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Saturday, January 28, 2006


International Teams: Self-analysis shows why Wallabies are struggling

Source: Mail & Guardian

A statistical analysis of the Wallaby performance in 2005 shows that the side "remains numer one in defence" but are deficient compared with their rivals when it comes to restarts, offloads, lineouts and - of course! - scrummaging.

Picture: Gary Flowers, ARU Chief

Australian Rugby Union (ARU) chief Gary Flowers said the review of the past season, in which the Wallabies lost eight of their nine last matches, was nearing completion
and had already influenced selectors tasked with picking a replacement for sacked coach Eddie Jones.

Jones had frequently declared that the injury-plagued Wallabies were close to overcoming their weaknesses, but Flowers said the review had found otherwise.

The ARU statistics showed the Wallabies ranked just 10th in winning their own lineouts and fifth in stealing their opponents' lineouts. They ranked sixth in getting quality ball from scrums, seventh in restart receptions and sixth in offloads.

On the other side of the balance sheet, the Australians ranked first in creating line breaks and in tackle contest dominance in both attack and defence.

Flowers said the ARU was confident the new Wallaby coach -- due to be named next month and widely expected to be former Queensland Reds coach John Connolly -- would be able to sort out the team's problems.
If also the Boks are also busy doing this...
What do you guys think the chances are - and what will an analysis show us?
i am sorry - maybe i read the statistics wrong.

but the things they lacked was due to one thing and one thing only - a decent bloody tight five!!!!!

isnt that what moans said all along?????

no one of the sheeploving gits will convince me sacking jones was a good thing for Aussie rugby - they made a huge mistake.

You can say that again. They always claimed they were at the frontline of the evolution of rugby. All of a sudden the rest of the world went back to forward domination rugby and they were stuck.

Eddie knew this would happen. They are going to regret it only the day when they don't even make the quarters WC2007
I still predict the Aussies will be back by 2007, hell, they'll be back this year already.

I never underestimate them.
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