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Friday, January 27, 2006


International Rugby: They are smart, they are wealthy and they are growing.

82% of this union's members over 21 are University/College graduates. 70% are in the higher percentile of the nation's income bracket.

A recent article from The Business Journal of Jacksonville (Florida) was written specifically about British Super League teams who train in Florida, however it also offered some intriguing details about the state of Rugby Union in the United States.

In 2004, USA Rugby had 64 718 registered members, a number not including many who used to play the game. Of those members, approximately 25 000 are men and women playing in the 679 College Teams affiliated with USA Rugby.

In comparison to the major traditional American sports their numbers are small but it is a very powerful demographic. A survey undertaken by Rugby Magazine in 2003 revealed that 82% of registered members over 21 are University or College graduates and that 50% of collegiate players attend graduate school.

More tellingly, the poll revealed that 70% of households involved in rugby have an annual income over $65 000.00.

Anecdotal research tends to reveal that if registered USA rugby players didn’t attend University, they do tend to have some formal qualification, like plumber, electrician etc.

It’s a sport that requires relatively little capital outlay, unlike sports such as ice hockey, yet attracts the socially and financially secure.

It would seem that rugby’s reputation as a game for hooligans played by gentlemen holds sway, even in the United States.

Information Sources: The Business Journal of Jacksonville, Rugby Magazine.
Yes Ras

They will reach critical mass at some stage with Rugby Union

and I believe that all will feel their presence.
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