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Thursday, January 19, 2006


General discussions: Anton Rupert passed away


Dr Anton Rupert, undoubtedly South Africa's most successful entrepreneur and one of the greatest businessmen the country has produced, has died.

He was 89 years old.

His wife, Huberte, died just over two months ago after a long struggle against cancer.

His death follows shortly after the release of his biography, written by former editor of Die Burger Ebbe Dommisse and Willie Esterhuyse.

A spokesperson for the Ruperts confirmed on Thursday that he died peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday night.

The Rupert business empire includes Richemont, which sports luxury names Cartier, Mont Blanc, Rothmans and Dunhill, and stakes in Distell, British American Tobacco, FirstRand, Absa, TransHex, Unilever, Nampak, TotalSA, Rainbow Chicken and Medi-Clinic through Remgro.

The Ruperts also hold stakes in and Vodacom through soon-to-be sold VenFin.

According to his biography, Rupert's business career spanned over sixty years. He started global empire with a personal investment of just £10 in 1941 and climbed the rich ladder to the Forbes list of 500 wealthiest families worldwide.

His assets are currently estimated at $1.7bn.

Anton Rupert was born in Graaf Reinet on 4 October 1916. Our most sincere condolences goes out to his family and friends. May you find peace in the knowledge that he has played a significant role in making our country what it is today. Thank you Dr Anton Rupert.

Dr. Rupert

You've done your job. RIP.
Rags to riches fairy tale played out in real life. All the accolades he has received during his lifetime were well deserved.
An honest and sincere man who did more good than anyone realizes.
Dr. Rupert,

An absolute gentleman his whole life. I remember him going on walks with his wife every afternoon in Stellenbosch. My deepest respects.
This is an extract from a review of his autobiography.

"Unlike the Oppenheimers, who not only inherited most of their wealth, but had made it from the country's rich mineral resources, Rupert started his global empire with a personal investment of just £10 (okay, it was 1941), and his family now sits on the Forbes list of 500 wealthiest worldwide, with estimated assets of $1.7-billion."

Forget about the monetary values, but this is evidence of true dedication. Not only for his own enrichment, but for every person who knew or worked for one of the companies. It must be great when at that age, to think back and realise how many peoples' lives you have touched.

My condolences to all that was involved in his life- yip he had an immense impact on the South africa that we are living in.

He surely had used his opportunity of life

That is something that must be celebrated- not mourned

I think the Irish have got that one right- the Wake
Same here.

I was shocked when I heard this on the radio.

They spoke to long time friend Brand Fourie, who said that Rupert was a deeply devoted family man and when his wife died last year, he just started to go backwards.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends..

I will quote a famous Afrikaans saying:

One of the big trees in our garden has been cut down.

RIP South African.
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