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Monday, January 16, 2006


International Teams: Wallabies looking at pyramid structure as a cure

Source: RugbyHeaven

The Wallabies are contemplating a pyramid coaching structure to get them back on the winning road after a disastrous season. Former All Black coach John Hart says it can contribute to reviving their flagging fortunes, but it cannot cure all their woes.

With John Connolly certain to be named Eddie Jones's successor, the ARU is understood to be keen, at the recommendation of influential rugby figures, to implement a pyramid structure. This would have Connolly at the top, flanked by two lieutenants.

Wallabies legend John Eales has said Australian rugby's greatest periods have come when the head coach has had capable assistants.

High-performance unit general manager Peter Davis declined to comment when asked about the likely coaching structure the new Wallabies head coach will work under. Davis said the ARU would adopt the structure it believed would provide the best results. "We've decided what structure we want but we don't want to disclose that yet," he said.

But Hart, the Kiwis' 1999 World Cup coach, has warned of the dangers of trying to imitate the All Blacks' coaching set-up of Graham Henry, Wayne Smith and Steve Hansen.

"It's a unique coaching set-up the All Blacks have and to try to reinvent that could be difficult," said Hart, now director of football at NRL side the New Zealand Warriors.

"It won't just automatically work somewhere else. It depends on the talents and the capabilities of the coaches involved. You need to have coaches who have a rapport with one another and have a similar vision and ideas on the way they want the game to be played.

"My concern is there can be too many coaches, especially in the specialist areas. It can be overdone, it becomes a mixed message and the players can get confused.

"With the All Blacks it works well because Henry delegates authority well [to] very good international coaches in their own right."

Once the new head coach is appointed, Hart said he must be given free rein by the ARU to implement the type of coaching structure he wants.

Former Wallaby captain John Eales said the head coach should be given all the help he wants.

"But there is a big difference between the group the All Blacks have and what we are likely to have. All the All Blacks coaches are international coaches in their own right. We don't have that to grab at."

Don't write off these guys for 2007 yet. They will be back and maybe a very unknown factor.  
I agree Donner

I would be fearful of the Australians in 2007. They are a dangerous team. Just because Eddie Moans is gone does not mean that all those star players like Larkham, Smith, Vickerman, Rathbone and Giteau are suddenly gone.
But if I was Clyde Rathbone I'd be trying to bite myself betwen the eyes.

Looks like the little git made a massive mistake choosing the Wobblies over the Boks.
Can they scrum yet?

Who cares about the pyramids?
lol @ StP!!!

They'll be okay if they get the uncontested scrums they organised against the Poms at Twickenham last year!!!!!
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