and sentenced by courts.

currently, they steal and manipulate for years, only to be voted out of their positions of power by something like 'no confidence' votes once evidence comes out in public, only to walk of scot free having damaged and tarnished national treasures like SA and Springbok Rugby which will take years to fix.

it really defies logic imo.

Who said anything about logic?

Remember you need common sense to be logic. :-))))
And PA, you can be sure that eventually he'll play the race card too.

"You're doing this to me because I'm black"

"No you idiot, because you're incompetent and no legal argument is going to change that"
No dignity.

Just go.
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