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Thursday, January 26, 2006


General Discussions: Newlands Stadium Upgrades

The historic Newlands Rugby Stadium is currently in the throws of a major redevelopment and upgrade.

Projects currently underway include:

The construction of a 3 story office block on top of the parking garage situated at the North West corner of the ground.

The office block is being built by RMB Properties and will house the staff of WP Rugby as well as tenants. The project is due for completion in July 2006.

All media will now be accommodated on match days in the media suite on the Railway Stand. A new facility for the many photographers that attend matches is being constructed in the South East corner of the ground. This is due for completion before 18 February 2006.

Ever since the first matches played here in 1890, Newlands has become one of the world's most recognized and respected rugby stadiums. The second oldest test venue in the world, Newlands is now a modern 49 613 capacity stadium and has witnessed countless dramatic international and provincial matches through the ages. Who will ever forget the opening match of the 1995 World Cup and the Springboks' win against the defending champions, Australia?

Both home and visiting team change rooms have been upgraded to provide more appropriate venues for the players. The in-stadium medical facility utilised on match day is in the process of being moved and upgraded.

In line with FIFA requirements for Soccer World Cup 2010, but furthermore to improve safety and security issues at the ground, the main Grand Stand standing room area is being converted to public seating. Pricing for these seats will be below stand seating in the stadium, so as not to disadvantage the spectators that have traditionally made use of this facility.

Capacity in the previously ‘Grand Stand standing room area’ will however decrease from 3800 to 2812, making the total capacity of Newlands Rugby Stadium 49613.

Standing room in the Danie Craven stand at the South end of the ground will be retained for the time being, given that the entrances and exits servicing this area are well within current safety parameters. Project completion is scheduled for the end of April 2006.

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Ahhhh, I just had to come back and take another look.  
Forgive me if I have a tear in my eye at seeing the world's most beautiful stadium in the world's most beautiful city.


Poor Cats fans, having to put up with Ellis Park and Joeys. can almost see our house from there.

Anyway....back to business.

Too bad they can't renovate the light 5 as well.
lol @ StP

I was wondering when the snide remark about their team would come....

Funny that the Warratahs managed to beat the Bulls with a similar light five in the S14 semis last year.....

Maybe the Breezes are just not doing it right.


Nothing beats driving into Jozi through Kensington early in the morning and late in the afternoon on Robertson Avenue.

Nothing beats watching the city from the East Rand and watching the storm clouds gather for a summer thunderstorm.

Nothing beats the clean feel of the air after a summer storm in Jozi

Nothing beats the smell of the air before thunderstorm in Jozi.

Ah forget it.

I'll never convince you.

You have to have lived here to appreciate this place.

I love it.
Ja DavidS
I know people who also love cooked cabbage, broccoli and radish. Not too mention tripe.
Thanks for the pic, Ras!
Ah DavidS
Just the man, possibly you could provide me with some insight.

Some okes want me to come work in Sandton.

I'm getting ready to flip them the bird....should I consider it?
ST Pete

Well, not being a Sandton dweller myself and obviously never been to St. Petersburg- just my take from the Oranje Outback

If you can get your finger from frozen mode to flick the bird, dont

As Mike Lawrence on always says- follow the money

What DavidS did not say about Jozi is obvious it is where the money is

So its also next door to Roftus.

Why a SACS olde boy would be a Bulls fan I still dont know- but my unwarranted advice

Come home - make some good ZAR as it will be soon at 4 ZAR to the Greenback- and you might just experience a Bulls dominated final at home

Anyway- enjoy the decision- and brush up on the Afrikaans- even if it is just to swear at the kitchen staff

and enjoy a virtual potjie at Brannasnacht tonight
When the ZAR hits 4 to the greenback it won't just be South Africans flooding home, but loads expatriat Europeans looking for postings as well.

Possibly someone can provide insight withregards to expected above average salary ranges, tax rates, accomodation,etc,etc....
Post comments to my email address.....if you don't have it by now- too bad.

Shit I amlost forgot it was my Afrikaaner brethern gathering tonight.

I might just show up to chirp all you sad okes.
Thanks St Pete

It might just brighten our sad existence

Havent you got a night life on Thursday nights :-)

I know now you are quite busy on Friday nights

I dunno StPetersburg, Bali, Shangai, Beijing etc.

In Sandton the only issue you have is the hardcore traffic.

Sure the bucks is there, but so's the traffic. Place is growing like an f---ing bamboo shoot.

There's building all the time. Where's the offer? The Hyatt or the other one?

Doesn't matter. You won't need to brush up the Afrikaans. I think they ONLY have international guests there. All the overseas rugby teams touring SA stay in the two hotels in Sandton - remember the same one where Suzie poisoned the Kiwis....hey....just a minute there...maybe, just would be a very good idea for our rugby if you took the job.

Salary rates: Sandton is the area in SA that offers the highest salaries in SA and Africa. In your field? Dunno. I have a buddy who's head chef at some classy game reserve in the Eastern Cape.I'll ask him and let you know tomorrow.

Accomodation: Very good in the area, but the problem is that it's breathtakingly expensive. In case you're following property prices in SA They've shot through the roof everywhere in the past six or so years, like rises of 47% in 2004!!!!!

Tax: Mail me. I need to know the package they're offereing, although SARS have spent the past two years closing loopholes in the salary taxing system.


I thought spending tome with the missus would be more important than a chat to some of us sad lonely boere

If I DON'T see a comment on this in the next 15 minutes, you are both on my sh1t list!!!

Us Kaapies have to stick together!!
StP - I'll rent you a lekker 3-bedroom place in charming Sunninghill, if you like...  
HOS HOS die KAAPIES IS LOS!!!chill boety,we are right here!Like the pics Rasputin,ive got an awesome shot to use but i need it to be on a site somewhere,how can i do that?  
CT is the coolest place to live... Is that OK Rasp? lol

Just yesterday i decided to listen to Radio Metro for a change. Just to hear what these Egoli tossers have to say...

They were discussing all the coastal cities like CT, DBN, EL, PE etc. Basically they had opinions on ppl who live in these cities who dont make use of the beaches... Really a bunch of sad

Apparently, PE and East London were the worst...
You okes are all lost. Jozi is the place to be! Viva Egoli, Viva!  
CAPE TYOWN!!!is the spot,we have it all here,the views,the clubs,the honeys,maybe not the money but we do alright!  
Cape Town

Gay City Central. The only place other than Sydney and Amsterdam that markets itself as a gay destination.

Okes ... not to worry though. StP is a capie too.


Are you okes near the northern "development" that Gauteng Govt is planning?

Sunninghill is a cool spot. I actually know a Russian boy from Moscow who lives there.


Highest salary areas in SA

1. Sandton (also highest in the continent)
2. East Rand
3. Pretoria
4. Midrand
5. Slaap Stad

We don't need the mountain.... we don't need the beaches.... we don't need the chicks.....we OWN them already...
Jy soek mos nou @#$ ne? You own us? Nigger please!

As for it being touted as the Gay Capital of the World, it all started with this Sheryl Ozinsky chic if im not mistaken. She was heading up CT Tourism. Only reason was to get all the mof's & dykes over here so they can spend their dosh...
And all sandton and suches moffies and dykes save up all year and then mawl down to CT @ the end of the year.  
Boys boys boys

Look man

It's real easy

You're pretty and we got the cash.

We win every time.

The reason the Jhb moffies and dykes go to CT at Xmas is beacsue

they got the money too that they earned in their high paying Jozi jobs!!!!!!

The only time anything happens is Slaapstad is when the Jozi peeps come down in any case.

Like the Argus and Christmas. Damn if it weren't for 'season' and Jozi cash you okes would be as obscure as Port Nolloth!!!!
You carry on believing that...  
That's the spirit lads!!!  
Not all that close, thankfully!  
A man walks into his bedroom and sees his wife packing a suitcase.
He Asks, "What are you doing?" She answers, "I'm moving to Sydney. I
heard prostitutes there get paid $400 for doing what I do for you for free."

Later that night, on her way out, the wife walks into the bedroom
and sees her husband packing his suitcase.When she asks him where he's going, he replies, "I'm coming too I want to see how you live on $800 a year".

Who's building this stuff at Newlands?

RMB Properties?


Head Office:

Fredman Drive Sandton....

Your Honour

I rest my case!
Yeah, DavidS - and they are but a stone's throw from Investec, another big name in WP rugby!  
Oh and Vodacom

head office Midrand alongside the Ben Schoeman in VODAWORLD

Did I forget to mention the MTN head office is also right next to the N1 at 14th avenue in Fairlands

And not to forget Cel C whom you can see for yourself on Rivonia Road.... in Sandton.
lol rob

I see silence ....
Poors souls, so what if all these corporates are from Egoli. Who gives a damn?

Poor province having problems logging onto the site.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
ja sucks to be me!
Yes,who gives a shyte about the big corporate peadohilecokeheads,come to CT and just spliff!
That's the big bad corporates from Jhb seeing you're mocking them!!!  
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