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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Other Sport: Gower stripped of captaincy, fined $100,000

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
By: Jacquelin Magnay

"Gower had maintained he could not recall the incident in question but the board clearly preferred the evidence given by Tatum Pearce that Gower put his hand "on my vagina" even though Pearce had decided not to make a complaint to police."

PENRITH'S star halfback Craig Gower stormed out of a marathon disciplinary hearing last night after discovering he had lost the Panthers captaincy and been fined a record $100,000, the maximum the club could have imposed.

Gower and his solicitor David Brown had failed to convince the board that Gower's two-day drunken rampage at the Jack Newton Celebrity Golf Challenge at Twin Waters Resort last month was a minor indiscretion. Instead, the board took three hours to decide upon a penalty that is unprecedented in the club's history.

Apart from losing the captaincy, which is tipped to be given to Tony Puletua, Gower has been fined $100,000, with $70,000 of that money suspended on the condition he agrees to be of good behaviour, participate in an intervention program for social responsibility and seek counselling on the responsible use of alcohol. The remaining $30,000 is to be paid into an NRL program for the responsible use of alcohol.

Panthers chairman Barry Walsh said the penalty could have been more severe, adding: "In taking these decisions, the board has considered Craig's exemplary conduct on the field and his genuine commitment to our community over the years.

"Nevertheless, his actions on the Sunshine Coast caused distress to a number of people and damaged our club, our game and the National Rugby League."

Gower refused to comment but Brown indicated he and his client did not agree with the penalties. "The club made a decision, it is not up to us to make a comment … we will not be making a statement."

Gower, 27, had been investigated by Penrith Football Manager Mick Leary after allegations surfaced just before Christmas. Leary's comprehensive report, which involved taking detailed statements from people involved and first-hand witnesses, found Gower had groped the daughter of Balmain legend Wayne Pearce, Tatum Pearce, on the crutch and had menaced Pearce's son, Mitchell with a beer bottle.

Board members had indicated earlier in the week that Gower might retain the captaincy because of his public apology to the Pearce family and the fact the Leary report largely cleared him of other alleged misdemeanours. However, it is understood significant pressure was brought to bear on the Panthers board by the NRL.

Gower turned up for the meeting in a hopeful frame of mind, wearing a black suit and club tie. He spent an hour before the board, presenting his case, after which he had to wait for nearly an hour while the board members considered their decision.

Gower had strong support in the lead-up to the meeting from former Penrith players and current board members Greg Alexander and Col Bentley. But the severity of the sanctions shocked him and he and his solicitor then unsuccessfully argued a second time for a lesser penalty.

Gower had maintained he could not recall the incident in question but the board clearly preferred the evidence given by Tatum Pearce that Gower put his hand "on my vagina" even though Pearce had decided not to make a complaint to police.

Wayne Pearce last night said: "I am pleased with the professionalism and integrity of the club's investigation and the way it was carried out."

NRL chief executive David Gallop said he had discussed the issue with the club but "ultimately it had been their decision because they were his employer".

"It goes without saying that Craig Gower can not find himself in this position again," Gallop said. "This suspended fine maybe only part of what he will face from the club and the league. We will be reviewing the matter when we have received a formal report from the club but, on the face of it, they have been through an exhaustive process and imposed a significant penalty."

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