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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Other discussions: What creativity can do for you

Seeing that quite a few people around here has been much more creative over the past month, I thought this might enable you to gauge just how creative you were. Did any of you all of a sudden get more interesting to the opposite sex, made or received any funny phone calls? Maybe this will explain it.

Source: Health24

Creativity fuels sex life

An active sex life and creativity may go hand-in-hand, according to a new British study that finds professional artists and poets have about twice as many sexual partners as other people.
While writers and artists from Byron to Picasso have perpetuated the notion of the amorous artist, the new study may be the first to offer up some real proof, according to the researchers.

"Creative people are often considered to be very attractive and get lots of attention as a result. They tend to be charismatic and produce art and poetry that grab people's interest," study lead author Dr Daniel Nettle, a lecturer in psychology at Newcastle University's School of Biology, said in a prepared statement.

His team's study of 425 British men and women included a sampling of visual artists and poets. The study participants were interviewed about how much poetry and visual art they created, their psychiatric history, and their sexual encounters since age 18.

More sexual partners for creatives

The average number of sexual partners for poets and creative artists was between four and 10, compared with an average of three for non-creative people. The more creative a person was, the higher the number of sexual encounters, the researcher reported in the November 29 issue of The Proceedings of the Royal Society (B).

The artistic personality may encourage sexual exploration, Nettle speculated.

"It could also be that very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act on more sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience's sake, than the average person would," he said. "Moreover, it's common to find that this sexual behaviour is tolerated in creative people. Partners, even long-term ones, are less likely to expect loyalty and fidelity from them." – (HealthDayNews)

okay any one dare call teh WP players creative will get moered!!  
Why, I thought you guys scored all the time. Oh shit, that was with each other!  
No wonder the Bulls players stick together. :-D  
Yeah I know Donner. We believe in quality not quantity! We might not score as much as you wp guys, but when we score, it is a lot better than when WP layers score with each other every night!  
I wonder if it works in reverse too. The more partners, the more creative you get. Geez we need a expert on this subject on this site. Wonder if Steve will have time for a Q&A.  
Hehe Donner. Him and all 200 children!  
Donner, Davids, OO en Pissant. Will julle my nie asb gou mail nie, my hardskyf het gegroet, so nou't ek julle almal se email adresse verloor. Glo dit of nie, maar ek sien hoe maklik die soort ding gebeur, maar ek maak steeds nie 'n backup van my eie rekenaar nie.  

No wonder I'm in the creativity business...
Cos you need more sex Kandas?  
yes Aldo yes. And make that another yes.  
Nee regtig nou, het julle nou al selfs 'n domain geregister?  

Oops, sorry, ek het vergeet, julle wil mos die site vanaf julle eie server hardloop, dan moet julle seker. Sorry man!  
Just ask Pissant to help you out Kandas. Apparently he knows a lot about the price of sexworkers, so he must have a couple of numbers saved on his phone.  

Is it working?
Donner en Pissant, julle het mail.  
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