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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


International Teams: Is Argentina 'strong-arming' SA and NZ?

Are the South Americans playing hardball with their New Zealand and South African counterparts?

In a 'surprising' development, minutes of a meeting of the Argentinian Rugby Union have found their way into the press.

The minutes confirm that Argentina voted for South Africa in a quid pro quo deal whereby SA would, in return, support Argentina's bid to join the Southern Hemisphere tournaments.

Once SA fell out in the first round, the Pumas vote went to New Zealand after a telephone call between the heads of both unions.

Rugby 365 reveals that the minutes state, "Before the [final] voting process, [Risler] telephoned the president of the NZRU, Jock Hobbs, to tell him that Argentina would vote for New Zealand and not Japan and that the UAR needed to meet with them to discuss the possibility of having regular international competition in the southern hemisphere in the nearest future, having already obtained South African approval for Argentina's inclusion."

This will be potentially embarrasing for the IRB as it seems to confirm what we all suspect anyway, namely that horse trading does take place for favours.

It will also be embarrasing for SA and NZ as they might now feel obliged to follow through on any promises that might have been made.

If the minutes were deliberately released then I think it was a masterstroke from the South Americans!

They've pleaded for inclusion for long enough, they've bent over backwards to prove they are a capable international team.

Why the hell not include them?

Information source: Rugby 365
hear hear!!!

i dont care if it is by hook or crook, these guys deserve to be recognised - porta you sly bastard - well done!!!

Right you are again PissAnt. These guys will only strengthen the SH rugby. Why they are not included in the competitions is beyond me. Imagine the NH teams not getting a socalled freebe at the world cup next time. Even worse the sem finals at the 2011 WC being played by SA, Arg, Aus and NZ. I guess the IRB will put through a shyteload of rule changes in 2012 if this should happen.
YEP YEP,the Argintines are formidable opponents and their inclusion can only bring about good things.  
By the way WPW and Pissant start shack fires in JoeSlovo!  
These chaps present a massive development potential. It’s about time they are brought into the main stream of the rugby world.
Any method used to get into rugby is to be condoned seeing that normal channels have brought no relief to the predicament they are in.
It’s now up to SA and NZ to deliver on their promises and support their inclusion in the southern hemisphere competitions
Couldn't agree more, JJ.  
I'll go further and say the expanded S14 should have included a team made up exclusively of Islanders and one made up exclusively of Argentinian players who play in their country to aid development of their rugby.

The Argentinians deserve recognition for what they did.

Where does this leave the Kiwis and the IRB with the Japanese saying that the votes are rigged because of cheat lobbying and shady deals beforehand?

The Argies deserve much more than the damned raw deal they're getting. They're no longer small fry teams and they need to be developed to be a major force. Almost all their players play in Europe when they should be here in the SH plying their trade.
So why have this very expensive window dressing bid process if it all boils down to horsetrading anyway? Who do they think they bullshit?
I'm afraid it's exactly the same everywhere, especially in Saru: "We'll vote for you if there is something in it for us."
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