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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Other Sport: Zimbabwe suspends cricket board

This disturbing report emanating from Zimbabwe perhaps best illustrates how not to administer a national sporting body and the inherent dangers when egos are allowed to hold sway over proceedure.

Now, without having intimate knowledge of the in's and out's of Zimbabwean cricket it is hard to argue the merits or demerits of the situation. What is inescapable, however, is that, under responsible administrators who put the game before self-interest, events should never have been allowed to stoop so low.

The Zimbabweans now look in real danger of being suspended from the ICC and in that event, the total collapse of their domestic cricket is not beyond doubt.

The story, as reported by follows.

Harare - Zimbabwe Cricket's 12-member board has been suspended and controversial chairman Peter Chingoka retained to head an interim board.

The Zimbabwean government suspended the board on Friday.

Chairman of Zimbabwe's sports and recreation commission, Gibson Mashingaidze, has appointed an interim board of government officials until the board's elections - scheduled for July.

Mashingaidze said the Zim government would not bow to the demands of the country's 37 leading cricketers.

The players have been boycotting all national teams for a month, protesting the removal of Chingoka and ZC managing director Osias Bvute, who are accused of financial irregularities.

Mashingaidze said:"We can start afresh without you. You can all go and play in India or South America if you like."

In December, ZC vice chairman Ahmed Ebrahim led a delegation of players and administrators in a bid to persuade Zimbabwe's sports minister, Aegios Chigwedere, to appoint an interim management committee to run the game until the crisis was resolved.

The proposal was rejected. Ebrahim was among those forced from office this week.

The player strike is backed by all provincial chairmen and is set to jeopardize Zimbabwe's two-test tour of the West Indies in April-May.

Cancellation of the series could result in Zimbabwe being removed as one of the International Cricket Council's 10 test nation members.

Chingoka and Bvute are accused of "shady" financial dealings, including the purchasing of luxury homes, the disappearance of two team buses and a number of cars, soaring salaries and expenses, and outstanding debts.
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