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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Other sports: Aussie taunts disrupts Proteas

Submitted by wpw

Source: Cricinfo
January 24, 2006

South Africa have reportedly considered walking off the field if their players are subjected to further racial abuse on the tour of Australia. An article from South Africa's News 24 quoted a team source as saying the action was the only way authorities would listen.

The team has been subjected to taunts during the Test and one-day series, but a South Africa spokesman yesterday told The Courier-Mail they were "trying to move on from any racial problems". Peter Young, Cricket Australia's public affairs manager and anti-racism manager, told the paper the previous incidents were taken seriously. "We have reminded all state cricket associations to do certain things," he said, "and that we have a zero tolerance policy on racial abuse."

The original report from South Africa said some players felt they weren't being protected enough by the authorities and a meeting was held where the threat of a walk-off was raised. "This is the only way the authorities will listen and stop this," News 24 reported a team source. "If a match should come to a stop because we decide not to play anymore, people will quickly realise that we are very serious about this matter."

Why can't I read the article?  
I've actually decided they're a bunch of sissies.

Look at Steve Waugh in SA 1998 at Wanderers

The crowds were merciless about sheep shagging and the like.

Waugh just went on and made a double century batting a whole day with Greg Blewitt without conceding a single wicket. Perfect answer to those taunts.

We're a bunch of girls blouses.
That's better.

I agree with you Davids. These okes should stop complaining and get on with the job. Bunch of ninnies if you ask me. In the words of another muppit, "crikey lads! Just get on with it allready."
you are starting to sound like Yoda...the Jedi master.
Have to agree, if that sort of thing upsets you then you are not properly focused on what your are doing. You should not even hear the crowd so intense should your concentration be.  
Bunch of wimps, should concentrate on the game. This is getting farcical.

Good to see them win for a change!
Van der Wath was outstanding second time running. He is 28, says he even had to struggle for two years because he was not from a "cricket school" (Hoƫrskool Ermelo).
Some selectors we have.
Sorry Star Wars to young for me - watch my grand children watching!
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