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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Rugby Administration: Australian Rugby Union appoint new COO

Fox Sports Australia have reported that the ARU have appointed former Brumbies Chief Executive and advertising guru as Chief Operating Officer, ARU.

Gary Flowers, Chief Executive, ARU, announced the appointment of Rob Clarke yesterday.

"He brings a sharp business mind, a lot of creative energy and a proven track record in Rugby administration to the ARU in an important year for our game," Flowers said in a statement.

"Rugby has now grown to an $80 million plus annual business and we have a raft of business opportunities that we want to pursue vigorously. The time was right for this position and we now have the right person in that role."

Clarke, former chairman of the Advertising Federation of Australia, is anticipating a tough challenge as rugby enters it's second decade of professionalism.

"Australia is the toughest sports market in the world but rugby has a real opportunity," he said in the statement.

"Super 14 will be a winner, the Commonwealth Games will showcase rugby in March, and we have our strongest Test program in years."

Information Sources: AAP, Fox Sport News
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