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Monday, January 23, 2006


Other sports: Donald wants England bowling job

Submitted by wpw

Former South Africa fast bowler Allan Donald has applied to replace Troy Cooley as England bowling coach.

Cooley is set to return to his native Australia to take up a similar role with the world champions in May.
Donald, who took 330 wickets in 72 Tests in an illustrious playing career, said frustration had led him to apply.
"At the moment I get the feeling there is no way in for me to South African cricket, so that's one of the reasons I applied," he told the Reuters newswire.
"I have a passion for being around international cricketers. I love being in the dressing room and I love dealing with players at the highest level," Donald, who retired from playing in 2003.
"There is an opportunity for me to grab onto something I love, whether it's the South African cricket team or the England cricket team, it doesn't matter.
"I love being around the international stage and being involved."
now this is completely off-pissing

how much more do we need take as fans before someone realises our administration in rugby and cricket is f@E$kin useless?????

here we loose yet another asset to SA because the bloody administrators are boetie boetie and will not appoint people with strong personalities because then they might just be exposed for the corrupt bastards they are!

nothing against arthur, but i believe it is the only reason jennings did not keep his job.

arthur is a push over where guys like fanie, rice, cook, donald, jonty, big mac, symmo and the rest who could turn SA cricket around arre ingored because they dont stand for bullshit spinning and selfserving pricks who does not put the game first.

good luck allan
Another great one leaves because of frustration. Same as Gary Kirsten. When are we going to wake up?  
My sentiments exactly PA. These plonkers just want someone to front up for them. Not someone who goes out and gets the job down.  
i am so sick and tired of the bullshit in our sport aldo.  
Sorry, this is completely of the point, but did anyone else have trouble posting on Brannasnacht? I was still busy talking kak when I was suddenly told that comments on this post has been disabled. You guys were still talikng kak, this was at 21:55 or there abouts. I tried up to 22:05, but decided to give up as I couldn't even post anonymously!  
Bizzarre seeing as how our bowlers need all the help they can get.

Nothing new here either....we only appear to voice concern when a well known sports personality jumps ship, what about the million or so expats around the world?

Did they all not buy into the "New South Africa"....or is SA completely inept at recruiting qualified personnel in general?
Aldo,whats the story with Kirsten?is he not involved with a High Performance centre or something?What the hell did i miss?  
He quit, same reasons as Donald. Got tired of all the bullshit. Don't know if he left the high performance centre, but he quit as the SA batting coach. Don't think it's at the SA Team, so must be the high performance centre. Let me get you the details. Just wait a couple of secs.  
I know for a fact that AD wants to stay. The problem is apparantly money, not that AD wants a fortune, just that the UCB has zero and simply cannot afford him. Makes one wonder how many gravy trains there are in S.A. sport.  
how can our national body have no money????

this franchise thing is biting them in the arse, less and less people are turning out for games, even one dayers.

pro 20's are shit boring imo.

major problems in SA cricket
Just another normal day in SA sport... I watched a bit of Bafana last nite, the less said the better... They now really have a bunch of crap players who never even played in SA's top league, its like selecting players for the Boks who only ever played Vodacom cup rugby...

And the coaches and admin are clueless. SA made a huge mistake when they got rid of Clive Barker...

Anyway, on another pt, i am now almost certain that Gus Theron has a dad or uncle on the WP board. Reports of the game state that he had a bad game as usual as well as his centre partner...
Some big names you mentioned as being ignored - one of them was asked to assist out bowlers. Yep he said I am available from 2pm to 6pm and it will cost you ten grand. Thanks but no thanks, many are on TV talking but its money that counts at the end of the day.
The above is fact.

i dont blame his partner at all for having a bad game, who the hell would not with gus next to you?
mark my words, franchise cricket is going to kill our game.

we are significantly limiting our pool of players in SA with this crap.
pissant, i went to the 20/20 game on Friday nite at Newlands... Was quite cool except for a few thugs who were gesuip...(not going to mention their race). Anyway, JP Duminy is a class act, as well as Quintin Friend and Gogga Adams can still do the job...

As for the Dolphins, Benkenstein was on form as well as Smit (i think), their wicketkeeper, he can really bat...
WPW he has an uncle....  

Do you have inside info? Cos according to the Rapport, Donald quotes frustration at not being able to work with the bowlers when they're at their ranchises as being a problem.
i watched the Pro 20 @ gym(in Constantia nogals)it was damned exciting i never got round to training.  
i read the WP one was good wpw, but apprently the other one was like watching paint dry,.  
Or like watching the Stormers play,of hoe PA?  

ja vleis, ten minste het ons krieket iets gaan staan en wen - eerste blerrie wedstryd die jaar!!!!!

elke blerrie standard bank een verloor!

ek dink dis die eerste keer in die kompetisie se geskiedenis dat een span nie een wedstryd kon wen nie.

mallet is seker daar ook involved in een of anner manier
Did you know,that in the Standard Bank Cup,the WP franchise could not win a single game,yet they always have the most players in the Protea squad.........

Same Southern Mafia as in the rugby????????
Ag nee man vleis. Kla eerder oor die toestand in SA sport as oor die ding. Is nie lus vir die provinsialisme ding ook nie. (Mind you, as ek reg onthou was Saterdag se score 44-13!)  
the streamers could still not score more than 14 points against the bulls, be we had gus, must count for something  
Sheez! WTF is going on with SA sport?!!? Seems like all the good one leave!  
Olivier and Hendricks were impressive on Saturday,as well as Delport except for the one cockup he made.  
ALDO, there's a few good players who need to get a chance in the Proteas OD side, Goolam Bodi, JP Duminy, Loots Bosman, AB De Villiers, Tyrone Henderson, etc...  
Ja PA,it just goes to show how much differance Mallet made so far!How can Gus still be in the mix????And I really dont believe the whole "working out his contract" story!  
I agree Wes. But almost all the players you named are opening batsmen. And we can't start them there at international level. Just look at AB, he doesn't perform as an opener in the ODI's, he must move to 5 or 6. Anyway, it's the same as in Rugby. A bunch of plonkers running the show.  
me neither vleis.

everyday i fear more and more that WP rugby is in much deeper shit than we realise
I know someone who phoned a high up ex player for a coaching job. The answer was "They cant even afford AD". Sorry I cant give names the one is still very involved and the other down on his luck with a failing business.
Hi vleis
Bly om jou te sien. Hoe like jy my pic - laat jou verlang of hoe?
The problem with our sport, from rugby to swimming is that the rot starts from the top and, by force of gravity, works its way down through every structure. Layer by layer.

Then some are not content to f-up one sport, they create a career of it by leaping to other sports.

Unless our sport excises these self-serving, greedy and useless top people, we will never prosper.
I've read rumours that SA cricket is over R100m in the red.  
anon that is shocking....  

I've heard rumours that you like to suck Greeffs tits! True? Same with the R100mil dept. If it is true, then well yes, it is shocking, but otherwise, just ignore it. You'll end up killing yourself, if you follow each lead of a fuckup in our sport, cos there is allready enough fuckups that is true as it is.

I wonder how much Kandas has to do with the management of SA sport. Then we can just blame everything on a kf!
hehehehe aldo.

we will investigate
Gary Kirsten, Fanie de Villiers, Kepler Wessels, Pat Symcox, Clive Rice - the list is endless.
This sounds exactly like the Peter Principle in action.
Everybody who was a star at top level are not welcome in the folds of Cricket SA - which just shows how insecure these arseholes are.
Screw them, Donald - go where you are wanted.
That is exactly why the Cape Cobras are without a win: All their stars are in the Protea side.
Any other team you know that will be winning without half their stars?

Overall our cricket is going for the dogs - too many so-called first class players around. Check the Aussies - they only have SIX provincial teams.
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