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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


General Discussions: Pretorius says his girlfriend drove

By: Liesl Pretorius
Source: Beeld

Johannesburg - André Pretorius, Springbok flyhalf of the Golden Lions and the Cats, claims his "completely sober" girlfriend was driving when they were involved in a collision in Johannesburg on Saturday morning.

Also, an officer apparently said at the accident in Bryanston that Pretorius should not think he could get away with something like this because he was a Springbok.

Pretorius described this and the night he spent in a police cell as a "nightmare".

Pretorius and Victor Macon, 32, who was driving the other car, appeared in Randburg district court on Monday on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Asked about an allegation on former Springbok spokesperson Mark Keohane's website that Pretorius said he was being framed, the Springbok said he never said he was "framed", as had been alleged.

"I can't say anything further."

Worried about press cameras

Pretorius, dressed in a light suit and dark-blue shirt, stood in the dock during his court appearance with his hands clasped in front of him.

He and his entourage, including his attorney Carol van Molendorff, laughed and chatted in front of the senior prosecutor's office before Pretorius appeared in court.

The only sign of stress Pretorius showed was when he told Beeld to keep "the cameras" away.

Pretorius dodged press photographers and TV cameras by presumably using an alternative entrance.

Beeld's attempts to get comments from court officials about this apparently preferential treatment were unsuccessful.

Police spokesperson Captain Schalk Bornman said the police would not comment about allegations against its members.

He said the court case had been postponed because the results of blood tests on Pretorius and Macon were not available yet.

WPW was the driver!  
Pistorius was pissed. Now he's looking for excuses, cause you can't play for the boks if your sitting in jail. SHAME.  
I bet you that "officer" is a Bulls Supporter  
Hey, i only drive fast powerful cars. that is why i have a 1.3L Tazz. LOL  
Yeah Province, it couldn't have been Wes. He would've bribed the fine officer of the law and then gotten away with it. He would've also stolen the low profiles on the other guy's car!  
The courts often used to give high profile okes preferential treatment to help them didge the media.

I used that quite successfully at the Katlehong Six case I tried. You need to dodge the media because they tend to ask the most inanely stupid questions.

They also swamp you when you try to get out or into court.

The courts don't give preferential treatment to help just the accused. It aslo helps them administer their building properly. I remember in my artcles years when Winnie and Nelson were hanging dirty washing in the Joburg High Court. Every day a contingent of ANCWL would protest outside court in support of Winnie, so both she and Nelson were given secret entranceways to escape the media and ANCWL in front.

Nothing weird about it.


I'm getting into the Aldo thing now too and teasing you!

What do you call a coloured in a suit

The Accused
Ok, so its like that ne?

Cool. i fought you were's my fren's!!!
I hope he's telling the truth he seems like a good oke, i have seen him torn at Billys in Fourways before but he seems to be a responsable partier. Unlike myself and many of you buggers!  
Billy, love it!!

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