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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Waugh's Solution to African Cricket Woes

An article by Boertjie.
With every sportsloving fans eyes firmly fixed on the up and coming test series in Australia, we have to ask the question: Why, in a continent so rich with natural sporting talent, are there no other countries apart from South Africa that competes on the cricketing world stage?

The former great Aussie skipper Steve Waugh may just have the solution for the
African continent's woes on the cricketing field.

The 1975 cricket World Cup (and why can't they take a leaf from rugby and give it a proper name like the Don Bradman Cup?) fielded an East African side, and this may just be the solution to the continent's current woes, says former Aussie skipper Steve Waugh.

African cricket outside of the Republic is a complete shambles. It seems as if the game has completely vanished from Zimbabwe (together with many other things)
after all it's current internationals packed their bags, led by captain Tatenda Taibu.

Last week Peter Chingoka (chairman) and Osias Bvute (CEO) were arrested on several counts of corruption. In the last year secretarial expenditure rose from
R88 000 to R699 000 and the national body is almost R1 million in the red.

Kenian cricket is not better off, with continuous stories of mismanagement, infighting, and player strikes.

Waugh says there are very few guys playing cricket in Zimbabwe at the moment and that he views Kenya as an untapped resource.

He then asks why, if the West Indies can combine several islands into a national team with (sometimes limited) success, this route cannot be followed in Africa – not only to save the game from total ruin in certain contries, but to also expand it to the likes of Uganda.

"Someone has got to step in and make that situation better somehow because they're losing all the players," Waugh said.
"They've just lost their young captain (Tatenda Taibu), who has put his heart and soul into it. There has got to be something seriously wrong if he's walking away. That's a real concern."
The ICC – very much like the IRB – seems a toothles lion when it comes to matters like these asking for steps to be taken not only to expand the game, but to save it from total demise in certain countries.
In its defense the IRB may have reasoned that there is no viable course of action, given the volatile political situation in Zimbabwe and the sensitivenes of especially post-colonial countries. They may now have the solution to the problems surrounding African cricket, but will they have the will?
Waugh's advice to struggling test players was: "I just want you to bat for three hours. Don't worry about anything else."
Those who followed his advice normally succeeded. Will the ICC follow suit and at least give it a try?

SuperCricket web page
Beeld newspaper

The reason Waugh's comments are so pertinent is simple: The ICC have been inert to the situation because they haven't had a reasonable or viable course of action presented to them. Now, thanks to a man who knows and cares about the game in Zimbabwe as much as he does in the rest of the world, they do.

love him or hate him, this guy defines the sport in a huge way.

why cant we have guys like these, who only has the best interest of the game at heart, not run the game? - even if he is an aussie.

but now we have to look at git's like speed who is an even bigger idtiot than bvr.
A combined African team. Great idea. I have to agree with PA on Speed, a total Arse.

Anyway, did you guys see that Jacques Rudolph got a hundred? Must do his confidence good. He's too talented not to be in the test squad to play the Aussies!

Now I also know why this site was so quiet yesterday, keo put commenting back on, I didn't read through it all, but I trust you guys invited the regulars over.

JR always seems to perform against the aussies, i will be pissed off if he is not in the squad!

i read through the comments, it was basically well wishes from everyone for the holiday season. my posts that did not go through that monday morning magically appeared - about 3 times!
Mine too PA


Agreed on Rudolph. I hoipe this 153 gives him the boost he needs after the Po0ms somehow destroyed his confidence. They guy's a fantastic talent and a fighter of note.

He apparently absolutely detests the Australians.

Remember in the warm up before the CWC in 2003, the full Aussie squad played against the Titans and a young Jacques Rudolph took them for about 170*

Apparently it was such a slaughter that stalwarts Shane Warne and Glen McGrath were hit out of the attack!

I hope he gets the nod. I really do.

On the comments on Keo- I was surprised not to see a Ruggaworld ad on it ;-)
yeah davids,

it is like the aussies cant understand how brent russel cannot be a regular in rugby, i remember waugh mentioning in teh aussie press he cannot believe JR is in the team - he rated him higher than kallis
plus, this guy was a great spin bowler!!!! he actually got picked in sides for his bowling not his batting!!!

he could be a great asset to the side and by far a better option in the spin department than nicky"go fetch it again" boje
PissAnt I agree, he's far more talented than Nicky. In the 2003 wc warm up game, he hit Warne for two 6's in one over. I also remember Mr Waugh mentioning he has more talent than Kallis. We have the core of a great squad of players. JR, GS, AB De Villiers, and the likes of Zondeki, Dale Steyn and Garnett Kruger in the Ranks. We should have quite a good squad in 2007.  

Don't get me onto Jacques Rudolph.

Kepler Wessles who, although an idiot, rates him as the best batsman in SA.

SDteve Waugh has also said that if Rudolph was in Australia he'd be one of the stalwart batsmen long ago.

He started off as a legg break bowler and as a 19 year old got selected for the Titans as bowler. Then he went to Terry Jenner's school of spin

Have you notices that whenever Rudolph bowls he always takes a wicket. Even in this past England tour he had one or two English batsmen as his bunny. I think Graham Thorpe was almost always out to Jacques Rudolph.

One has to ask why the hell he isn't used more.

Added to which he has quite a number of fifors in first class cricket at Supersport Park that is renowned for not taking spin!!!!

Why has nobody picked this up?

Nicky Boje is a neverwas bowler who is in the team based on one or two lucky good performances, most notably when we beat India there in 2000!

I just hope they look after this new youngster we used in India.

Surprisingly he is also from Pretoria, although he's contracted to the EC.
Howzit guys?
I really cant understand why Rudolph is not in the side. Dippenaar should make way for him or maybe AB De Villiers or Prince if he doesnt perform. I think a guy like Herschelle should be dropped if he doesnt perform on this tour. I mean, they can bring in AB or Rudolph or even JP Duminy in his place just to also let all these guys know that no one is assured of a place if they are complacent...

p.s. Aldo is a HOMO!!! lol
wpw is a closet Afrikaner! ;-)

Howzit wpw, did you have a good night's rest? I sincerely hope so, cos you're in for a bit of a toung lashing for calling me a homo, apparently Nataniel isn't to happy with that term and he'd like to know how an enlightened WP supporter like yourself can use such a derogotory (spelling????) word!

didn't he get atherton in his first over ever bowled in test cricket?????

it really grates me. almost no-one that does not follow cricket like we obviously do knows his bowling abalities. this cannot be foreign to the selectors!!!

unless he has some serious medical issues it is a goddamn disgrace we have not used him as a bowler.

on his batting there can be no doubting his class, and he is a pretty handy fielder in the covers and under the pot too.


i am a big gibbs fan, but i agree, that guy gets opportunity after opportunity and delivers 35% of the time - any country would have booted him by now.

i do not agree the general perception the country seems to share on dippenaar though. i think the guy is absolute class but we stuffed him around. if boeta got 70% of the opportunity kallis had through his career and the game time kallis had, he would have been our best batsmen by a long shot.

but he seems to be our emergency guy. whenever one of the 'golden boys' gets injured he is quickly drafted into the side and dropped the next game. go do a bit of reading on how kak kallis was in his first couple of tests....but the selectors stuck with him because of his ability and talent. why could they not afford the same favours to boeta. and he seldom disappoints whenever he is called upon, hell he won a couple of matches for us single handedly!

there is a lot of passengers in the side and we need to start developing our young stars that are mentioned in some posts asap.
pissant, i agree regarding gibbs. he just actually needs to be consistent. As for Dippenaar, i know he was treated a bit badly but if you look at his record you will see that his ODI average is above 40, whereas his Test ave is below 35, and like Neil Mckenzie they played over 30 tests and this is unacceptable. Rudolph has an average of 38 and he scores runs against the stronger test teams like ENG, Aus, etc. Not Bangladesh, WI, NZ,etc...

Look, i think if Dippenaar scores a hundred in every 2nd or at least 3rd game it is fine, seeing as there are 2 innings in each test. The thing is, he scores a 100 after every 10 tests or so... Same with Mckenzie..
aldo, i'm just messing around. i know you not a homo, you a boere thug who drinks brandy and coke and loves kurt darren... lol  

i get what you are saying RE ave., etc. but dont you think to perform consistantly well you have to be consistantly selected?

the problem i have is that some guys gets selected all the time but also seldom performs.

take boeta's domestic record for instance, the guy consistantly makes tons or half centuries. no my question is why is that?

i dont buy the thing about performing on the provincial circuit is nothing compared to competing on the international circuit.

cricket is a very structured game and if your technique is sound the only thing you need to learn to perform on the international circuit is to have confidence in your abilities and technique.
through stuffing guys around the confidence factor is obviously non existend.  
Agree pissant. Look, i rate Dippenaar but there were times when he played quite a few tests in succession. The last series in SA is a great example, he scored 1 hundred and that was it... They should out him in the team, let him know he wont be dropped for the next 6 tests or so and we will see if he grabs his chance...

I think Nikki Boje is the most overrated player in SA. You know who really got messed around? That Henderson oke from Boland and then WP. He was really good but is in ENG now... Van Jaarsveld was also another good player. I think his age is against him though...

What do you think of JP Duminy?

I know, I'm just taking the piss! Anyway, I don't like Kurt Darren. He's one Afrikaans musician that I wish would just dissapear. I know his family, and have known him for longer than he's been famous. That might be why I don't like him, cos his personality is kak. The guy's the most arrogant prick I've ever met! Even when he was still a plumber at his father's bussiness he was a prick. Back then he used to think that no one could match his abilities in anything he tries. A huge arsehole!
Hey, howsit julle plonkers. Hoe gaannit. Fok weet ek kom nou eers agter waar julle uithang. Ek het daai silver fern site uitgecheck. Wat n pot kak!  
JP Duminy's good, and I agree re Henderson and Van Jaarsveld. They are true class. Sad that we lost them and that the UCB is too proud to just accept them to play in SA as well.  
Anonymous, ek neem aan ons roep jou Bliksem!  
Guys, i dont know who is going to disagree with me about his but i really think that if Pollock doesnt perform in this series he should also be dropped. He hasnt taken a 5 wk haul in tests in ages. We have Dale Steyn, Zondeki, Kruger and a few other youngsters who will grab that chance with open arms... Also, Bucher needs to do well with the bat, if he doesnt we can play AB or Tsolekile...  
wpw, I agree. I've been saying for a while now that Pollock isn't a test bowler. You don't want a guy that keeps the runs down in test matches. You want wickets. Keep Pollock in the one dayers though. And Nel should only play tests. That's where his agression really comes into play. Boucher should go, I'd say play AB and pick an extra Bowler/allrounder. Or go for Tsolekile like you mentioned.  
Gibbs is a class act.

I think he got selected in the wrong position. The problem with Gibbs is that when he got selected it was after a test against New Zealand where an all white team was selected. The Selectors got hell for that. Then he got roped in to take over the opener slot from Adam Bacher.

The guy is not an opener and he has always batted in the lower order. I think the mix where he batted 5 or 6 is where he should be. That's when you can really see the guy's natural aggression and stroke play against the bowlers.

I've never rated Boeta. All his good performances have come when we were either completely beaten or when we had completely beaten the opposition. He is not the trench warfare specialist you need when the team's 44-3 on the first morning of a test match, because he has mental issues and he cracks under pressure. I don't like him at all.

And don't get me started on the raw deal that Nic Pothas got. That Mark Boucher is the most overrated git ever to have the utter luck to don a Proteas shirt!
Pollock should have retired gracefully and fallen down into the 3 bowling slot for tests years ago. Kallis should never bowl.

Mark Boucher should never have been given a sniff of an international exposure. He is as average as they come.

Tsolekile and AB De Villiers are far far above him.

I think the main reason we don't have lots of spinners bowling aggresively is cos they know that stupid git can't keep standing up.


I rate Hashim Amla. Lots of Mohammed Azzahrudin about him. He has a funny technique, but so what. So did Donald Bradman, Sunil Gavaskar etc.

agree on gibbs not being an opener.

disagree on dipps, imo he is better that even kallis, he has a mental issue though.

damn they should get cullinnan involved with our cricket - mind you not from a mental capacity - look what warne did to him !!:)

agree on pollock.

and kallis. this all rounder tag is a load of kak. all rounders should only play one day cricket, not test cricket.

boje is a knob. expect to see henderson run out against us in the future with a pommie shirt on his back...mark my words.

duminy is a great talent, but i would like a clive rice or cullinan to work with him more.

isnt it strange that the aussies basically select players that are 25 years old an up?!?!?! this should give us a clue why they are mentaly strong, our youngsters gets murdered in the international scene too early in their careers. the damage takes years to fix.

greame smith really needs to come to the party in this series - a lot is going ot depend on him and his attitude. i hope he gives them hell.
Now that you mention that fact about Dippenaar i remember during the ENG series, we needed him to really play at least a few good innings and keep the run rate ticking over and he couldnt do that. I also remember Nic Pothas and what a good player he was, he could really bat and was good with the gloves...
Tsolekile is the best wicket-keeper we have but AB is a better batsman... i think he also got a raw deal cos he made his debut in India along with Amla... When they failed they were dropped after 2 or 3 tests... kallis was even worse in his 1st 10 tests or so...

And dont get me started on Boucher, he is quite good as a batsman but i dont like his attitude and he cost us big time in the test series in ENG in 98 and again last yr. Dropped catches at vital moments in the game...

He is not our best wicket-keeper...

what about the catches dropped at teh 2003 CWC???

i certainly remember a sitter of flemming he butchered, and if i am not mistaken flemming bliksemed us all over the park that day.

That catch would have won us the match.

It's the only century ever by a Stephen Fleming against SA in all forms of the game and the only match the Kiwis ever won in SA.

In the last series against the Aussies here, Ntini regularly induced snicks from Hayden and Langer in the opening spell and Boucher just as regularly put them down. He has dropped some of the most crucial catches ever.

pissant, you know what the problem is? they dont stick with the guys who are talented... look at duminy, he made his debut in the ODI's vs India i think, he is a no 3 or actually no 5 batsman and he gets selected at 8. How the hell can you select him at 8? And then they pick a guy like Boje ahead of him or Pollock in the batting line up. And he is a better batsman that both of them put together cos that is what he does, he bats...

Re: Dippenaar, i will post his figures soon...

you know what the scary thing is????

boje is not even a bloody spinner!!!!!!!

the only time a ball moves off the pitch when he bowls is when it hits a crack!
Dippenaar: 33 tests, 1511 runs, 3-100's, 6-50's, ave: 31.47, S/R: 40.61.

Smith: 40 tests, 3453 runs, 11-100's, 12-50's, ave: 53.95, S/R: 60.13.

Rudolph: 27 tests, 1587 runs, 11-100's, 7-50's, ave: 38.70, S/R: 42.90.

So i guess the figures speak for themselves...


Dippenaar: 86 matches, 74 innings, 12 not outs, 2693 runs, 123 HS, 22 50's, 2 100's, 43.44 ave.

Gibbs: 172 matches, 171 innings, 13 not outs, 5646 runs 153 HS, 23 50's, 15 100's, 35.73 ave

Kallis: 228 matches, 218 innings, 39 not outs, 7954 runs, 139 HS 56 50's, 13 100's, 44.44 ave

Gary Kirsten: 185 Matches, 185 innings, 19 not outs, 6798 runs, *188 HS 45 50's, 13 100's, 40.95 ave

Klusener: 171 matches, 137 innings, 50 not outs, 3576 runs, *103 HS, 19 50's, 2 100's, 41.10 ave

Ashwell Prince: 29 matches, 26 innings, 10 not outs, 710 runs, *89 HS, 3 50's, 0 100's, 44.38 ave

Rudolph: 40 matches, 34 innings, 5 not outs, 1035 runs, 81 HS, 6 50's, 0 100's, 35.69 ave.

Smith: 78 matches, 77 innings, 4 not outs, 2979 runs, *134 HS, 17 50's, 5 100's, 40.81 ave

interesting ODI stats that....
very interesting stats pissant. i know dippenaar has a very good ODI average. I never knew Gibbs had 15 centuries... Not too shabby.  
On Trench warfare DavidS

I agree totally on Pothas- would have loved to see him play for SA

On Dippenaar- I have seen him played some serious stuff- but if somebody is really better- I will concede

On Boje- I think his time is past- I agree on his ability to spin- he is an all-rounder and cannot really contain sides effectivly any more.

To win in test cricket- you need to get 20 wickets- that means that you need at least 4 attacking bowlers- spinners must also be attacking players

South African Cricket needs a real rethink- at-large
Fanie de Villiers had some interesting views when the current side was announced.
It boiled down to him having no confidence in the selectors (at what level did they play the game?)
abd thought it was silly not to have Kepler Wessels as the manager - knowing the Aussies, conditions etc. etc.
Fanie De Villiers to me is a poephol. I do agree about his take to a certain extent but if you look at rugby for example, JW never played the game at Provincial level even and look at how successful he is. Even Eddie Moans is a good coach and he never played for Aus...

Why i dont really take these okes like him and Symcox seriously is cos if they have so much to say why dont they do something about it? Start coaching and make a difference. its easy to sit in the background and make a noise....IMO

Symcox was a selector, but got skopped out because he was too 'controvesial'

Fanie offered his services as an assistent coach to the bowlers.

When we toured to England last he specifically offered to help the boys with their bowling because he has extensive experience of bowling in England.

He got one hour with the bowlers on the day they left for England...

Kepler is too outspoken in his views to be involved with SA cricket on any level. Also, his laaitie is playing county cricket and eligible for England soon. Kepler is NOT popular in the establishment fraternity.
It seems like the same in our rugby... Guys like Naas & Joel are not really involved...

With regards to Kepler and Fanie, if you were coach of a team david and a guy tells you that he wants to help, maybe you will accept but you know what most saffas are like, they feel threatened. If a guy like Kobus Wiese went to JW and told him he wants to teach the forwards some tricks is JW just gonna give in and say go ahead. he has his own way of doing things and i think okes like Kepler and Fanie should prove themselves as coaches 1st. it doesnt mean that if you were a great player you will be a great coach.
I once had a very long chat with Fanie on an airplane. IMO he was a brilliant and dedicated player and he's a very, very decent human being.
As for Kepler: Yip, not popular. Very opinionated. But he has the credentials playing test cricket for two countries. Plus he took EP from also rans to their firs national title when at the helm.
I think there is something of a Peter's Principle involved in SACU - don't appoint people that can threaten our positions.
Agree boertjie... Fanie was a brilliant player and great role model...  
Ray Jennings is just the sort of coach we need in Australia. He's completely crazy of course, but he has that "ornery" attitude that might have lifted the team and really got under the Aussies' skins. Just look at what he did with an ordinary Easterns team a couple of years ago.

I fear the worst under Mickey Arthur.
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