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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Vodacom WP players for under-19 camp

Eleven Vodacom Western Province players have been invited by South Africa under-19 coach Eugene Eloff for a training camp as he prepares his charges to defend the IRB Under-19 World Championship title they won in Durban earlier this year.

The camp, to be held in Saldanha from December 3-9, is aimed at helping selectors identify players who will represent the country in the IRB tournament to be held in Dubai next year.

The players invited are:


Henry Bantjies, Mthunzi Mabeta, Pieter Meyer, Drew van Coller, Stefan Watermeyer, Vainon Willis


Jarryd Greyvenstein, Mathew Lutge, Musa Tukela


Kirwen Frieslaar, Lubabalo Gwavu, Christopher Juries, Marlon Lewis, Aubrey Mc Donald


Zander De Kock


Josephus Oosthuizen, Francois Steyn, Kevin Stevens


Byron Godfrey, Malungisa Nkosi, Ghaliel Markus, Justin St Jerry, Johan van Deventer, Johannes Janse van Rensburg, Alred van Rooyen, Hercules Venter


Dabeon Draghoender, Alex van Staden


Riacco Eilard, Petrus Vermeulen


Christopher Mickelwood, Luzuko Vulindlu


Burton Francis, Johan Jackson, Edgar Maruthule, Hendrik Roodt


Divan Kapp, Lehan Koekemoer


Conrad Britz


Llewellyn Adonis, Kent Hendricks, Conrad Hoffmann, Hayden Groepes, Morne Jooste, Siyasanga Mkiva, Edward Peverett, Jacques Rossouw, Jean Rossouw, Andre Smith, Clayton Stewart

(WP Rugby)
Saldana Bay

Couldn't find a more remote locasion?

Why not St.Pete's?

Welcome. Holiday time remember. They want to give the players some entertainment value aswell.
Howzit StP

What A list celebs are gracing your place of work today?
hey my boet's there, i will tell him to go watch and keep us informed.  
Yip PA

You must sommer mail me his address as well

Live commentary, but not the way Chris does it. He will actually be close to the venue.
No "A" list Celeb's this week.

Very nice of Tina to leave me a Magnum of Pommery Louise 1989 though.

Seriously, didn't know anyone still lives up in Saldana. Does that Club Med place still exsist just south of it? Can't imagine the boys finding too much punamy there.
How unusual

Typical WP Bias !

Mark My Words WP are Headed the

Way Of The Sharks !

Morning. It doesn't matter where WP or anyone of the top five is going. Next years CC finalists = SEC and SWD.
Donner ?? lol

BS - No matter how may players from how many provinces or how many countries you'll get - the truth of the matter - nay the reality is that SEC will see their behinds next year in the cc and the two years after that in the S14.

You can't jumpstart a dead horse no matter what you use. The only farts who think this can actually work are sitting in Parlement. And they're too stupid to know any better.

Shame on the rest.
Eish i had to got o saldahna for an op fok when i was 16 - its a nice place.

Francis - i for one whould think a strong SEC would benefit SA rugny - besides imagine the horror when the sharks lose at Boet Erasmas !
Just wanted 2 say good job on the site boys.looking 4ward to loads of K.P. over december  

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. Never underestimate passion and opportunity.

BTW I wasn't joking.

did you not get my mail last thursday evening?

Who would care if the sharks lose to the SEC side? Both are bottom dwellers. Tag teams for S14.

Sharks will be bottom dwellers in S14 next year, after which they'll just tag their fellow bottom dwellers in the S14 - SEC - so that they can have a turn at being beaten to laughing stock.

Woe to the republic.

I'm sure the Japs have passion and plenty of opportunity and they are hardly considered GIANTS
... in world rugby.

The same with SEC.

Get real.
i guess the general perceptions RE the SEC is valid, seeing the drivel we get fed through the media.

people forget though that a team like SWD made the CC semi's 5 years ago and gave a team like the bulls a hiding at loftus not too long ago.

it is all about money, i was shocked to read the new sarugby mag and see the difference when it comes to money between the big and small unions.
fact is, if businesses in SA, or SArugby for that matter does not come to the party a small unions will never challenge for bigger honours.

hell, some might even shut down permanently. i guess it starts with the right administration though, and that is one thing they are starting to get right in this region at least.
You're talking a lot ahead of time aren't you Francis?

The new franchise hasn't even started and you're already writing them off.

Shouldn't you at least wait and see what happens?


You did National Service too?

Are you THAT old? I thought all IT geeks were in their early to mid twenties!

Don't have to wait.

It is logical. Like I said with the dead horse - no matter how much money u spend, it will remain dead.

Don't be so naive.

Let's rather focus on the CATS whom we know would have a splendid 2006 year.

These players haven't been given opportunities due to different circumstances. Comparing them to Japan is plain stupid. They are also South Africans and will be able to hold their own if the right structures are in place.

Like a few muppets on Keo preciously pointed out, Japan has a problem when it comes to their natural build. They have been small people historically. That is shy they will always struggle.
DavidS - nah i didn't do National Service - i removed myself to the Transkei for a couple of years of R and R post school, added to the occasional jet setting off to obscure island like New Zealand ;)  

Alright, give you that one - bad example -How about Samoa and Fiji?
Gr8 at 7's. Big guys. Lots of talent and opportunities - Passion as well. No success.
Not much money. But lots of opportunities.

AND Italy? Don't tell me they don't have the same amount of money for their teams as Ireland or Wales. They constantly get their arses whipped.

Screw Circumstances. Apartheid is now 11 years over. Forget that old excuse. Things changed Thanks to the new Government !! and I bet you didn't like that.

Remember - you can't keep a good man down. SEC in 11 years sucked - save for one little dimn spark. No good man rising there.
SEC sucked as provincial sides, they suck now and they will always suck.

Viva CATS and Crusaders
Those who write of the Spears should do it at their own peril.

never underestimate the human spirit- these guys have something to prove- and a lot of institutionalised support will be forthcoming over the next couple of years- Pieter De Villiers understands the game

Remember- Cheetahs were givin no chance to win CC 2005-

The whole issue is going to ignite the SA teams- in order not to end up 5- which is a good thing

Super 14 2006 is going to be very interesting

The opportunities I refered to had nothing to do with apartheid. It was related to poor structures and administration.

Everything is not about apartheid and race.

There is an Africaans saying, I think, which goes - de gees is gewilig, maar de vlees is swak.

Sure, they can have all the passion, but if you're bad, then your bad. Point.

And don't even get me started on the Cheetahs. They shouldn't even have played in the semis - regardless of the final.
The Lions destroyed them twice, so did the bulls. And they were lucky they won against WP. One day their luck will run out against WP and the sharks and that stroke of furtune in the final - almost as rare as lightning hitting the same spot twice - won't last. Against the Lions luck didn't even help them. No everyone can agree with me - the real final was in the semis at Loftus (%*$) Too bad we lost.

Because of the faulty system in this year's cc, I don't think the winner can actually say their that with a clear conscience.

I see it is a bad day at the office. Did you post on Keo and what was your nick. Don't seem to remember you

Yes I did post on Keo, but under a different name.

Now why did you change your nick. Tells us what your nick was on Keo?
I was a quiet boy, only posting a couple of times a week. No I'm out of the closet - so to speak.

Gr8 day actually at the office.
I'm really kicking arse today - and at work too.

I have a good reputation on Keo. My alter ego is alive here.

I can give you a hint. I'm a Cats and Lions supporter and I love the beer in Jo'burg

on the beer in Joburg

any beer that we do not get in Bloem?

On your response

The Lions outplayed the Cheetahs in Bloem- conceded

The game in Jozi- had a one point difference- hardly what anyone would be describing as "destroyed"

on the 3 games that cheetahs played against the bulls in 2005- they lost the game that mattered- likewise the Lions- you lost when it mattered. Your precious Lions lost both games against the WP-seems to me they are not so hot heh

Face up to it- or GRRRR... yourself for another bad S14.

I am positive about the Spears- because I want to and can afford it- why are you negative?

worried perhaps?

PS. I really rate the Lions- especially Wickus- and your backline- and am on record at keo that I said that your pack is the best in SA- so what is it that you are lacking?
I'm a Cats / Lions boy

We always look good on paper, only to end up flattering to deceive....plaese god not this year again...

donner Frances does havea point though.

Lions ended second on the points log after the roun robin stages. In fairness they should have played a home semi against FS or the WP.

The whole system was a screw up. We can only hope for better next year. Must say I like the look of the new system. Brings the wild cards to the table.
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