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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Other Sport: Graeme Smith is fat and Keps isn't backing down

Former Proteas captain and Australian stalwart, Kepler Wessels, called the incumbent Proteas captain to task, saying, "he's fat".

Smith was in no mood for taking it lying down and retorted that Wessels must have another agenda, "I'm fit, not fat".

Never one to back down, Kepler has now issued Smith with a challenge.

The Herald reports that Port Elizabeth-based Wessels predicted fitness tests would confirm his claim that Smith and fellow batsman Jacques Kallis were fat and unfit.

Yesterday, Smith dismissed Wessels’s initial comments in a Sunday newspaper. Wessels had claimed Smith was out of form and said the South Africans were “sluggish”.

He said Kallis and Smith were not up to scratch for international cricket and asked if Smith’s condition was affecting his batting form.

Wessels also felt that Australia’s players looked in better shape than the Proteas.

Smith responded that his level of fitness had been constant for three years and he would provide statistics to back this up.

The Protea skipper said: “It looks as if Kepler wants to get into a scrap with me.”

He suggested some former South African players did not have the interests of South African cricket at heart.

“There are a few of them on the list. We have invited these guys time and time again to come to our training camps and help out – guys like Kepler and Fanie (de Villiers) – but they’ve refused,” said Smith.

Wessels, in turn, said he did not want to fight with Smith.

Whenever he was asked, he gave his full support to South African cricket, but he has not been approached during the “Smith era”.

Wessels said disappointed Protea supporters should wait and see if Smith could prove his claims of fitness and form.

Additional reporting by Sapa
This is a WPW story, thanks Wes.

I was just waiting to see if it would develop.
Well, I know who I'll back if it comes to a real scrap.
Kepler packed a great punch in his day - not only through the covers.
BTW Smith won the Man of the Match yesterday in taking 3/30 v Sri Lanka on his 25th birthday - the first Protea to receive these honours on the current tour.

This is from News24:

"When reminded that fat guys were not supposed to achieve these figures, he burst out laughing."
Im one to give respect when it is due but im sorry,Kepler Wessels is a DOOS!!!  
I am sure Kepler doesn't want to get into a fight - old fat arse Graeme is definately much bigger (and rounder) than him!  
kepler needs to have his eyes tested. since when is graeme smtih fat? lol.  
This remark by Kepler was completely uncalled for. One would expect a man of his stature to be more circumspect with his opinions and to rather accept Smith’s call for assistance, or was the money on offer not sufficient as has been the case with ex players in the past?  
WPW is minki vd westhuizen!!!!!!!

wpw, are you in love with smithy???

i think he is fat too, so is kallis.

come on fat boy, show us your 'figures' to prove kepler wrong.
Who is the fatty on the pic, cause if it is Smith, he will have to make a plan. The problem is that it seems Mickey Arthur is not to worried about the teams fitness. Nor their fielding and catching. By the way. Smith having his first good game on the tour may be a good turn of events, but as captain he should lead from the front every game, and not just every now and then.  

Nah that is a picture of wpw, running for his life after he ogeled Minki.
donner, ek gaan jou bliksem. lol

Ek weet ek is duk, maar nie so dul nie. Nog n ding, ek sal nooit so hardloop op die strand nie, netto wil PJLD se girl my vasdruk, ek weet sy smaak my kwaai!!!(damn, i sound like n dutchman)
One note

Kepler was a boxer in his youth.

There's a story in Hansie's book about how he, Fanie De Villiers and someone else tried to chuck Kepler in a pool.

Kepler is an oke with zero sense of humour.

He bliksemed all three of them. I don't think Graeme would get too far against Kepler.
Quite correct Leon T, not only boxing but marshall arts as well.

Pleased to meet you at last, you need to do more running mate.

wpw the jogger of Goodhood!!!!!!!
To sound like a "Dutchman" you have to add "Ek sê" at the end of your sentences.
Ho Boetjie! Then he sounds like a Coloured!

Smith and Kallis is fat and out of shape, if he's so fit, then I'd like him to prove it. About time someone told Smith he's fat!
Does Smith eat babies?  
lol @ wpw,

yep, sounding & def looking like a dutchman
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