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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Other Sport: Van Der Wath called up to national squad

According to News24, Johan van der Wath has at long last received a much deserved call up to the national squad after it was decided to send Kallis home.

Van Der Wath, who has impressed throughout the last two seasons in the domestic competitions for the champion side, the Eagles, will fly to Australia on Wednesday to join the Protea squad.

It has been decided it would be in the team’s best interest to send Kallis home were he will receive treatment on his elbow which has been troubling him for the last couple of weeks now. Lorgat believes it is best to get Kallis fully fit for the return leg of the Australian - South African series.

"In keeping with our player management philosophy, Jacques
is coming home for treatment so that we can get him fully ready for the
return series against Australia in South Africa in February-March.”

Lorgat also believes that Van Der Wath, who will earn his first cap if selected, is more than capable of representing South Africa at the highest level.

"With great interest we have been watching Johan's performances and good
form for South Africa A and for the Eagles in the domestic competitions.

"We believe that he has much to offer both now and in the future".

Kallis is the third South African to be sent home with an injury since the South Africans arrived in Australia. Mkaya Ntini and Andre Nel is already back in South Africa.
davidS sucks japie mulders eiers...  
guess who's back...........back again  
wes you bliksem.

I'm gonna get you for that!!!!!!

Now VD Wath is an all rounder.

For my money given the turgid digging in styles of Dippenaar, Smith, Rudolph and Smith I would have gone for Loots Bosman, not VD Wath.

They're already getting a semi decent bowler in Dale Steyn.


I guessed you logged onto his webcam.
who pissant? i think you a bit too late for the 1st post...lmao  
i think he is a very decent bowler davids!!

loots would have been okay too, but i think they are worried about the bowling resources at the moment.

Jy vra vir my.

Dinamiet also comes in BIIIIIIG packets, not just in small ones...
lol david. i couldnt help myself. I read an article this morning about the Convener of Selectors saying that Gibbs, Smith and Prince all better start performing...

I hope they come good vs AUS on Friday. Did you guys notice all the dropped catches? I cant flippin believe it... PATHETIC is the word that springs to mind.
Jonty must be cursing the day he retired from the OD game...

here's a thought, appoint Jonty as fielding coach. he will definitely make an impact...
Any thoughts?
This is brilliant news, not only is he a swing bowler with pace, something we badly need, but can get the lower order going with some lusty blows  
hell yes wpw.

i still reckon they should not have fired jennings, i know you dont agree but there seem to be no discipline in the team
I have heard via the grape vine that fielding practice is no longer a priority. Fitness has apparently also suffered since Jennings left. We are picking the fruits of hasty decisions IMHO.
Pissant, the senior okes like kallis and Bouch mentioned that Jennings cant teach them anything new about batting and that he is not a good technical coach...

I agree regarding the discipline but i heard Kepler say that when Pollock took over the captaincy, they decided that fielding should take a back seat and ever since then our standards have dropped.

What he was saying was that the current squad dont work as hard as the previous teams when Hansie was captain... Or even thru'out the 90's when we were the best one day side in the world...
Ja wes

The next one who drops a damned ball onto Australian soil gets his f---ing right hand chopped off.

That should serve as a good enough motivator. There's simply no excuse for what they did.

Rudolph ran Gibbs out on Sunday. Can't blame him for that. Rudolph and Dippenaar and Prince are grafters for the 5 day game. They've taken Prince and told him to be a Jonty. He's not and its highly unfair to him.

Ja and Micky played with these guys and they were better players than he is/was - just how much respect do you think they have for him.

I actually think they should get a conditioning coach for them and then get somebody like bladdy Kepler involved. Apparently he was a boxer in his youth and not an oke with a sense of humour.

I read in Hansie and the Boys that one day in Aus, Fanie, Allan and Hansie decided to grab Kepler and wrestle with him in his hotel room.

He moered all three of them and chased them out the room.

I can imagine him grabbing the scrawny neck of that f--ing undeserving overrated wicketkeeper of ours and telling him:

"You said I can't teach you what?"
fielding should take a back seat!!!!

hell that is like saying in rugby defense should take like 3rd priority.

well is jennings could not teach them anything new in batting i would love to see all the tons they scored in the tests then????

it is nothing new to have a head coach and technical guys assisting him, hell the coach cant do it all and know it all. jennings as head, jonty as fielding, barry richards or a pollock in batting, and alan in bowling would have made a great coaching team.

just dont let alan teach them how to run between wickets though
bloody demi-god's if you ask me wpw.

the 'senior' guys did not like being shouted at when they performed kak.

how dare he talks to me like that, i am the best batsmen in the world.....
Kepler Wessels

The Nic Mallet of cricket.
The story about the lack of discipline is starting to come from different sources.
It seems Arthur is a softy, just like Carel du Plessis was.
I picked up somewhere that they have done away with the 'cradle' in catching exercises.
Somehow I just can't get a liking for the captain.
BTW Woolmer is having some huge successes with the Paki's - and that says a hell of a lot :-)

Any coach who can get discipline out of that disorganised mob is a damned decent coach. I still cannot conceive of how the hell they let him go. Unbelieveable
Woolmer should never have left or been fired(not sure what happened). I dont think Smith is the problem, Gibbs, Kallis, Boucher and Pollock seem to be the Untouchables in the team. OK, Kallis is world class but since when can a player decide if he wants to play in a certain position and no one can tell him otherwise?

Since Kallis moved from 3 to 4 we never were the side we were before. I also think that Polly shouldnt open the bowling at test level. Even in the ODI's Nel and Ntini should open with Steyn and maybe Polly next. Zondeki needs time to settle in and Kruger too... We have depth but these untouchables need to be dropped or sorted out ASAP...
And I heard there are HUGE trouble between Smith and Kallis - not seeing eye to eye and not even talking to each other.

I think the S**t is going to hit the fan big time in our cricket. Some people also say that our biggest problem is the arrogance of some in the team.

Just harsay though. :)

The untouchables think it's there team.

Some slectors need to jolt some sense into them.
I remember before the Os tour saying all this Mickey is a softcock! He will not stand up to these guys. I know a guy who ran a bar in PE. Apparently Mickey went their every night and got piss drunk before becoming headcoach of the Proteas. No wonder fielding practise isn't important anymore. They all have pissups with the coach and next day they're all babelas. I'm telling you, letting Jennings go was the biggest mistake SA cricket could've made. If Kallis, Smith and Boucher didn't want to play with him as coach they should've left our shore. They're all a bunch of arses! If Jennings was so bad, why did Boucher suddenly start performing under him again? Because he knew there was no more gravy train doind the rounds. He had to fight for his place. With Mickey, all you do is give him a case of brandy and you're set for the year.  
Or even better ten papsakke!  
The Proteas are a mess. The fitness coach played in the warm up games before the tests due to the selectors not taking enough players. Take enough players who know the team stratergy and do not need to play jet lagged. There is no stratergy to blooding new players except hope that they can step up in OZ jetlagged.
I am not surprised by the injuries. Injuries are directly related to fitness which is directly linked to soft Mc. Luckily Jennings is coaching under 19 and not cashing in overseas so we might have a future but right now a underprepared over arrogant and clutching at straws team is hoping being positive is enough. Sorry Smith it takes more than being positive. Score some runs.
If Arthur had slugged it out for ten years as a coach, working his way up the ranks, then he might have the credentials to coach a test team. Right now we have a green coach and a green captain and it shows.

He's not even the best coach in SA right now. Dave Nosworthy, Gordon Parsons and even the maligned Phil Russell, could do a better job - though I don't really rate any of them.
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