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Monday, January 23, 2006


Other sport: Rudolph again victim of cricket's "target"

Source: News24

Jaques Rudolph has scored the most runs on tour but again became a victim of Cricket SA's racial policy, which demands that the "target" of four players of colour must be met. On his previous tour in Australia Rudolph was replaced by Justin Ontong after having been selected for his test debut.

Christo Buchner reports on News24 that Cricket South Africa (CSA) has to give special permission to the South African cricket team touring Australia if they are to walk on to the field without the desired "target" of four players of colour.

The term "target" is the word created by CSA to avoid the word "quota", which has many negative connotations.

In reality, there were just three players of colour in the team on Friday. If Rudolph was to have been accommodated in the top batting order, another player - either Herschelle Gibbs or Ashwell Prince - would have to have been dropped and from CSA's point of view that would have been unacceptable.

Special permission was requested to include just Gibbs and Prince, as well as Garnett Kruger, and CSA was unlikely to make further concessions.

Monde Zondeki was included in the first few matches of the one-day series along with Kruger, Gibbs and Prince to reach the "target" of four players. He did not measure up to expectations and it was decided to include the newcomer to the squad, Dale Steyn, in Melbourne.

The balance of the team changed and another white player had to be dropped.

Note: "Targets" are apparently also the reason why Zondeki was initially selected ahead of Steyn (who had a terrible one-day debut hours after arriving in Australia) and 28-year old Johan van der Wath. Van der Wath claimed 2/21 in five overs in his debut.
bunch of bloody clowns  
We are a sad bunch when we shoot ourselves in the foot before the match starts. It will take a miracle to get to the final now any way.

Do the selectors not care that OZ are the first ranked team in the world and that based on our recent performances Sri Lanka will race up the international standings and we will fall back down.

Well said Pissant.

As with all our sports, the kakker the top management, the happier it seems we are. Do we have one sport that is run without any sort of scandal? And I'm not talking about quota's and the like. Just stuff like bribary, money grabbing and miss mangement. What a bunch of plonkers.
No wonder Ponting said he felt sorry for the Proteas, he does not know half of it.  
I fail to see the problem here.
Drop Smith, as easy as that.
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