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Monday, January 30, 2006


Other sport: 'SA cricket teams may boycott Oz' - Majola

Proteas 'best behaved team'

Source: News24

Future South African cricket tours to Australia could be boycotted as a result of the racist remarks against captain Graeme Smith and company on the present tour.

This was the message from Cricket South Africa's CEO, Gerald Majola, on arrival in Australia. He added that this was no idle threat.

Majola said: "We consider it a very serious matter and if it should continue, we will definitely give serious consideration not to tour this country in future. The remarks occurred throughout the country, but was absent when the Proteas played Sri Lanka in Adelaide.

"I haven't talked to the players about this yet, but if this continues and takes a turn for the worse, I'll support their decision," Majola said.

Best behaved, most competitive team

Cricket Australia's CEO, James Sutherland, in a fax to Cricket South Africa said the Proteas have been the most competitive team to tour Australia in the past decade. They are also the most well behaved.

West Australian officials are desperate not to have a recurrence of last month's incident in the first Test and very strict action will be taken against any spectator who makes racist remarks.
Perhaps we should just grow up a bit.

Sticks and stones and all that.

Racist taunting of anyone, never mind sportsmen, is abhorent but it is naive to believe that Cricket Australia can stop every last expat Eugene Terrblanche from their drunken moment in the sun.

It is a handful of miscreants, not whole banks of the stadium as you get in European football.

We've registered our strongest protest, the best thing to do now is get out on the field and cane the Aussies for revenge.

Are we using this to blow up our own inadequacies, on the field and at administrative level?
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