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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Xerox Sleepover @ Newlands Rugby Stadium

Now, if I'd have known about this I'd have got my tent out of the shed and dusted it off in a flash! What a great idea for the kids. It would be great if they'd been able to make this a free function. I suppose that realistically that is impractical. Pity though, it's events such as these that create life-long fans.

In January 2005 Club Newlands hosted a unique event that very few people normally get to experience - the opportunity to pitch a tent on the hallowed turf of Newlands Rugby Stadium and for a limited number of fathers and their children to sleep under the stars. Bookings for the 2006 Xerox Sleepover at Newlands Rugby Stadium is now open. The Sleepover is scheduled for Friday 13 January 2006.

The Vodacom Stormers players will join the children for a short coaching clinic followed by autograph signing and photo opportunities whilst the parents enjoy refreshments on the stands. All of this is followed by a braai and a host of fun and enjoyment - for children of all ages. Photographs, certificates and other memorabilia items all add up to an experience that will never be forgotten.

Feedback for the 2005 Sleepover:

Someone once said "Don't count the years count the memories" And the sleepover is one of those memories that will be counted! - Jo-Ann Schou

Just a big thank you for a wonderful experience, both my son Emil and I enjoyed it tremendously - Rudolph van Eck

I want to thank you all for the wonderful time my family had, it was truly an unforgettable experience!! I don't know who enjoyed it more, my husband or the kids!! - Beverley Helmobld.

Bookings are now open for the Xerox Sleepover:


Platinum Members R175pp (R350 per adult / child (6 -13 years) combination),
Non-members R200pp (R400 per adult / child (6 -13 years) combination),

Numbers are very limited, so book now to avoid disappointment. Bookings close 10 December 2005. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult and cannot be younger than 6 and older than 13.

To book, or for more information, call Club Newlands on (021) 438 8181 or email

Your ticket is inclusive of the following:

camp site for 1 tent (max 4 people per tent - each person needs to purchase a ticket)
braai and charcoal
braai pack, bread rolls, salad
breakfast consisting of fruit juice and yogurt, coffee and rusks
goodie bag
coaching clinic by the Vodacom Stormers players
interactive games

Terms and Conditions
* Event is weather permitting and may be cancelled at the discretion of the event organisers
* Indemnity forms must be signed prior to the event
* Only dome tents allowed (free standing) (max size 4 man).
* Only demarcated areas of the pitch may be used. Each "tent" will be pre-allocated a camp site
* No loud music will be allowed (we have neighbours...).
* No pets allowed
* No glass bottles/containers will be allowed. Only plastic and cans
* Torches and gas lamps permitted (no open flames)
* Toilets available but no showers
* Braai places will be supplied
* Cash Bar 4pm - 10pm
* Secure parking available
Right of admission is reserved.

To book contact Club Newlands on 021 438 8181 or e-mail
indemnity forms must be signed?????? hahahaha

i suppose they can become scarred for life looking at the way province plays at the moment!

on a serious note, what a great idea! i dont think anybody minds paying for something like that if the money goes for a good cause, i.e. development or something.

any idea where or to what the money goes to rasp?

They talk about members.

The Cats have a similar thing called The Pride.

This allows fans to join a club and be one up on the rest of us.

For instance, Pride members already know who is in the provisional Cats squad whilst the Cats haven't released the full squad of thirty names yet.

What we know are snippets, like that Earl Rose is in the squad, Wikus Van Heerden will captain etc.

Why are the clubs not actually releasing thei9r squads yet? This is actually stupid

Oh yes



wpw is a token thug
what a rush it must be for a 10 year old boy to meet his hero's he only sees on tv! man i would have given my left nut to have had an opportunity like that as a kid.  

You asked for it

It does go to a good cause

The "Get WP A Decent T5 Fund"

I bet somebody is glad that you did not meet your hero as a kid ;-)

i belonged to one of these 'clubs' once in my life. but it was so pisspoorly managed that i saw no benefit in it to pay R150 a year anymore.

the monthly newsletter got send twice in 8 months - the special events never materialised - special ticket prices my ass....

it is a great concept and unions can do so much with these 'clubs' but they dont seem to understand the potential of this.

strange really.
Same here

My 2 year old can already tell the difference between rugby and cricket and she knows that they are

"Pappa se Leeus"

and she roars at me like the Simba Lion.

Man if she was 5 or so I would love to take her.

Of course she is the only one in the house that watches rugby and cricket with me and this has caused two things:

1. I try a form of semi censorship of my language

2. It doesn't work and during the season, Katya often walked around the house and if she dropped something she'd say "Ag jisis man"
too true OO! haha

davids, a one night sleepover wont be enough, if that is they case they need to consider a 6 month camp on the park.
Who was/is your hero PA?  

i'd rather not post what my nephews picked up from listening to me and my boet watching rugby - especially the stormers and if gus and chris was playing.
Okay PA

In that case let's make the

"Get WP a better coach fund"

They don't need to spend a lot of mopney to do that.

Probably one of the teachers at Paarl Gym would be better than Moans VDM

divan serfontein, rob lowe, div visser, neil burger, calla scholtz - basically the 80's side guys. i remember as a child watching neil burger play and was dumbstruck by the size of that guys legs, they were huge!
I know

My nephew was prohibited from watching rugby with me. Cricket too.

So with my daughter I've learnt to self censor...rather unsuccessfully.

ps. You must know what comes out of my mpouth when the Lions do one of their predictable fades like in the CC semi-final this year....

I was actually quite proud to have limited myself to "Ag jisis man"
would have loved to watch both lions/WP matches with you...  
Ja, he was a monster.

I would have liked to see a side with him, Ray Mordt and Danie Gerber at the outside. It would have been like facing three Jonah Lomus.

My uncle played Rhodesia Schools on the left wing in 1977. Ray Mordt was on the right.

Both went to the army after school.

Ray became a Springbok, and my uncle knocked up his grilfriend, got half his eye shot out and ended up as an explosives expert.

He now works at one of the big chemicals factories in the country and he's a world renowned expert in exsplosives for open ore mining operations.

Weird how things turn out, but he used to have competitions with Ray Mordt in the army about who could do the most one arm push-ups. My uncle stopped at about 100 and Ray could do like 200!!!!!

I could manage about 5 when I was in the army!!!!! And then I was at my fittest.

My 1 and a half year old also watches rugby and cricket with me, I shudder to think what her first proper words will be. Probably sometyhing like "Pass die F*kk*n bal!" or "Maak jou F*kk*n oe oop ref!" and then we get to cricket, "Daai bal is wide jou Dumbass!". Eish, my wife's gonna kick my ass!
First proper words = first proper sentence!  
i am sure my boet's kids only knows one rugby player- gus theron.

everytime we used to watch a game we would scream: "nee!! moenie die bal vir daai dom &%#$#^% pass nie!!, ag jisses kyk nou ek het mos gese moenie die bal vir daai dom $#%$%@^$ ^%$^^&&* pass nie - Gus Theron is die $#%#$% domste $@%%$@^ speler wat nog ooit n $@%#$@% WP trui oor sy %$#$^% kop getrek het."

The minute they learn to talk, they copy everything you say and the first

"Oh my God" - from my wife luckily saw a scramble to self censorship!!!


That Ellispark match was not pleasant!

I suspect you were in a similar place as what I was when Bryan Habana tore Marius and DWB and Jean Div to pieces last year at Newlands!!!!

Why the hell did he go to those damned Bulls!!!!!

Have you heard interviews with him recently? He no longer speaks English and his Afrikaans is Pure Pretoria.

"Nee, dis great om vir die Springbokke te speel"

"En wat van Heynecke as coach?"

"Nee, hy's sommer great."

"En jou nominasie as speler van die jaar?"

"Nee dis great om so nominasie te kry."
Morning boys and girls.  

that was what my daughter heard during the Bok tour

"Ag jisis moenie vir Percy laat skop nie asseblief..."


The baby cries.

Katya looks at my face and before I can say a word she says

"Ag jisis Annika"
You joining us this morning Kandas?

Work quietening down a bit?
My workrate for the next couple of days depends on how busy PA is. :)

Still suffering with some sections of this site's software. Will sort it out though.
the feeling you must have felt during the ellis match is all to familiar to me davids.

it reminds me of what happened when me and my boet went to the shop the one day. some chick just pulled in front of him and he goes off "kan jy nie @#@#@ ry nie jou dom @#$@?"

true as bob, on the way back a taxi does exaclty the same thing with the little one at the back piping up "jou dom #$%#$%!" before me and my boet could get a word in! needless to say we struggled not to pack out laughing but managed fairly well...

one thing i will say about brian habana - his girl is "GREAT"
I'm very glad to hear that. It has been lonely without your SEC news.

Good work on the site by the way.

Do you okes have a petrol shortage?

I managed to get my tank filled this morning.
more kandas!  

Ek weet, my vier jarige kon nie superman gese het toe sy so twee was nie, dit het altyd uitgekom as fokkerman! Haar ouma groot was nie te impressed dat ons dink dit is 'n moerse grap nie!

Nou die dag toe kuier ons weer by ouma groot. Dit was die aand na 'n partytjie by ons huis en my vrou het toe maar so paar glasies wyn gehad, needless to say, ouma moes toe op die snaakste manier daarvan te hore kom! Die ou vrou is mos radikaal teen drank gekant, toe kom die klein ding in die kombuis en vra vir ouma vir bietjie koeldrank, ouma gooi toe vir haar in 'n plastiek beker, sal sy toe afhaak (terwyl sy na ouma se wynglase wys), "Nee ouma, ek soek een van daardie glase waaruit my ma altyd drink!"
more PA - hoop jy het nuus vandag :)


I've been ignoring the petrol crisis - too scared it's another KF.
Geez PA

Sometimes they come out with pearlers and you just have to keep from laughing out loud because then they'll think it's cute and repeat it in the most inappropriate of company!

I've met Johan Roets' girlfirend as well.

Bliksem is all I can say.

And Bryan Habana's chick is "GREAT"
ek hoop ook so kandas!

yeah some kids come out with pearlers sometimes.
Geez Aldo


Ek kan dink dit het nie goed afgegaan nie!!!!

Ek glo sodra ons s'n so 3/4 bereik sal hulle soortgelyke skandes verkondig oor ons!

My ma se altyd

"From the mouths of babes shall the truth be spoken"

Jy het mail.


But it is!

Didn't your hear the Mineral and Energy Minister on tv this morning?

"We were not aware of the issue but we have consulted with the iol companies, who have ascribed the unforseen shortage to a KF. We are sure this is just another measurement of the extent of the legacy of apartheid, which, as everyone knows, can be ascribed to the fault of Kandas"


My wife is a Plain English language expert. She sent me this e-mail where the US Plain English Language Forum she belongs to has translated all the Christmas carols we know into bureaucratese, legalese, accountantese, scientificese etc.



What the hell next

I just can't seem to spell your name....

ag jisis man!

Ek't hom gekry, die prentjie is in swart en wit, gaan bietjie tyd vat! Sal vanaand daaraan werk. My eerste werk is nou om agter die storie by die valke te kom, O Ja, ek het nog 'n 9 to 5 om te doen ook tussen in!
Goeiemore, goeiemore mense,
en hoe gaan dit vandag met al die maatjies?

Dit is 'n lekker sonskyn dag en was Jakkals en Wolf nie weer besig nie.
Dagse almal,ek weet nog nie lekker hoe die log in storie werk nie.More is die laaste dag van werk,net n office party.Laat die vakansie kom is al wat ek kan se.Julle moet n veilge vakansie he en n geseende Kersfees en nuwe jaar.  
selle vir jou anon  
Geniet dit anon.  
HA ha ha

Cute, Die Moffies hou n Slaap met mekaar Kuier fees!

Baie Goat Drolle dwaars deur Newlands is sekerlik goed vir die Gras!
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