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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Other sports: Sharapova "cheats"


MARIA Sharapova's high-pitched squealing and grunting during points is illegal and the referee should step in and tell her to shut up, tennis great John Newcombe says.

The Australian former world number one, who won seven Grand Slams, has urged opponents to demand she keep quiet.

"I think it's illegal,* he said of her squealing.

"If I was playing against someone who was doing it all the time, I would ask for the referee and say the player has to stop.

"They're deliberately obstructing me from hearing the ball coming off the strings,* he was quoted as saying by the Herald Sun.

"It's actually what I consider legalised cheating because one of your great senses that you have on a tennis court is your ability to hear the ball come off your opponent's strings.*

Last year Wimbledon referee Alan Mills, the tournament's chief official for 22 years, called for a crackdown on grunting and squealing, saying the rules needed to be changed.

"Many of the non-grunting players are unhappy about the noise pollution and a kind of counter-grunt culture has emerged in recent years whereby offended parties ape their opponent's noises,* he said, according to Britain's Sunday Times.

He added: "Officials can only act if the player is shown to be making the noise on purpose, which is virtually impossible to do.*

The Sunday Times said at the time that Sharapova's grunts had been measured at 100 decibels, roughly the same volume as small aircraft landing nearby.

Sharapova produced a full repertoire of squeals and grunts in her quarter-final victory over compatriot Nadia Petrova at the Australian Open yesterday. But Petrova said it didn't really bother her.

"If it did, I would definitely go tell him (the umpire),* she said after being beaten 7-6 (8/6), 6-4.

"I don't see any problem. Monica (Seles) did the same. I think no matter how hard you grunt, I think you can still hear the ball coming from the racquet, especially in the arena. The sound is much higher.*

Tennis has had its fair share of squealers and grunters over the years, not least Seles whose loud grunts were a trademark of her game. She has previously leapt to Sharapova's defence.

Serena Williams is also a known grunter while Tommy Haas proved in his match with world number one Roger Federer on Monday that he is up there with the best grunters in the game.
She maybe a grunter, but I still dont think Dragon is applicable  
Bottomline= watch out for small airplanes next time you go see her play.

She can't be worst than Seles.
She's HOT!
This oke who complaining is an Aussie, somehow i am not surprised...
She can groan and holler all she wants,shes damn hot!it makes watching tennis almost bearable  
I'd like to make her groan off the tennis court!

Anyway, the guy that complained is a plonker. If you take that logic, the Bulls should stop playing with their forwards against Province, cos they're better than Province's forwards.
Any excuse to get that pic up, hey!  
Kandas, I look a lot like her.  

Just like Justin Marshall wanting non contested scrums.

If she were not a babe like that Seles dog or the Williams Brothers, I'd mind, but damn she's hot and all sorts of things go through my mind when I see a girl swaeting and grunting..... especially if she's a hottie.

Tennis joke

Venus and Serena are in the change room before a game and their dad wanders out.

Venus: I ain't to sure about this shit no more man.

Serena: Whaddaya mean man?

Venus: I think Dad's druggin' us with steroids or somethin'

Serena: No shit man. Why do you think that?

Venus: I'm gettin' hair in funny places man

Serena: No shit! Like where?

Venus: All over my balls
Hulle sĂȘ mos:
"Tussen die langste riete skuil die grootste paddas."

Hel, sy het bene tot onder haar arms!
"Tussen die langste riete skuil die grootste paddas."

Haai, sies!

Maar jy is reg, sy het die langste bene.

You dont want to know about my investigative skills!

Trust me, you dont.
jy is reg, sulke bene wat aaaaanhou en aaaanhou en aaaanhou tot hulle 'n gat maak van hulself
Anon Blonde,

Watch out he only asks once.
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