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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Recipes: Methos se duidelike Kreefpot.

Photo: Methos' potjie at Tietiesbaai (2004).

As promised our section on famous Rugga World Recipes are now up and running. Just the type of recipes for a Saturday during Rugby with friends. Let it be said, however, that certain things are best left in our well-known commentator vleis' Sweetest and Purest Language and, especially our visitors from far abroad must please excuse us for the occasional use of Afrikaans. Those of you who are really interested in these Afrikaans recipes may email us and we will do our best to translate it for you. Boertjie is especially good with bringing over the atmosphere as well! :)

Our first recipe is from our friend Methos.


6-8 Krewe
1 pakkie bacon
1 pakkie marinara mix
1 pakkie sampioene - gesny in helftes
1 ui - gekap.
2 blikkies tuna
1 pakkie squid heads
1 pakkie swart mossels

Ander bykomstighede

Knoffel - so 5 huisies - gecrusch - Maar regte knoffel wat jy self skil. Nie die wat klaar gecrush in die winkel kry nie.
1 Pakkie Mushroom Sop
1 x 250 ml Room.

Vat 'n lekker groot swart pot, so No 3 se kant gooi vol water\see water as jy naby die see is. Sit op vuur tot die water kook. Sodra water begin kook gooi die kreef in. Sit die deksel op en sodra hy weer begin kook begin jy te time. 10 minute. Haal die kreef uit en sit hulle in 'n lee kom. Vou hulle sterte oor die rand en laat hulle koppe afwys. Breek die horingkies af sodat die water uit hulle kan loop.

Stuur 'n kind of die vrou om die pot te gaan was. Sodra hulle die pot terug bring sit hom weer op die vuur. Laat hom so rukkie warm word.

Gooi olyfolie in en gooi uie in saam met die bacon. Roer so rukkie en gooi dan die knoffel by. Ook so eetlepel sout en 'n teelepel varsgemaalde swart peper. Sodra hulle lekker bruin is gooi so bietjie wyn by en gooi vir jou self ook 'n glas. Gooi die Marinara mix in asook die squid heads. Gooi maar so bietjie water ook by.

Nou laat hom oor baie rustige kole aanprut terwyl jy die volgende doen.

Vat die kreef wat nou al so bietjie afgekoel behoort te wees en draai die dop in een rigting en die stert in die ander rigting. Nie te ver nie. Draai nou weer in die ander rigting. Jy wil hom die afbreek nie maar net mooi netjies uitskroef. As hy uit is sit neer en herhaal met al die ander krewe.

As al die strerte mooi uit is hou so 2 van die busse met die meeste bene en gee die res vir die vrou en kinders wat sit en kwyl sodat hulle die bene en busse kan uit eet met 'n pot Koo Mayonaise.

Vat 'n sker of mes en knip die sterte aan die onderkant oop. Haal die vleis uit en gooi die dop weg. Haal die dermpie uit en breek die stert in stukke. Die stert as jy hom legnte gewys oopvou bestaan uit 3 dele, skeur die 2 buitenste dele af en breek in 2, Die middelste dun stukkie hoef jy nie te breek nie.

Gooi nou die Squidheads in en gooi een blikkie Tuna in met die water en alles en van die ander blikkie net die vleis.

Roer deurmekaar en sê vir die vrou sy kan solank rys opsit.

Laat hom so paar minute prut en as die rys amper reg is doen die volgende.

Hervul wynglas. Vat die pakkie sampioen sop en gooi in 'n koppie. Gooi klein bietjie water in en meng todat dit 'n "paste" vorm. Maak seker jy krap die poeier teen die kante weg. Gooi die koppie nou vol water en meng deeglik. Gooi die Koppie sop in die pot en sit die sampioene ook in asook die kreefstukke, roer. Gooi ook die mossels in. Sit deksel op en laat die sous dik word.

As die rys reg is gooi die blikkie room in en gee 'n rustige roer. Breek die kreefpote af van die 2 busse wat jy uitgehou het en gooi oor die kos vir so bietjie kleur as jy deelneem aan 'n potjiekos kompetiesie. As jy regtig die judges wil beindruk kan jy ook so hand vol gerasperde kaas oor die strooi.

Vat die pot tafel toe en bedien oor rys saam met 'n lekker kouerige witwyn soos Groote Post se Sauvignon Blanc.
"Stuur 'n kind of die vrou om die pot te gaan was. Sodra hulle die pot terug bring sit hom weer op die vuur. Laat hom so rukkie warm word."


Wonder what the better halfs will have to say about this.
classic man.

bliksem hierdie een kom in my argief.

tx methos!

my donerse bek water nou...
Only problem is to get kreef these days.  
makes me very jealous that I live in Joburg.

Methos - next time I'm in Cape Town, I'm comng for dinner, boet.
How do you guys think I must be feeling!!!!

I'm sitting here and have to go through all the brilliant recipes that the guys, from all over the world, have sent in!!!

No wonder I'm drinking!
Well at least you have all the babelaas cures too.  

You are welcome to. Just let me know in advance so that I can go dive.

Donner - Go diving. Take out your own or catch them with a crayfish net.

you mean donner actually doing something physical????  



From what I hear it is very restricted now. Anyway, I am one of those fortunate people who can't put my lips to shellfish. So if I go diving I can't use it. Kind off defeats the purpose.
donner, you poor bugger!  

Anticipating the fact that all our visitors to this site will consume a lot of alcoholic beverages whilst preparing these brilliant dishes, snacks, etc. I have decided to feature your babelas cures next.
but remember, I can eat it, so there is no reason for not diving

Wait!!!! I first want to add some pics. Will send the new version to you.

if anybody takes those cures we wont see them again.....

Not all that restricted.
You must have a valid permit and dive only between 8 am and 4 pm.

From November 16 to 1 Feb you can dive everyday. From Feb to somewhere in April you can only dive over weekends and on public holidays.

Sorry to hear about the allergy. It must really suck. it is still a lot of fun to dive though even if you give it away\swop it for drinks etc.

Can someone please send me that recipe in english?
Pretty Please

How can you say that? You haven't even seen them. It is not the same as it used to be. Hell I put alot of work into that.
province i will work on the english translation with my scot tonight, this thing is too damn good for people around the world not to know how to make it, and even token english guys like you.  
sorry donner, i only remember the old ones you used to post at the business end of the CC and 3N last year.....

man they were scary.
If any of you guys are interested, I posted an article on why the bulls have reason to be exited over this season on OORB. Just incase you were wondering.

Jy maak my nou lus vir Kreef! Bliksem dit klink lekker.

Die allergie suig, jy mis uit op al die lekkerste dinge in die lewe!

Watse duik wil jy he moet Donner doen, onthou die is 'n familie site!
Wow this site is picking up speed!  
Aldo, yeah. The kak on keo is getting to me big time (it seems to attract the worst sort of WP supporters. Not the enlightened bunch we have here).

This site is a welcome relief.
My god now I'm lus for the sea and for kreef.

I have the opposite of donner.

My wife can't eat anything that look like it was alive at any stage.

She can't even eat chicken pieces unless they're in fillet form. Kind of limits my cooking.

I'll send you a good recipe for a Thai Curry knadas

Now you're getting in on Salacious Sally and her mind games with poor knadas
so come to CT davids, we all know you are actually a WP supporter...

And we have the mountain and sea, as well as some damn fine chicks!!!
Heu PA,i grew up on kreef boety,and i go through major Perly withdrawals like every decent human should,im just keen to give someone elses method a bash,thats all.
Jy is nie die enigste ou hier met 'n duikpak!
hehe Davids!  
Sometimes it is just too good in Afrikaans not to have it on the site in Afrikaans, however, I think we must in future try to have, in those specific instances, both versions up. PA, once finished with the translation, send it to me and I will add it to the article.  

But you also have coloureds!

ek het borrels ook!
Yes we do WPW,yes we do!  


I'm happy making the big bucks in Joeys thanks. With cash I can get as much kreef as I want. The only problem is that my wife can't even watch me eating it without getting naar.

She once walked out on me when we were having dinner at Jimmy's Killer Prawns.

Mind probably had something to do with me sticking the prawn heads on my fingers and touching her back....
Ag dis niks Pissant, ek het tog 'n mask! en fins!  
LMAO aldo...
That was a good one.

Anyway, any thoughts on the cricket and what's happening? I think AB shouldve stayed over there. He can tare an attack apart on his day...

I hope Steyn gets a chance, he is a real great prospect and seems to give hus best in every ball he bowls...
davids - where in jozi are you? You should join our touch game, once I get it started again.  
Keep the mountains and the sea boet.

And if you want to see real hotties, I suggest Sandton City on a Saturday morning or Menlyn Park near where Aldo stays.

Game up.

Can you blame Earl Rose and Schalk Brits and Derrick Hougaard and Jodie Rose and Wayne Julies and and and for wanting to stay here?
robD, 'touch game'. Thanks but no thanks... And you call CT the gay capital of SA. lol  
LOL DavidS,ja,i think that played a major part in it  

I have an idea: Let Thunder do the diving, and you invite me for the eating. He can do the cooking.
And then we call Kandas and NamFarmer and Meat and tell them about the fun we're having.

Are you sure?

I'm wrong side of 35, overweight and as active as a two toed sloth.

My only real exercise at the moment is typing really fast!!!

Okay maybe you have a point.

I'm in the great metropolis of the East Rand


Whoa boertjie...

Eish that was very Freudian indeed.

"You and me do the eating"

"He does the cooking"

"He can do the diving."

People please this is a family oriented site.

Remember we have the impressionable young Reinhardt reading what you say...
I'm in Sunninghill. We play at St Stithians, which is quite a trek for you, but you wouldn't be teh only one coming from out east.  
Please let's have this recipe in English,

quick english translation. Take a few Crayfish, bung them in a pot with bacon, garlic, mushrooms, squid heads, marinara sauce, tuna, etc. Cook until done.

Drink wine before, during and after. Throw some in the pot.
patrick it will be up tomorrow in english!  

If Donner realy wanne give me a great b present, he can do any kind of diving he wishes for


Sally's got her mind together. Just look like you are upset that I never phoned you, but only Kandas. Give me your number and I will see what I can do about it


The problem will be getting Donner to dive
DavidS try Clifton 4th on any day of the week,drop me your email addy and i can send you pics.  

Please check your Yahoo Mail. The other one does funny things again today.
Bliksem, I see we will need to think about moderation here.  

My mail is on the homepage.


Letme take my camera phone to Sandton City this Saturday and then I wil mail you and count the seconds before you start surfing recruitment sites for jobs in Jozi.


Sunninghill's not too far out from me. Not as far away from you as Boksburg, Benoni etc.

Where'd you play.


Take my word this recipe will have you slavering at the mouth. Do you live in Canterbury? Up north from you they sell those crays alongside the road. Those would do quite well for this recipe.
Seems like Boertjie stripped his moer about the British Language thingy!!!


Just love it when all the guys listen to me and (ig)nore other webmasters. :)


Now you're going to get it from the old age home!!!!
davids - we play at St Stithians College in Sandton/Randburg.  
just learned gary botha will lead the bulls  
Well with FDP and Big Vic hurt it seems there's a curse on the skipper position of the Bulls.

How long before Gary gets hurt?


That is a bit out of my way though.

Wouldn't mind joining you guys.
bulls thread is up  
I remembered my password. Happy days are here again.

Magtig Methos, daai resep klink lekker. Sal 'n plan moet maak.

Het enige iemand iets van Oranje gehoor.
baie stil in die laaste 2 dae baldrick...  
nie om moeilik te wees nie, maar jy add twee pakkies squad en geen swart mossels!  
Hy's bemoerd vir my oor die CU artikel Baldrick.

Jy gaan ook wees.

OO had a tiff with a niersteen. He was here last night. Guess he needs to catch up on some stuff.

Yip Sorry about the 2 packs of squid heads, I had a glass of wine... The first mention of the squidheads is the right place.

The mussels are mentioned. they go in when the sauce comes in.


Ja nee, nie baie impressed dat jy my span sommer net so afskryf nie. Jy laat my nou stres oor die seisoen.

Al wat ek my aan kan troos is dat die Sharks se skedule nog erger lyk as ons s'n.


Ek het my bloody password vergeet so ek kon nie oplog nie. Het dit darem uiteindelik uitgefigure.

Het jy al die polemiek gelees oor dat ek die Stormers sommer so afgeskryf het?
Farmerlet, (of hoe se mens Boertjie in die Rooi Taal?) you watch your mouth there Boet!
This very city of ours is only 300kms from the best fising south of Angola, en dan praat ek nie eers van die kreef nie! Just the other day I had a mouth watering kreef-op-die-kole-met-knoffelbotter for hors-d'œuvre and galjoen as main dish. Naaice, ekse.
Man, die kreef het nie eers 10min gebraai nie, toe's hulle rooi soos Kandas as Gebergte met hom flirt. Die pootjies en dinge is bietjie onsmaaklik, ek bly steek my bek stukkend met al daai skerp goed...wens daar was meer stert!!
When I saw the first graphic I thought those things hanging over the side of a cup were cockroaches ! ! !

Now I note they are Cray's - What do Cray's cost in SA. In our shops they are $NZ 25.95 each, and they are very small - that's about 65R I think,

Anyhow, it sounds very, very tasty even though we may have to skip buying other food for a couple of days or so,


You were not far of with your impression. Remember crayfish are the cockcroaches of the sea. Eating anything that is decomposing huamn or non human.
And don't let anyone offer you Hillbrow Prawns - which are also known as cockroaches :-)
I think kreef is even more expensive here if you have to buy.
Hehe Namboer!

Just love your English. You must be the master of Spitefullness!!! The best was Farmerlet!

Boertjie those are Parktown Prawns and for your information they're big enough to move furniture around, tough enough to stand a small sedan driving over them, and if you pull out a can of Raid they laugh at you.

If dogs and cats start going missing in your neighbourhood you know there's a Parktown Prawn on the prowl too.

If you see one, run, don't look back. Don't pick a fight with a Parktown Prawn. They stand their ground... for real.

I went through a stage in my youth when I collected spiders. They still fascinate me. I had a MASSIVE Baboon Spider (species of tarantula for you Patrick) and caught it all sorts of little insects and then, one day, Mr Clever managed to catch it a medium sized Parktown Prawn. I chucked it into the terrarium and then waited. Then left when I saw the spider look disinterested.

Later I came back to find the Parktown Prawn casually munching on my prime specimen of baboon spider's carcass.

I have a big dog that hates them. She always kills them, but the funny thing is no matter that they're outgunned, they stand their ground!!!

My cat once caught a Parktown Prawn and brought it onto the house. Anyway he played with this Parktown Prawn for two hours solid without making the slightest impact on it.

Anyway, after the cat was completely exhausted and realised this was not some little animal about to keel over and die of fright (The Parktown Prawn kept standing his ground!!!!) he gave up and I quietely threw the Parktown Prawn out the house.
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