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Monday, January 09, 2006


General Discussions: Rugby 'Shorts'

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Border Rugby Union

What do you do when all about you is trouble and strife? When the worries of the world are bearing down on your shoulders?

Well, the Border Rugby Union have come up with a novel solution.

Go to their website at to look up some news on them...

...and you'll be met with the incredibly cheerful headline...


Good on you, Border, it's important to retain a sense of humour.

Wallabies to train Eagles

Former Australian rugby union international props Fletcher Dyson and Nick Stiles will take part in a three-day camp for US players.

They will be joined by University of Queensland Rugby Academy director Nick Leah, a former manager of the academy for the ACT Brumbies as they work with more than 70 US players, including the US Army team.

Quote of the day

"We're confident Seven will continue to support rugby as they have done."

ARU chief executive GARY FLOWERS expressing concern about how rugby will be treated by Seven now that the AFL has emerged as its footballing priority.

Rugby Translations

Ever struggled to find that Afrikaans word for a rugby play? Struggle no more, simply visit and enter English in the one box and Afrikaans in the other.


Quote of the week

"It seems every time you guys and sports scientists write or talk about there being too much rugby, the officials come along and add on a few games to make the schedule even more formidable."

A former Springbok who bumped into Gavin Rich in a supermarket

Joke of the week

The All Blacks were playing England, and after the half-time whistle blew they found themselves ahead 50-0, Jonah Lomu getting eight tries. The rest of the team decided to head for the pub instead of playing the second half, leaving Jonah to go out on his own.

"No worries," Jonah told them, "I'll join you later and tell you what happened. "After the game Jonah headed for the pub where he told his team mates the final score - 95-3.

"What!!!!", said a furious Josh Kronfeld, "How did you let them get three points? "Jonah replied apologetically, "I was sent off with 20 minutes to go."

Hahahah Ras

Even funnier

Wallaby props off to teach the Americans how to scrum!!!!

That's the best joke of the lot!!!!

Like having Chinese teach business ethics. Or apartheid security polioce teaching suspect interview techniques. Or Poms teaching people how to tan in the sun. Or Americans teaching humility....
... or the Cats performing as good on the field as they do on paper, or the stormers scrum being respected, or the Bulls losing in the CC final at Loftus against the Cheetahs nogal! Oh, shit, that's happened allready, scrap that last comparison.  
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