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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Other Teams / Unions: Deans says "No"

Australia might just have shot themselves in the foot by firing old Eddie Jones without considering that because of the state Australian rugby finds itself in, nobody is willing to risk their international coaching careers, by taking charge of the battered and bruised Australia rugby team.

In the latest developments, New Zealand’s Robbie Deans, confirmed the job to take charge of the Australian team is not an option for him.

The successful Crusaders coach simply told the NZPA: “I am committed to the Crusaders.”

NZPA reported that he was reluctant to discuss the matter, but he confirmed that he was not formerly approached by the ARU.

It almost seems a certainty now that the new coach will be John Connolly, a coach which I will be honest, don’t know much off.

One still cannot write off candidates like John Mitchell of the Western Force though.

Source Information:
I thought Connely was a done deal effectively

Would the Australians even consider using a foreign coach?
Although, apparently the Aussies see the iwiws as less sophisticated country bumpkin neighbours with whom one speaks tongue in cheek and with a bit of sympathy.

Perhaps Patrick can confirm this condescending attitude of the Aussies toward Kiwis.

I can see why the Kiwis support the All Blacks and whoever plays against Australia!!!
Well, that's it then.

It must be Knuckles.

Or a left field choice like Pat Howard.
G'day David,

Are the OZ lot really condescending towards NZ, I think not. You will probably be aware that NZ is basically one very large farm, and one very large Hotel.

Our No.1 overseas currency earner is our Tourist Industry, and the OZ are the greatest number of Tourists.

I lived in OZ for 15 years and was never concious of the feeling that my new neighbours took a condescending attitude towards me/us.
I resided in both Sydney and Melbourne and found the OZ viewed us most favourably. Probably the thing they liked about us least was the way we NZers managed to snare most of the top jobs going around. I like the OZmob and feel very confortable mixing with them, I'm quite sure they think along exactly the same lines.

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