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Thursday, January 12, 2006


General Discussions: Trouble Logging On

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Unfortunately we underestimated how popular the site will be and we are currently being overwhelmed with the public response. Please read on to see what exciting developments the increased traffic has forced us into.

Okay, thank you for reading on. Firstly, we are sincerely dismayed at any trouble you might be experiencing to get into the site.

It is a direct result of an overwhelming demand to access our stories.

It took us by surprise but we are reacting instantly to it. We will be migrating the site to another massive server that will eliminate the problems you may have been experiencing

Without you the site would be an irrelevance and we would like to ensure you that, all six of us, will be working overtime to present those quirky, unusual and ground-breaking stories.

As usual, you are quicker than us at 'breaking stories', KEEP IT UP and send us a mail so we can get it online!
No worries,keep up the good work.  
i got this of the sharks website, are these guys totally warped or do they know something we don't, according to them nokwe is on his way, or already at the Cats....yet i find nothing on other websites...

"The Cats have lured Sharks scrumhalf Dave von Hoesslin, speedster Jonge Nokwe from Boland and Western Province brothers Earl and Jody Rose to Johannesburg, while former coach Laurie Mains will also feature at the Cats in an advisory role.

Preseason matches will also be taking place from this weekend onwards."

published on the 10th
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!WTF man,if Province let Nokwe slip through their fingers im gonna run up into Newlands and kick Mr Mallet and co. square in the nuts,how much longer can this go on for?  

I know all the rest is true PA, but Jonge Nokwe at the Cats?

I thought WP had gone out and assured him of a spot with them and the Stromers?

This is not the first time I've read this rumour though.

He'll certainly fill a TINY void in our armour......

Provided this is the truth.

it is from the SHARKS website so dont read to much into it yet - no confirmation of this anywhere else.

If the WP put up such a fight for Nokwe halfway through the CC to stop himk going to the Bulls, I can't imagine why they'd let him go at this crucial juncture.

It is excretion.
yup davids,

shocking - you guys can check the link out for yourself but none of the other rugby websites carried a story like this - but what is also worrying hardly any mention is made of nokwe in any stormers article...
Well he's not in the Cats squad that's for sure.

And I would think that given the daring Ludeke's showing with drafting someone like Earl Rose into the squad and then with Ashwin's injury worries, there would be no issue in drafting Jonge straight into the squad.

This is not correct. It can't be.
my feeling too.

if he was there i would spin the pr machine immediately, no use keeping it under wraps.

he would have played saturday or if he was injured be mentioned on the same list as pretoors and the rest.

sharks webmaster, or whoever did this piece, like their team and management are smoking his socks again.
You are probably right,i just got a moerse fright.DavidS,Newlands did go out of there way to secure Nokwe,you are right.  
Thank you for this article Ras. I can confirm that our visitors to the site increased drastically yesterday and our page views increased with about 300% from our previous best day. Our visitors are from all over the world and, Ras, you might be interested in the fact that we today already had a lot of visitors from the USA and Austria is still featuring high on the rankings. :)

Methos, I saw your comment on the spears thread and Thanks. We are looking into getting the new software up as soon as possible. The recipes and some other nice-to-haves will be added to this site (Rugga World will be the main site) with a link to (which will only accommodate the software for the weekly selections) for all you guys to be able to select your Springbok side on a weekly basis. The weekly analysis of the side will then appear on this site (Rugga World). Please hang in there and hopefully the new software will be up and running soon. i for one can't wait.
Wow, this site has come a long way in just a month and a half. Remember the 5th of December? "This site is created so that we can stil chat while Keo is off." Or something like that, now this site is becoming a major fan site. Job well done, so when can I expect royalties for all the hard work I did, like forcing myself to come to this crap site everyday?;)  
Heheheh Aldo!

Please spread the word about this crappy site ;-)
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