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Saturday, January 28, 2006


General Discussions: Springbok arrested


Johannesburg - Golden Lions and Springbok rugby player Andre Pretorius was arrested and charged with drunken driving on Saturday.

Pretorius was behind the wheel when his car collided with another vehicle on the Main Road in Bryanston, Johannesburg, after 1am.

Pretorius, 27, was arrested and charged, as was the other driver.

Police spokesperson Captain Schalk Bornman said the two men were taken to Randburg police station and later released on R500 bail each.

He added that both drivers have been booked for drunken driving and will appear in the Randburg magistrate court on Monday.

Bornman said it was likely their cases would be postponed pending the finalisation and receipt of blood tests taken after the accident.

No sympathy if he's guilty.
Put him on the life skills course that Gibbs was forced to attend.
And high jumper Jaco Freitag is in trouble after seriously kicking a youngster in a brawl.
Yip, our role models!  
Just goes to show, we should be circumspect when casting stones at other nations.  

bothing wrong with a guy having a good time, but this is silly - they should also realise that because of their status, they must take even greater care.

social responsibility course - community workshops / 100 hours sentence to go work at schools, old age homes & hospitals especially with people involved in car accidents and a huge fine.
Kandas, I think that it is a problem that we consider sportsmen/athletes as role models. After all, they are just people with a high level of talent in a particular sport. I believe that a role model is someone that has done something positive for the world, country or people/a person. I happen to be very talented in my chosen profession, but I would never expect to be considered a role model because of this, and the same should go for athletes. I think we really need to get away from placing these athletes on such pedestals, making them role models. In many cases they are really just young men with a maturity level commensurate (sp?) with their age. If one must pick an athlete as a role model, I believe one should pick someone that has done more than just play the game very well.

If guilty he must face the consequences, however, I can assure you that my children, while enjoying and participating in sport, will not consider athletes as role models. It is sad, if true, to see someone with such obvious talent, willing to possibly throw it away for a good night out. Then again, AP should not be treated any different than the other driver since they were both apparently drinking. Well at least consider this, the problem in SA with our athletes is nothing like the problem they are having in the US with the "gangsta" mentality of so many of their professional athletes.
Keo is reporting that Andre strongly denies being at the wheel.

He says he is being set up.

Hope thats true.
British police have strategies for dealing with drivers who are drunk or high on drugs. Now they face a new peril - the Red Bull driver.

Following a spate of cases involving erratic and dangerous driving by motorists who have downed too much caffeine, road groups last week issued a warning to drivers on the dangers of excess Red Bull consumption.

Andrew Howard, head of road safety for the AA Motoring Trust, said: "The message is that if you take anything as a stimulant, be it caffeine or herbal medicines, then you have got to be aware that they ultimately have an effect on you and the way you drive.

'If taken to excess, like many other drugs, it can have strange effects on people'

"Caffeine in sensible qualities can help drivers stay alert, but if taken to excess, like many other drugs, it can have strange effects on people."
Oh great

If it's not enough that he gets injured and out the Cats team, now he's also DUI.

Brilliant and superb.
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