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Thursday, January 05, 2006


General Discussions: Closed roof stadiums best for rugby, says Marshall

No pushing in scrums? I think Justin has lost the plot! As reported by the NZPA,

Leeds halfback and former All Black Justin Marshall says closed-roof stadiums and no pushing in scrums are changes he would like to see to the game of rugby.

In an interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, Marshall said he thought scrums were too weighted against the lighter or weaker pack.

"You should be able to win your own scrum and create a comfortable platform. The purists in the forwards will be going mad at that, but it is just the way I feel," Marshall said.

"You should be able to win your own scrum and create a comfortable platform. The purists in the forwards will be going mad at that, but it is just the way I feel," Marshall said.

He said his ideal future stadium was the Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

"Covered, unaffected by the weather. That is brilliant. It means you can implement your game plan, and that is how I believe top international sport should be played -- under perfect weather conditions."

Marshall said it was refreshing playing for Leeds and not being in the spotlight as much as in New Zealand where it could be difficult to find any privacy.

"I've managed to get a lot of my independence back. I'm passionate about rugby, but I realise there is not a really long-term future in the game for me. I still enjoy talking about and commentating on the game."

The former apprentice carpenter said there was a different philosophy to rugby in England and a different focus leading into games.

"The expectation in Super 12 is to move and manipulate players and get into space, letting the ball do the work. Here, it is a more physical approach, smashing the ball over the gain line."

Marshall also spoke about his biggest heroes in sport, mentioning Colin Meads, Gareth Edwards, Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen and Michael Jones.
Hows about taking the tackling out of the game?All games can be touch rugby!
i think the grey weather over there is affecting his grey matter...

like my dad used to say, if you dont have anything intelligent to say, keep your damn yapper closed.
The Chinese have a saying that says:

Sometimes it is best to remain silent and let people think you a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Justin has removed all doubt.

He doesn't like contested scrums and he wants closed roof stadiums. And he is renowned for the fact that he absolutely detests South Africa. Wonder if it's related.

I'm otta here.

Deadlines again.

Seesm you boys enjoyed Brannasnacht immensely.

The bandwidth was filled with pheromones though I see.

Would be slightly more appropriate on wickedweazel.
While we're at it, why dont we take scrums out completely, it is after all only there to restart the game, we might as well just have fifteen backline players on the field, we can take away the offside rule as well, and we can let a conversion count 20 point.  
This is gonna end up being insane.
By the way,Good Morning Gentlemen.
When he says "teams should be able to win their own scrums"

does he also mean that scrumhalfs also should not be put under pressure by opposing scrumhalves when trying to clear scrums?
Yes St. Pete and you shouldn't be allowed to compete on the opponents throw in to the lineout.  
G'day St. Petersberg Bok,

Marshall has just shown what most us knew - that is, riding behind a dominant Canty pack is quite easy. However, it's not that easy riding behing a losing pack - Marshall should thank his lucky stars that he had a dream run for most of his career.

I agree with him about having roofs over Stadiums. In SA you seem to get you best weather in the winter, whereas in NZ we get the worst weather in winter. There is a helluva lot of value in having a closed roof stadium. For example the vendor can sell ticketes in advance because the fans know the weather wont affect either the game of the fans watching it. People wont book in advance in an open Stadium in NZ any more - it affects all the big misucian gigs in a similar way and ithey don't loke doing tours in NZ because they can easily have their profits rained out,


You don't reckon that Kiwis being used to inclement werather and being such fanatical rugby fans wouldn't care about the weather over a stadium?

What about the Kiwis contracting the Millenium Stadium syndrome about will it or won't it be open debate before4 a match?

I can understand why Kiwis would see a closed stadium as a good idea for concerts and cricket or the like but surely rugby can't be that badly affected by inclement weather. I'd think that a Bok/NZ clash in a tight 3N would still be a sell-out no matter what the weather.

BTW, how about giving us some news and views on where you think the Kiwi S14 yeams are going in this competition, aside from Canterbury being in the final again....
G'day DavidS,

In common sense terms most NZers still think of days 50 years ago, when money was very tight. Like many other places in the world we tend to go for pure basics rather than the real thingo - hence Stadia with very little protection for the fans regarding weather etc..

The last Stadium to be built in NZ was our own North Harbour Stadium which has a capacity of about 26,000 fans. Just typically, we built one side of the Stadium with an excellent (SA type) stand seating 19,000 fans in comfort and out of the weather. The ground ends were left bare grass, and the "open" side with 7,000 good terraced seats but no cover above them whatever.

When it comes to game time, we can fill the 19,000 side very well, but if there is a hint of rain the open side (7,000 capacity)has only a few hardly souls sitting there praying it wont rain.

Unfortunately this 7,000 is the case of making a profit on the night, or reaching a break-even stance, with only the covered side full. In practice it would probably cost up to $NZ1 MILLION to put up a reasonable roof but the pig-headed City Councillors wont approve one more cent going into the venue. This is typical NZ thinking !

You are quite correct in saying that a "big" match like the Boks/NZ would fill the Stadium. but one game doesn't make a profitable winter. Like the rest of the developed world our population wants to watch their favourite sport in comfort, without the risk of rain etc to spoil the night/day out. We really do need a covered Stadium to entice overseas promoters to come here and be sure of making a profit. My older son is the CEO of the largest Entertainment Venue/s in the country so my comments are well sourced.

I don't think we would be grosse enough to tinker with the opening/closing of the roof - the NZ fans would see to that, because being a very small country we are conscious of getting/giving a square deal - I'm sure the Fans would see to that. In any case I'm sure the NZRU would have a definite policy that the Venue would need to toe the line to. The NZRU selects the grounds for all games, so the locals need to toe the line or they are out - Carisbrook in Dunedin is a good case in point.

Regarding news, there is none ! All the Super 14 sides are keeping everything close to their chests and not a thing of note has been commented on yet.

My first Newsletter of 2006 will go to air on the Friday before the first Super 14 game of the season - it already contains a juicy bit about this website !!!!!!

However I will make the prediction that the Crusaders will not win the S14 comp next year - their vein of gold has just about worn out, and the others have caught up with their "best commercial practice" etc..


good argument RE the stadia, especially in NZ where the bigger games has to be played at night because of time differences.

you and i share the same view on the crusaders, on the Cheetahs thread i mentioned that they will in all probability make the last 4, but they wont win it, another NZ team will though...

oh yes and for the first time in history i believe the Aussies are going to scrape the bottom of the Super 14 barrel, and its not going to be the Western Force.
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