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Monday, January 30, 2006


Rugby Admin: 'Bring back Morné and Keith' - Hoskins

Bacher joins fight in new twist.

Sources: News24 and Rapport

Experienced rugby brains like Morne du Plessis and Keith Parkinson must be involved in South African rugby, says Oregan Hoskins, the president of the KZN Rugby Union and the man who will oppose Brian van Rooyen at next month's AGM. There is also news of a new twist in the leadership fight involving dr. Ali Bacher.

Du Plessis, a former Springbok captain and Parkinson, a very Experienced rugby administrator, both left after Van Rooyen became president two years ago. Both were board members and were dissatisfied with Van Rooyen's management style.

Hoskins said: "I'll definitely want to see both involved and believe they can play a role if SA rugby wants to move ahead. I believe rugby decisions must be made by rugby people, in cooperation with the minister of sport, sponsors and the players' association.

"SA Rugby's culture must change and the election on February 24 will indicate if it is possible. Too many agreements were made under the table and by continuing this practice, SA rugby has been severely damaged.

Ali Bacher joins the fight

JJ Harmse reported in Sunday's Rapport that the leadership fight has taken a new twist. The former South African cricket boss Ali Bacher, is apparently trying to reach an agreement with the presidents of the various rugby unions by offering Brian van Rooyen's resignation in exchange for dropping allegations of corporate mismanagement against Van Rooyen.

This suggestion has resulted in widespread repercussions, especially after Van Rooyen sent an SMS message to all the presidents, denying any talk of his resignation or that an agreement has been reached.

This has raised the question if rugby bosses and Van Rooyen have been on the verge of an agreement and he then changed his mind.

Who is lying?

Van Rooyen now accuses Bacher of of contacting the presidents of the rugby unions without the necessary mandate (from Van Rooyen) in an attempt to bring about a settlement. Van Rooyen allegedly asked Bacher to act as mediator so that he could leave rugby at the end of his term of office in a dignified manner.

Bacher declined to elaborate, but said: "I've got an agreement with the sponsors that I won't talk to the media. I will, however, report to them what has happened in my talks with SA Rugby."

The Free State rugby president, Harold Verster said: "You have to ask the question who is lying and who is not. I can't see someone with Bacher's reputation getting involved in Van Rooyen's problems if he wasn't asked. We've become accustomed to these actions the last few months where people change their minds in a day or two."
Van Rooyen must go! Our rugby has been dragged through the mud for far too long.

The presidents of the 14 provinces need to catch a wake-up and do what is right for South African rugby, not their personal petty interests.

I hope the 14 realise there has been a massive mood swing in the country. The fans won't tolerate another term of office with Van Rooyen in charge.

Furthermore, if there have been illegal actions, the full course of the law should be followed and anyone involved revealed and dealt with accordingly.

No cosy deals.

Anyone with a shred of dignity would have resigned after the auditors report. Can you imagine this occurring within the unions of other major rugby playing nations?

Hoskins is dead right, it's time for accountability and probity.

The days of underhanded, shady deals must be brought to an end.

Lets put rugby first again.

And yes, bring back the likes of Morne.
Glad to see you here!
Jip, you are correct in every aspect - but we are dealing with a very slippery customer here.
Let's hold thumbs!

I agree with most what Hoskins is saying. In the last paragraph of the Hoskins article - Sport rapport- he mentioned that all the interested parties to SA Rugby must be involved in this- hopefully- fully transparent management process- but he never mentioned the fan base- time to effect some education?
Just for saying we need Morne back, this guy gets my full support.  
Yip Morne has quite a nice ring to it- in SA rugby terms

Hey do you know Morne

Sure bud, that fellow knows his ball game

and he is from the Cape, too

yah, even better, had a good education then

Yes, they teach them well down here



I support Morne 100%

Would like to see Francios Pienaar as CEO: SARU

what Super Six?

But he from the North

yes but they have this thing in Gauteng- they call it Corporate Governance- and this buddy of mine said something about King 2

Gadzooks man- we still got a queen on the throne- had tea with jonny and the lads back in 2003

No man its about not having all your vingers in cooky jar at once- that way you can probe around for more

What cookies

yes man
Go Uncle Oregon! You'd have my vote, if they gave me one.

OO - still not got my mail?
no rob


otherwise, post yours and I will mail you- then you can reply
mail, please  
The plot thickens – I for one would consider sweeping everything under the carpet if that would lead to Van Rooyen disappearing from all rugby. I know its contrary to all that’s right, and accountable, but the end result may just justify the means and allow us all to enjoy our game without worrying about administrators feathering their own nests etc.  
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