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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Brannasnacht: Origin of Klipdrift

Yip, you guessed it. It is time for Brannasnacht again. Tonight is going to be a theme less one. It seems some people get so confoesed they don’t want to post and certain others just go to the bathroom and never return. Anyway, remember your favourite beverage whilst we enjoy each others company.

I heard a rumour that StPetersburgBok will be giving us one of his world famous recipes. Oh and by the way Reinhardt, I am trying to get Sparletta to sponsor you.

Please refrain from any cat fighting (we prefer to see that live in a mud pit) and flirting (we prefer not to be involved). Enjoy reading the rest of the article.

Photo: Major Marais aka “Oom Kosie”

The dream of a new cellar started in 1994 when the Louw family bought the farm Klipdrif. Unlike the majority of the wine farms in the Robertson Valley, which had been passed on from generation to generation in the same family, this portion of the Klipdrif farm had been owned by at least four different families before 1995.

A previous owner, Major Jacobus Petrus Marais, also known as "Oom Kosie", started the cultivation of grapes on this farm and built one of the first cellars in the Robertson valley. His Southern Liquor Company developed the now famous Klipdrift Brandy and also used the Klipdrift brandy as a base for a variety of liqueurs. He was buried in a favourite spot of his, a hill from where he used to look out over his lands. Unfortunately the farm was sold a few years after his death and the Klipdrift brand sold to Distell.

With the spirit of one of the oldest cellars in the Robertson Valley still being the source of many stories and memories it was inevitable that the revival of the cellar was contemplated by the new owners. The architect was instructed to incorporate the old cellar in his designs for a modern cellar complex in which the grapes and wine would be handled as naturally and as little as possible. Winemaker and shareholder Alkie van der Merwe was given a free hand for producing the best wines possible.

Oom Kosie or Major Marais was commemorated in the name Major's Hill Winery.
The spirit of the old cellar can now dwell peacefully in every bottle of wine made with utmost care and devotion.

Majors Hill is situated in the Robertson Valley. For more information on them please visit You can also visit for information on other wine and brandy producers in the area. Please remember to drink responsibly and only when you are older than 18.

Till tonight then.
alkie van der merwe????

surely you are joking donner??????
INSANE!!!!Alkie van der Merwe!Classic,enjoy the evening gentlemen,ill be with you in "spirit"
The Galaxy beckons
No flirting.


Perhaps I shouldn't come then.
Bring it on, Blondie!

Let's see who you really are... :)
Is this a closed group or may I join.  
El Torros

You are most welcome!

Especially if you can help me find out exactly who Blondie is. :)
If I look at the times of postings, it seems that everybody is having chow now.

I am fairly new to this blogging activity, it seems like you guys all know each other. Are you all current players, or what?
Okay my Afrikaaner fiends.
Here is a recipe to get you into your kids good books.

It is easy enough for the brain dead to try and unusual and tricky enough to keep the smart asses in check.

"Beetroot pate de fruits"

1 litre raw beetroot juice
100g castor sugar
28g pectin
1kg Billingtons castor sugar
227g glucose
40g tartaric acid(mixed with 10ml of water to dissolve)

You will need a tray measuring 290mmx490mmx30mm deep lined with greeseproof paper.

Put beetroot juice in a pan on the stove.Mix thoroughly the castor sugar and the pectin.Add this mix to the beetroot juice, while whisking constantly.Add the glucose.Cook until the temperature reaches 108C exactly.If it is less then the mixture will not gel,and if it is higher than this it will set like a brick.When it reaches 108C, add the tartaric acid while still whisking. Pour into your pre-lined tray.Leave to cool and set.When set,cut into strips and roll in golden castor suger.
what is pectin?  
It's a thickening agent of sorts that sets when cooked long enough.Normally used in jams,jellies,compotes.  

To keep the kids happy try this one.

Ice Cream

500ml cream
405 ml condensed milk
5 ml Vanilla essence
2 tablespoons strawberry jam
fresh strawberries

Whip cream until it starts to thicken in gentle waves. Add condensed milk, jam and vanilla essence and whip to mix
Put in bowl and freeze for 3 hours.

Take out and with food processor break the ice crystals. Scoop have of it into another bowl. Add sliced strawberries and stri with spoon to mix. Freeze again and dish up.

I have tried this and it is very sweet. To counter add another 500ml of cream.

Oh yes, if you double up on the cream, be sure to double up on the strawberry jam and fresh strawberries  
Pectin is apparently something used as a replacement of Viagra in sub-economic areas. They dispense it in all state hospitals south of the Hex River.

Tuisgemaakte Sitrupektien

250g wit skil van lemoen, suurlemoen of poelo
3e suurlemoensap
6k water

Skil of rasper die geel skil van die vragte af
Skil dan die wit skil af en maal dit of kap in klein stikkies
Voeg die suurlemoensap en water by en laat oornag staan
Verhit die mengsel tot kookpunt en laat weer tot die volgende dag staan
Verhit die mengsel tot kookpunt en laat weer tot die volgende dag staan
Kook mengsel 15 tot 20 min lank en syg deur 'n klam doek
As die vloeistof meer as 2k is nadat dit deurgesyg is damp dit in deur dit vinnig te koot tot sowat 2k oorbly
Giet die kokende pektien in gesteriliseerde flesse en verseël onmiddellik

Just keep the flirting above the belt. Topless is fine, but we definately don't want ot hear about the differant kind of lap dances you can give.
Brannasnacht officially open.  
Hoezit All

What happened to Blondie? Did she change into something more comfortable and less resticting?

Seems OO is planning his revolution,
Kandas has gone to the toilet,
PissAnt is wiping up water (wink wink),
and Ras is well...., whatever Ras does.
Ja, Ras must be busy Rasseling, whatever that is.
I think Kandas has gone to bed early - much more comfortable than falling asleep in front of the PC. Less aches when you wakes.
Lekker slaap, Kandas!
Howzit all  
So how do you sqeeze a whole liter of juice from raw beetroot?  
OO must be Orossing the little ones.
Hell of a fire on Table Mountain, huh? Seems to be burning right up Plattekloof Gorge to the very top.
Hey Zogman!
Where you from?

Greetings from the West Coast of Namibia (aka Walvis), although I am from Bloem originally

Ja according to News24 they caught the guy whoo started it. Apparently 4 houses allready destroyed and the guys in Tamboerskloof adn Fresnaye are ordered to evacuate.

They should castrate the bastard.

Are you still in the profession or working in the private sector.
Ok for tonight anything that goes wrong is KPRF.  
Welcome Zogman,

Pity your not in Windhoek. Then at least you could go and wake up PissAnt and Heksie.
Welcome Zog - nice to jopin us. Still a bit quiet with a few regulars missing.

Jip, arrested hiker in early 30's who seems to be a foreigner. Was in a group bottom of the Gorge.
One woman 65 died in fire - walking with her daughter.
Some pics on News24.
Geez I like talking to myself. At least it is intelligent conversation.  
You should be asking Zog the four entry questions.
What is Tafeltjie up to tonight?
Zog, feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself.
Hoesit julle Bliksems!!!!!

Howzit you arseholes!!!!!


Ja the four constitutional question are as follow:

1. What is your shoe size?
2. When last did you have an orgasm?
3. When was the last time your wife was present when you had one.
4. How many children do you have, including those your wife doesn't know about.
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're
going to feel all day. "
~Frank Sinatra

WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may create the illusion that you are tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than most people.
We are onto the Robertson Valley tonight. Again. Cant help they sponsor me!!!

Ruby Cabernet. Lekker!

Where's Blondie???
Seems PissAnt thought that pectin is to peck someone ten times. Well he is still young, shouldn't take too long.  
ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Will your heart handle it?
Kandas praat in sy slaap met ons!
Daai stats lyk goed - solank dit klim!

Ready to handle ANYTHING.

Question is. Will she handle it?
Hallooooooooooo ????  
Just depends Tafeltjie...

You up to it...?

To whom are you referring???

Hallo All
Lyk my dis almal se af aand.
Nag, lekker slaap.

Jy bly net hier!
To the 4 questions:

1. Shoe size 12
2. Recently
3. Also recently
4. We have one son of 20 months
See Tafeltjie

I answer you before you ask... :)
Thanks Zogman,

Can we confirm with her? :-)

Just joking. Glad to see you have an internet connection, atleast PissANt won't be able to use that as excuse.


Ons gaat nou aan die gang kom.

Ek is versigtig vir velde.

Die res kan maar kom. :)

Bly om te hoor dit was nie jy wat die veld weer aan die brand gesteek het hier in die Kaap nie.
Boertjie ?????  

I am not the one who needs to get it up
Nou net in die straat afgestap.
Te veel rook, kan nie berg se buitelyn sien nie.
Vlaeberg se kruin is afge-ets deur die vlamme.

Waar is jou Blondie???

regarding PA perhaps Namibia is more third world that SA at times

Al wat ek sien is rook.
What's the story of the fires, Boertjie. Donner?  
How does one get a picture next to your post around here?  
Again there is life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We resurrected another one.
Hel Kandas,

Daai rooiwyn maak jou vinnig.
Evening all  

We are down from KPRF to just PF.

The rest is open forum except for some fucker who lit a fire against Table Mountain and it seems a few people are going to be without homes tonight.

Lots of catching up to do!!!

Bear in mind that your 21h00 is my 19h00 and I have Rasputian things to do!

Apologies for the late entry.

I got a glimpse of the Mad Russian Chef on the way in plus many very welcome newcomers!!!

Blondie here?
So, what's the current subject?  

I make a killer Thai Chicken!

StP (Russian Chef) se moer!

PissAnt is AWOL. The rest is here with two new memebers who is very quiet at the mo. OO usually only join after ten.
Ras it seems your PC is about two minutes before ours. I answer all your questions before you ask them.  
Iemand moet vir Zog antwoord oor die sneppie.
Kandas - glip gou News24 toe vir die vuur. Massief.
Man, if there is a PC slower than mine out there I want to meet it!!!

Forgive the temerity but to save me trawling back through all the messages, could anyone who is in just say a quick hi!!!

why does it seem as all is quiet here?  
Hi Ras  
Silence before the storm...  
Nope Ras.
I think Kandas has scared Blondie away.

We are here. Just needs to refresh quite often.
Evening Tafeltjie, Donner, Boertjie, Kandas and our new Brannasnachters!!!

I will catch up, promise!!

I made killer food tonight as well. Bugger this for a lark, I'm off to St Petersburg to boss staff around, meet celebrities and pretend I can cook!

Check out my pic.
Isn't it coincidence that Blondie, PissAnt and Heksie is not here???  

Ja it seems they realised he can't cook. Now he wants to go to Sandton thinking the standards are lower. He obviously s thinking Sandton is in Pretoria.
It sounds just like a Scot to pronounce Plettenberg Bay as Plettenburg Bay.  
hello bliksems!!!!

luister, ek moet boot opblaas, want dit storm kak hier, en nee donner, ek vee nie meer water op nie.


blondie moet haar skool uniform gaan struik, dis hoekom sy nie op is nie!!!

Hi everyone.  
Ja, Donner, I've heard about these expat 'chefs' in Russia!  
o yes and the internet connection is working - tx to my passed out wife (too much wiping) ntx  
Hey Blondie!!!

Great you could make it, I think Kandas is here!!
Vertel van die storm? Wolkbreuk?
Am I too late?

Is that tafelburg guy here tonight?

Not sure I like him much.
and i have nothing to do with this blondie coming up now as well, my heks sal my bliksem  
Hi rasputin

Is that Rob guy here tonight?
Tafelberg is a lady.
You must be referring to Kandas.
Very good looking, rich, high libido. The sought after type.

nie veel storm nog nie, maar dit bliksem baie, storm kom nou weer
Heading for the bomb shelter!!!  
ja blondie,

go wickipedia knadas, check the result.....scary shit
And the Ant is mad. Or is that crazy.  
Nagse PA

G'n wonder dit is so warm by die see nie. Dis altyd so as die binneland reen kry.
So, no DavidS!!!


It's a DF!!!!

I'm not at school, I'm 24

but thanks for reminding me of my age :-(((
now where is knadas and donner anycase, donner specifically, donner for giving me so much shit in my absence  

It just look that way because you are blond.

BTW can you sing?
Why are the messages all in the wrong place?

I don't understand
DavidS has no connection at home.
TF (Telkom Fault) and they won't admit. Some R1500 involved I believe.
being in school has got nothing to do with age in some cases...... :)

matric, the best 5 years of my life

So you are telling me that Blondie could still be in standard TWO
Donner, loved the kids recipe at the start!!! LOL

Though it was good of 'Ferdinand' to give us a recipe.
davids knows jake is on brannasnacht, hence his absence - pissie whimp  
So, Tafelburg, are you married, do you have a wife or girlfriend?  
Hmmm. 24. Model. Plettenberg Bay.
What do you mean about the messages, Blondie? Where do you want them?
Speaking of Tafelberg,

I see that there a major veld fires there.

Why do you want to get together?

As long as you bring your vibrator along.


Poor guy is a nervous wreck.

Kandas went to the bathroom to prepare himself.
hi boertjie, I'm posting messages, trying to keep up, but they are arriving in the wrong place

I think

So, is kandas here tonight?

My friend in George said he's really nice and a very funny guy.

Does he know her?

Has the weather calmed doen yet?

Just shows you, Tafelberg is always hot

i'm really sorry, I think I made you mad

You intimidate me a bit, quite a lot really

I don't have a 'v'..or, I'm not really going to discus that with a guy


It is Tafelberg and Plettenberg Bay. Is the scottish lingo intervering here?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
hehehe donner.

blondie knadas is funny - just ask him about K-effing
Eish, glad I pulled in here tonight!!!

So, where IS the Oudsthoorn Lothario???

Blondie, that's Kandas to you.

Can't you read!!!!!!!!

I am a women, no man
weather has been okay here, bit cloudy, not too bad

I'm off to CT on Saturday, got a shoot, be back on Monday
We have to get DavidS online for Brannasnacht!

Is OO in yet?

So who is the lucky guy?

Are you????

I am SO sorry!

Oh, I feel really bad now, I didn't see anything.

Stupid me.
Maybe Blondie is Kandas's other personality?????  

Oh dear, hahahahahaha

too good
Donner, I know, everyone always tells me, my Afrikans is very bad, I'm very sorry


Wow, I'm sorry

I went to an English school, I don't know how I passed Afrikans

i am going to do some IP routing quickly.

need to find out who this is....

We broke up about 3 months ago, he has moved back to Durban.
So, what's everone drinking?

Is Reindeer in tonight?
Either Boertjie and Kandas is on the phone or they both passed out in PissAnt's arms.  

Welcome!! Now that you are more informed
I told you!

I came here because my friend in George told me about Kandas, she said he's very cute, a funny guy and kind.

Wow, don't you people listen?

Sorry, I'm not mad, it's quiet fun here.
So, come on Blondie, out with it, you have a boyfriend, right? Married?

Doesn't make sense, you don't like rugby but here you are?
Nope. Kandas did his normal disappearing trick. I thought Blondie would keep him here for the night.  

Geez and to think you had to choose between Afrikaans and Clay Building.

KWV with coke.
I wander if Kandas knows her?

I don't want to say her name

maybe I'll give an initial ROTFLMAO
clay building???? more like lego  

Reindeer is waiting for the Sparletta sponsorship to come through. Either that or he had to attend choir tonight.

whiskey & water
Or maybe its Volkspele Aand at the school for Reindeer.  
I dont understand

I wrote a comment but there are 3 or 4 before me

LMAO, this is funny

No she will only get to the Leog building next year.

J&B and water

I'm really so sorry

I didn't realize
PA, I'm having my koolaid content monitored!!! ;-)  

We are talking for some time now and we have never asked you the constitutional questions.

Please answer the following.

1. What is your cup size.
2. When last did you have sex.
3. How many times that night or day.
4. Is it true that models shave.
5. Wax or Epilady
6. Have you ever faked an orgasm.
7. Have you ever faked a headache.
8. What is your preferred position.

what is an Ip?
I'm sorry, I don't understand the mud and lego (?) stuff?

What do u mean?
I think we should have you hook up with Kandas so that he can explain to you how the postings work.
He'll be only too glad to.
Hahaha, Donner!!!

Just read that!!!

Yeah, I reckon Kandas is 'blondie'ing himself, the bugger!!!!

First clue, where is he?????

I would have put his balls in a vice.

Like, what's that?

Must I really answer those questions?

What position would you prefer?
7. Have you ever faked a headache.

i have, but my bastard boss still made me work
Naaah Ras
Kandas is much to manly to be parading as Blondie.
Oh it's just fun right!!!

I get it

okay, wait, I'll read them again

Did Tafelberg answer these?
Batten down the hatches take to the streets

Da Revolution is coming

Howzit , just reading the posts

She answered the married version of the questions.

Don't change the subject and answer honestly.

This will impress Kandas immensely
We'll see if Kandas is Blondie when he answers about cup size.
If Blondie says 'draught' we'll know its Kandas.
1. What is your cup size.

Ha, easy, I'm not a 'big' girl, LOL, I'm just a 34B

2. When last did you have sex.
That's cheeky!

3. How many times that night or day.
You naught guy, it was a few ok!

4. Is it true that models shave.
I have to :((((

5. Wax or Epilady
wax is the only thing that does the job

6. Have you ever faked an orgasm.
Of course!!!! LOL, haven't you????

7. Have you ever faked a headache.
only when my bf and I were starting to break up, he wasnt being very nice anymore

8. What is your preferred position.
LOL, thats cheeky again! My dad always said 7thman!
hehehe boertjie

naand OO, about time
Slaap die Orossies nou eers?

I am not talking about rugby positions and I am not being cheeky. Do you want us to ignore you. Answer the question honestly.

Look at my picture, maybe that is what your boyfriend wanted.
Lyk my Blondie lees stadig.
Of dalk skryf sy net stadig.
Oh no.......

I think I'm going to have a nappy incident!!!

Really, too good!


Stop at 2
8. What is your preferred position.
LOL, thats cheeky again! My dad always said 7thman!

nice girls stop at 2....
Well Tafelberg's PC has heeded KAndas's wish. KABANG.

Must be a KF.
Hi all

have read all you doing & screwings

Promise not to burn down the place

All in good stead this evening?

Howzit Blondie

Why are you chatting with us & not clubbin?
Yip PA

All passengers to board the Trans Karoo express

Donner nice arti on the Major
sorry, my agent is calling

Hallo Boertjie

We had a family gathering

nephew turned 13

Since we are not jews we did not had a barmitzvah

only a normal celebration with a rather good hungarian red- somewhat merlotish-

So had anybody done the BrannasInspekteur part yet?

Am now on h2O- bit scared of last weeks tiff ;-)

I'm in this revolution!!!!

I need more detail!

Ooops, no rugby tonight!!!

Sorry, forget I said that!

I'll get hold of you!
Yes PA

I think that is what we all want

The question is how to get there
Sorry, guys my previous pic slowed the site. Guess the guy doesn't like us using his stuff.

Should be better now. I deleted my comments with that pic
Hallo, the bitch is back. Blondie, not referring to you  

We all agreed on your suggestion. Just a bit busy with other stuff at the mo. Please mail me your ideas. We will get there.
OO, did you read Che Guevara's comments?  
The nation is ripe for a rugby revolution.  

That's the WHOLE point.

A better game for EVERYONE!!

Not just a few shadowy, lurking, sneaky, long coated background figures, figures who were never elected to any position, never put up for public scrutiny or universal franchise!

Off with their heads!!
Sure Ras

We can have the Rise of the RugRats

Guess we will find all the reading material in posts that You, Donner & DavidS had made in the past two months

Boertjie will hopefully cast a cautionary serenity on the procedings, and PA will be able to analyse our progress- so I reckon we are ready to take to the cyber streets :-)

BTW have you read that other posting on that 1922 strike- interesting stuff heh

Slim Jannie was not only slim, he was also a ruthless politician and a hard -assed general

Tell your agent to get hold of They need models.
Are we straying into the dreaded 'R' word here????

Should we cease and desist?

"God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis."  
LMAO @Donner

I've done that already, I'm on there!!!

Sorry, I laughed out loud when I read your comment, asked my agent to hold, I must get back to her

You are very funny, Donner, I like you
There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"
"My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all"
"Our initial assessment is that they will all die"

You must know, I Satin ice'ed last night, no hair to rais

believe me, waxing is not best. Try Satin ice

Definately. I am still waiting on Blondies answers to the cheeky questions.

I hope she is faking a headache.

on the "unwashed Cuban"

I have read some- will have a look at that thread quickly

Now you are going to get Tafelberg's hair raising.
Donner, she answered you, boet!!!

Remember the 'lag'!!!

Her answers are above, PA has been responding to them.

Which one on We have a Rugrat who is quite fond of Laura.
OO, you should know me by now, I'm in your camp.

Anyway, we'll address that at another time.

Yes, I did read the rest of the EPIC 1922 strikes.

Oom Jannie was obviously a bit of a chameleon!
What have I done now??????

Donner, I'm sorry, I know I made a mistake and was calling tafelburg a guy, it really was a mistake.

Why would she get angry with me now?

She didn't answer two of the Q's. told me I was cheeky.
Anyway, I have quite enjoyed this, you guys are funny. I used to share my house with my bf and 2 gf's but my gf's have gone back to their parents.

So, it gets lonely but I'm not moving, I luv it here.

People here are nice, I go out quite a bit but you know how it is
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