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Monday, December 05, 2005


White believes 2005 was a successful year

Jake White obviously does not agree with the majority of the Keo regulars. He believes there was a definite improvement from the Boks from last year. It seems White bases the fact that the Boks only lost 3 matches this year (Australia, NZ & France) to the 4 of last year (Australia, NZ, Ireland & England).

"I still think this year was more successful in that 2005 saw us face a much tougher schedule than we did in 2004," said White.

"At the start of the season we have just completed, there was only one game that we were absolutely sure of winning, and that was the opening game against Uruguay in East London."

"After Uruguay we played France twice, and then we played Australia a couple of times before the Tri-Nations. On this most recent tour we played Argentina in Argentina and we also played against the Six Nations champions at their home field. You only have to look at what happened to Australia to see what could well have happened to us."

It seems though that White forgets that we narrowly won against a very weak Australian team on home soil. This hardly gets rid of the bogey that has been haunting us for a number of years, namely, not being able to win away games against quality full strength teams.

We played a very tired and experimental French side in South Africa and was very lucky to walk away with a draw in Durban. To say we beat the Six Nations champions is also scraping the barrel a bit. Even the Welsh will agree that they are hardly the team that beat Ireland in the showdown for the six nations title earlier this year. Add to the fact they are were also without a couple of their stars.

We still could not beat a full strength side away from home and especially a top Northern Hemisphere team like the French. That must be worrying to some extent.

There were highlights to the performances of the Boks this year, the tests against NZ in Cape Town and Dunedin are examples of such performances, but like so many muppits, I get the feeling the team only lifts itself for games against NZ and too a lesser extent Australia. Maybe we are playing them too often?

It would have been interesting to get White's view on individual player performances. Maybe we can award points as muppits for each player who played consistently for the Boks this year on their overall performance for the whole year.

Call it the Muppits Player Award.


Okay 2004

We lost a heartbreaker to NZ there and to Aus there

Then we went on to lose to England and Ireland, against England deservedly so but not against Ireland.

This year

Lost heartbreaker to New Zealand and we were deservedly chomped up in Sydney and at Stade Francais

No Jake, this is not a better result it is exactly the same.

Beating the Australian High School team by a margin of three at a stadium where Australia traditionally struggle against us is nothing to write home and brag about.

Comparing us to Australia in reidiculous. We didn't have to play the world with our Craven Week team.

Jake is in cloud cuckoo land.


Where are you getting this information?

Ratings and people like PA (apologies)

Monty(5) - Average season. He did nothinh to light the world up and I still haven't forgiven him for the second Rockoko try in Dunedin. His end of year kicking was pathetic.

Habana (7) - Two bad games, in Sydney and Stade Francais affect Bryan's rating. Nevertheless he is one of the finds of the season and just like "Paulse Paule Paulse" I will never forget Blades in the Perth game shouting "Give the ball to Habana! Give the ball to Habana!"

Jacque Fourie (8) - Undoubted find of the season and Marius Joubert will have to be special if Jacque maintains the form he has displayed

Jean Div (6) - He has a good match offensively against Australia at Ellispark and was superbin the rush defence organising and holding the line. He was awful in displaying his much vaunted offensive creativity.

Breyetn Paulse (6) - Solid, but the age is catching up to him. Hasn't displayed the offensive genius that made him a terror of defences in his youth.

Andre Pretorius (5) - I still don't rate him. I felt he lost the plot at Dunedin and the Bok backline actually started to fire when Jaco VDW came on. Needs to work on the mental attitude, Being steamrollered by some Aussie loosie didn't do his ratings well either.

Enrico Januarie (8) - Needs to work on passing, but he is a terrier. Superb player with a massive workrate. The real deal in all respects.

Joe Van Niekerk (6) - Also seemed to shake off the inside centre mentality and performed admirably throughout the 3N. Still needs to work on the size thing though.

Schalla (7) - Still without peer and seems to have worked out the refs who weren't able to get their itchy yellow card paws on him. As effective as always. Like Andre Venter, but without the brain. He needs to work on what exactly his role is on the field.

Juan Smith (8) - One of the revelations of the season for the Boks. Simply fantastic.

Victor Matfield (6) - Decent solid season, and deservedly selected as a palyer of the year finalist, although he seems to fade when we're not in SA, like at Dunedin when we really needed him.

Bakkies (6) - Same issue. Still to make the enforcer role his own and actually serve as a foil for Matfield's weaknesses. Doesn't yet add the grunt at the breakdown and ruck situation that Pakslae does.

Os (5) - Some solid performances, but the old warrior is ageing...

John Smit (8) - revelation of the season as skipper. From the way he chirped the ref at Newlands to his bullocking runs overseas the skipper has come on in leaps and bounds this year. I reckon he shut the people who said he's 2nd or 3rd best in SA.

CJ (4) - solid, but thatw as it. Otherwise anonymous.

Other honourable mentions

Jacques Cronje (4) - lost the plot overseas and was anonymous. Sadly this was his ideal chance to shine.

Conrad Jantjes (4) - HE IS NOT A WING!!!!!!

Pakslae (7) - made a massive impact although he failed at flank in Australia, that's what you get for playing someone out of position. Neverthelss when he played replacing a lock he handed out the traditional Pakslae in the rucks and mauls.

Jaco (6) - Was anonymous at the start but he became steadily better as the season came on. His replacing Andre Pretorius in Perth and Dunedin were the keys that sparked the revival of the Boks.

Fourie DuP (7) - Did nothing wrong and did much to relieve pressure from his 10's. In contrast to Enrico who occasionally leaves his 10's in a lurch with bad passes.

Please ask Donner to send me your mail- as I wait forever for mail from you- most likely they are never send ;-))
Although this year might have been better winning percentage wise, I would not rae it better based on performance. IMO the Boks stagnated if not worstened on our attacking ability. The reason therefore I can only guess.  

is it not on your blog?

give it to me now and i will put it in my address book immediately!


i get the stuff all over the show, i also know a local guy here that is one the wire so its cool!

Brilliant with the Dragons btw!
According to story in Rapport that is Jantjes' destiny - wing!

pretty much agree with you 100%.

Ap deserves a 6 imo though and pakslae a 6, he had an ordinary beginning to the year, but then again he was played out of position.....

I agree with you 100% on Juan and John, the springboks of 2005 for me.

John with all the responsibility he carries would probably just edge my vote over Juan.

The reason why I was looking for you last week was to get you to write a bi-weekly arti on Rugby Union analysis

Would you look into it pls

My readers will not be muppits by default- would like to get your views out on regular basis.

will mail you today and we can discuss it, it wil be a pleasure!

What exactly is it you want wrt the music stuff?

Seeing that a lot of rhymes popped out just before the final and the fact that you are usually "voorsanger" with all the Noot vir Noot stuff- I was thinking that a monthly arti on "Rugby songs" by the well known Donner will enhance OORB immensely.

I can be songs from Ireland- Murph and PL will have a lot to say- Clubs like Bath- Leiscester Tigers must have a rugby song or two with great tradition.

I can just think that the Spears will have one soon.

This is the kind of info that I want on OORB- would appreciate if you would joun as a contributer-

I will also assist with the research-singing in pubs & so on ;-)

Good line as an excuse to Tafeltjie why you must go to the Poison Apple for a quick Windhoekie with Boertjie.
Same old , same old  
Same olde, same olde what?  
Hey, julle Oranje-manne moet julle gedra- hierdie is 'n familie site  
Skuus, Orakel, sallie weernie

PS. Miskien moet "St Michel" & "The Tackler" die manne hier 'n bietjie roer

Ig will tell Keo

Wait, I have an idea, each day one of us will pretend to be Tackler / St Michel and piss the rest of us off.

I'll go first.

You can't escape me

Jake White has done nothing to the Boks as the lack of international quality in his backup players showed in Europe. His job is safe as long as the mediocre Boks are happy with beating a third rate Australian team.

If this Bok team had played the All Black 3rd team now they would have been snotted like they were at Loftus in 2003.

Graham Henry has 45 international quality players who could represent the All Blacks any time, and Jake White still hardly has 15. Nothing has changed.

You work shy japies have escaped to obscurity to celebrate the mediocrity of your rugby

Although I am a purist and a Springbok fan, I cannot see the worth of celebrating a season where the Springboks were the only team, aside from Ireland and France to lose to Australia.

And no matches were won away from South Africa showing that Jake White is yet to bury the ghost of travelling.

By contrast England has beaten Australia at HQ, and I daresay they would have beaten the japies too. Their ownly blemish, if you could call it that, was an agonising match where the cheating All Blacks managed to outscore us by just a few pints, but this proves that Andy Robinson, a coach far superior to Jake White is on the right track for 2007.

Egad, by Jove....
Me friend Tackles

Are you still doing the 2005 haka on the front lawn- which one of the two movies are you watching tonight- "Once were warriors" or "The Piano"

Which one did you watch last night?

My oh my

The eloquint(yes I know I cannot spell Anglo- I am a Free State Japie) St Michel have decided to join us, while sipping his afternoon tiffen of Earl Grey, overseeing the "Pruning of the Roses" with as much pleasure as a 13th Century Norman Baron executing his right to "Prima Nocta"

Man I should send this guy an article on Majuba, or even Islandwaba. Kitchener of Kharthoum- my sorry Hessen landsknecht ass!

The true Brits are all Kloset Konsentration Kamp Kommandants- hereafter reffered to as K4's
"Me friend Tackles

Are you still doing the 2005 haka on the front lawn-"

Ke O Panga

the one that scared the Boks so much at Dunedin that they were 21-3 down within 20 minutes
And you boere thugs thought you could hide from us. Just like the old days, you go and hide in your own hole and try manipulate from there. You will never be rid of us.  

even 3rd is here.....
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