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Friday, January 20, 2006


International Teams: All Black charged for 'common assault'

The New Zealand Herald are reporting that a current All Black has been charged for assault after being arrested in the early hours of the morning.

It is news that is hardly designed to delight the NZRFU, following on from claims by former All Black captain, Anton Oliver, that a 'drinking culture' had been allowed to develop in the team. There is no suggestion that the AB had been drinking but it is further publicity that will be unwelcome.

Sione Lauaki has been named as the All Black charged with common assault after an incident in central Hamilton early today.

Acting Senior Sergeant Morgan Kutia of Hamilton police confirmed a 24-year-old Waikato sports personality was arrested shortly before 5am.

The man was released before 6am and bailed to appear in Hamilton District Court on January 26.

He was charged with common assault on a 26-year-old man in Victoria St.

It was already known that the man involved was a Chiefs Super 14 player. Lauaki was named by Newstalk ZB at lunchtime.

Chiefs chief executive Gary Dawson said Lauaki had agreed his name could be released, partly to prevent speculation that the incident involved any of his other All Blacks and Chiefs teammates, and partly because media were already moving to publish his name.

"We haven't changed our view that it's a matter for the police to complete their work and if it is going to go through the judicial system then that has to take place and until that happens and we know all the facts we're not making any comment."

Dawson said it was premature to say what any internal disciplinary measures from the Chiefs might be until the outcome of the police investigation was known but Lauaki was bound by a collective employment agreement as a professional rugby player.

"It's fairly extensive in there in terms of the various options available if there is misconduct of any sort," he said.

Lauaki would not be making any statement at this stage.

"We've advised him that until he's met with his legal adviser on Monday that all communication will come through me," Dawson said.

Tongan-born, the 115kg 1.94m Lauaki has played seven tests for the All Blacks after starring for the combined Pacific Islands side is his international debut.

New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) spokesman Brian Finn said the union would not comment on any incident that was subject to a police investigation.

wpw is an undercover all black thug!!!!

booze culture is alive and well still then it seems????
Before we talk about the drinking culture still being alive and well PA, don't you think it would be prudent first to see how the NZRU and the Chiefs franchise handle the situation. You may very well be right, but in all fairness, we should at least give them some time to see how they deal with him. After all, eight Boks got kicked out of a club in Sydney last year, does that mean there is a culture of boozing in the Bok team as well? And if we want to look any further, we need look no further than James Small for examples of Boks doing the same thing. Oz seems to have the same problem as well, so it is not really fair to point to this one incident as an indictment of the entire NZRU. For the record, I am from SA, just trying to be fair here.  
np DB,

someone from NZ reported that this happened in the early hours of the morning and aparently there was a lot of blood on the pavement.

i did not mention that in my post and it was also not mentioned in the article.

information you might not have known - so i just formed a logical opinion.
Thanks for the added information PA. Even with the nature of the assault, don't you think it would be more fair to wait and see how the NZRU handle the situation before blaming the All Black booze culture? I have no problem placing blame on the individual in this situation, and condemning the crime in all ways, but surely the NZRU must be given an opportunity to deal with it first. Now if they sweep it under the carpet or give him some sort of token reprimand, then I would be in full agreement with you.

Let me ask you this, if the NZRU were to ban him for this crime for, let's say 3 years from all rugby, would you still say the NZRU is not dealing with the "booze culture"?
Dancing Bear,

I think you may have got this wrong - it's not the NZRU who is going to say he was guilty or not guilty, it's the Courts.

I understand he was convicted of a similar lark last year. Probably there will be something in the standard NZRU player contracts that deals with these matters. But the NZRU wont do anything until the
the Courts have adjudicated on the matter.


it is basically as patrick said.

both the chiefs (i think) and NZ rugby said they will wait and see what the police and courts do about it and if found guilty they will decide if they are going to follow internal disciplinary actions.

on my personal opinion and all jokes aside. something like this has no place in society, let alone be associated with rugby. he should be tried like every other individual and if found guilty be sentenced or fined.

from a rugby point of view, i do believe the unions and/or national body must take steps. he is associated with the sport and because of being an AB, he is also an ambassador of his country. so one could argue he is bringing the game and his country into disrepute. i would personally love to see banns dished out at players like this.

similar to our own lukas van biljon who was found doing the same type of thing. but that is my personal opinion
was this not the same gent who was previously charged for beating up his sisters boyfriend? Hmmmm ... must have a lot of sista's  
This is great news. If memory serves, Lauaki pretty much beat the Sharks all on his own last year. Guess he won't be playing on the 11th...  
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