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Thursday, January 26, 2006


General discussions: Rugby fitness in the professional era

Source: Health24
Compiled by Professor Y. Coopoo, University of Durban Westville, Medical Committee SARFU.

The face of rugby has changed. What should the skills and abilities of a perfect player be?
They are professional, earning thousands per month. They’re idols and sometimes even icons. If they keep on winning.

They’re earning huge incomes playing the game they love, but the game is very competitive, and their period of fame limited and insecure. They must be in the best physical condition possible to coin in as long as they are able. They are professional rugby players.

The face of rugby has changed. The modern game of rugby requires more skilful utility players with extremely high levels of all around fitness, yet requiring specific fitness for specialist positions, writes Professor Yogo Coopoo, head of the Sport Science, University of Durban Westville and member of the Medical Committee of SARFU.

No more overweight forwards

Long gone are the days of overweight, fat forwards. They must be mobile and agile, but strong. The backs must be stronger to tackle well, must survive the more physical game better and must be able to stay on their feet.

The rules of the game have changed, the players are more professional, and there is a greater risk for overuse injuries and staleness, writes Prof Coopoo. The rule changes have resulted in a more flowing game, which results in longer periods of play without stoppages.

Changes to the rules have lead to:

• More ball in play during the game – fewer scrums and lineouts.
• More power play required in rucks and mauls.
• Play is at a higher work intensity – almost throughout the game.
• Players' anthropometric profiles have changed because of the changing demands of the game. More imploding forwards and backs are required – players with more muscle than fat.

The level of professionalism has changed and has lead to:

• Most national rugby players are full-time professionals.
• More time for players to get fit and skilfull.
• However, fine balance between optimal performance and overtraining.

The greater risk for overuse injuries and staleness, may lead to:

• A greater reliance on the advice and wisdom of the medical team.
• For game preparation a team approach is required in the modern game – expertise from various professionals is required.

The fitness requirements and match demands

The fitness requirements and match demands for Forwards and Backs are:

• All round muscular endurance and strength for jumping and lifting in line-out, power loose-play, held positions and pushing in scrums rucks and mauls and for tackling/blocking

• Speed/power to overcome inertia, for short powerful sprints, ability to sustain speed power, jinking movements, fast break-aways and for exploding through a tackle.

• Anaerobic power for the ability to run and play rugby at the highest intensity for short periods of time.

• Aerobic power for the ability to run and play the game at the highest intensity for prolonged periods of time.

• Agility for the ability to suddenly change direction or body position and for good lateral movement

• Flexibility for the ability to move the joint freely through full range of motion, during tackles and unusual body positions in loose rucks,

• Co-ordination: Hand-eye co-ordination in anticipation of interceptions, passes and tackles,

• Balance for maintaining balance after emerging from a tackle, ruck or maul.

Ja, no matter how fit they are - they cannot go on playing 30-40 games year after year. That has nothing to do with fitness.

I can't help but wonder how players like Mof Myburgh would have survived today :-)
Or Flippie van der Merwe, Boertjie....  
Further to what Donner's article espouses, these are the First Three to the Breakdown figures for the AB/Lions 2nd Test.

First 3 to Breakdown

So’oialo 30 (13+17)
Williams 29 (13+16)
Somerville 29 (12+17)
McCaw 26 (8+18)
Mealamu 24 (14+10)
Woodcock 21 (12+9)
Umaga 21 (11+10)
Jack 20 (12+8)
Collins 16 (11+5)
Muliaina 12 (2+10)

As can be seen, a prop got to the breakdown first the third most and another prop got there the 6th most.

A very far cry from the days when a sauntering prop was barely in your peripheral vision on the edge of the TV screen.

The game has changed a lot!!
Sorry, I don't mean first, I mean in the first 3.  
Aye, I was thinking of Flippie too.
Can't remember ever seeing Tommie Laubscher near a ball :-)
I just love the diversity on this site. From stadiums to fitness to pretty girls that cheat. From Greek gods in the NEC to boere in Nam, from vleis in the bush to some poor oke in the UK, from rain in the Free State to drought in Limpopo.

Keep it up chaps, your coverage of sport in general makes for a terrific visit and keeps us all updated
Thanks jj.

You can bet we will try our utmost.
i am with jj here, good work everyone.

on the subject, it really does not need a genius to figure out we are killing our players - why is nothing done???

have we become so money driven that the size of the newscorp deals overshadows the well being of our hero's?

this is not what i call professionalism - i call it selfserving idealism
idealism is too nice a word - more like idiots  
Yes and everytime I talk about revolution


everyone disapears
Point proven

activism calls for less cyber sniping and more walking the talk

It's cos you frighten us with your radical ideas! OO what is your plan. We might just start something.  
Sure aldo

revolution is not for the faint harted- even if it is just to get rid of the Rugby fat cats and to create a better game for all.

It is actually simple- get the RugRatRing up & running- all to actively participate in the Springbok Supporters Club - then when a certain critical mass is reached- influence decision makers with the ideas that has been spoken on this site

It not rocket science- neither is it barricading the street-

it is called participation in democratic processes.

these are the revolt post that the other okes are choosing to ignore, after they had asked me to elaborate ;-)

I think it is save to say that we are living in a democracy and a lot of activities that influences our lives are not run democratically- ea SA Rugby

Even if all of us- likeminded RugRats join clubs in their respective Unions the influence on a 23/2 decision will be nothing.

If Ruggaworld starts a campaign by promoting all to join the said club, block vote in the running of that club will be formed- at some stage critical mass will be reached- if the job is done properly and then some influence can be asseted on decision making structures that is running SA Rugby.

We do not have the money- but we have the clicks that the money wants

Lets go for a cyber revolution

for "a better game for all"

Hey- Che will look good in Orange ;-)

January 24, 2006 12:42 PM

Yip will have to edit the red colour Oranje will work

Lets join the Cyber revolution to rid SARU of all assholes who only think about themselves

Up with the revolution

Viva RugRats

January 24, 2006 12:47 PM

So typical of white saffas

one mention of the word revolution and they all remember 1922

January 24, 2006 1:54 PM

The Miner Strike?

Who mentioned it?

January 24, 2006 2:51 PM


Not the strike itself, but the whities are still scared of the way Smuts ended it.


January 24, 2006 3:52 PM


So that is the background, asked Donner to send you my mail of yesterday- that is if he had not deleted it yet!

We are working on it!!!

Revolution needs planning!

Pack the AK's back in their oil cloths for now!!

We are awaiting a reply on something.

As demanded by the fans for the fans.

The ULTIMATE stakeholders in the game.

Not the administrators, not the sponsors, not the broadcasters, not the middle men, not the wheelers and dealers, not the shadowy murky figures in the background!

Just your ordinary, everday Joe Bloggs committed, passionate rugby fan.

We want it cleaned up. Right NOW!

Starting in February.

A better game for all!!
Just imagine this for a minute.

If we could claw back all the middle-men fees, all the litigation fees, all the 'commissions' paid out by SARU, we'd be the richest union in the world.

Instead we make fat cats fatter.

We make shadowy, annonymous background, conniving figures rich at the expense of passionate South African rugby fans.

A better game for all!!!
okes - what's a RugRat?  

Donner coined the phrase as a description of the people who hang out on the site.

It's stuck.


I like the revolution idea.

So once the revolution succeeds do we put all the fatcat administrators up against a wall with blindfolds and cigarettes?

I like that idea. I like it a lot.

Viva la revolucion!!!!


Cool - count me in! I love revolutions. OO - you wanna mail me the details, once you have them finalised?  

I like the idea OO. Sounds a bit serious, but what the hell. Where do I sign up? Must I bring my own burning tires, or will they be provided? Any gun do, or must it be AK's. I can just imagine it, a bunch of bloggers blocking streets and shooting BvR with ak's ! Okay that was a joke, but seriously, I like the Idea. Donner, please send me that email if you still have it.
No DavidS

This is a cyber revolution- we name & shame them

according to our constitution

Lets do it according to the South African law

Having virtual AK's is good- but if it is virtual why not a battery of KUTZUYAZ's

Let us put all the good things that was posted here since late November into practise

Mobilise the fans- all of them





Yes I am sure you are working on - that is why you are posting as anon

I chaalenge you to mail me

I will not disclose your identity does not count


MArket the idea of RugRats

Get as many SA RUGBY fans- real ordinary people like us Vleis , leekkading WPW to sign up as this revolution is not about the colour thing is SA rugby.

Use Ruggaworld to grow the RugRatRing, then decide on targets to achieve- onviously no-one is going to lift a gun, it is about organising likeminded opinion against the nepotism and patheticness that rulls our rugby, not only at SARU but also at your union.

Other steps to be identified.
sweet - I can circulate pamphlets at the touch game  
Here we go again - what is it with the SA rugby fans - how the devil can you possible say who should be the first to the breakdowns.

The first three to the breakdowns are obviously the nearest three. The could all be forwards or all backs depending on where the breakdown occured. In almost every case the first three contain a mixture of backs and forwards.

And then you have the fly boys (like Chris Jack) who very seldom make the effort to get there first.

Now days, rugby more than ever is a 15 man game, and closest/fastest get first use of the break-down ball,

Tell them Patrick, tell them!  
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