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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Things are moving fast in Spears country

Story: EP Herald

Spears in rugby ties with Kiwi academy

By Stan Terblanche

NEW rugby ties were forged between former All Black No 8 Murray Mexted and Southern Spears Super 14 franchise officials in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

Former Springbok scrumhalf Garth Wright, who is a personal friend of Mexted, arranged the meeting and he believes it should prove highly beneficial to rugby in the region.

Southern Spears coach Peter de Villiers, who came from George to attend, and managing director Tony McKeever, were in attendance.

Mexted is also adamant the move could benefit the region. He believes a plan can be put in place where young players from New Zealand, who are unable to command a place in the top provincial teams, could spend some time honing their skills with the Spears squad.

Already there are plans for the Super 14 franchise squad to travel to New Zealand for a 14-day period to attend the International Rugby Academy’s course in February, and at the same time to play at least two or three friendly matches.

The livewire McKeever confirmed yesterday that he is currently in discussion with somebody who is prepared to under- write the 14-day trip to New Zealand.

Mexted, who is at the head of the International Rugby Academy in New Zealand, said the institute had been going for the past four years and many of the top coaches in world rugby are directly involved.

Among those are Laurie Mains, Wayne Smith, Eddie Jones, Nick Mallett, Graham Henry, Grant Fox and John Mitchell.

Mexted has come to South Africa with the intention of encouraging unions in South Africa to send talented youngsters to the courses.

"Ashley Johnson, who is a member of the Spears squad, attended the course in New Zealand in February, and I am sure he benefited greatly," Mexted said.

Watch that Ashley Johnson guy! Sheez, only 19 years old.
The more I read and hear about these guys, the bigger my believe grows that they are going to surprise alot of ppl this year and kick some serious ass in the S14 next year.  
he is from WP i know. Played SA Schools i think. Was great for WP U18's... If i'm not mistaken he is a no8. I think he will be moving to hooker, they did a profile bout him on Supersport just b4 he left for NZ... A Great talent...

The guy starred in the trials last Friday. Everybody is talking about him as the youngest ever Captain of a Super 14 side. He was devastating - on defence and attack. And I say again, he is 19 years old!
Johnson klink na die soort ou wat andersins vir SA rugby verlore kan raak. Daar moet hope sulke talent in die SOK wees.
Ek kry al meer moed vir die Spears - klink of hulle dinge regtig professioneel wil benader.
Dit gaan aansteeklik deurwerk na die publiek - hopelik ook na 'n paar ander unies :-)
Geez, I love the professional way these guys are going about things. McKeever sounds like he's the kind leader we need in rugby. Dynamic, intelligent, hardworking, hands-on. Not an 'administrator' of the game, but a leader.

The coaching and management staff sound VERY focused and determined to make this team a success.

I can support these guys, really I can.
Before I take my hat and jacket and head for the door....

The only people/organisation that will be making money out of this venture will be the Kiwi mob. it is business for them and they could not care less about what happens after the account is settled. What, 14 days, for a course, include a few game...who are we trying to bluff?

Potch will give you the same without the cost. Sorry guys, great idea but maybe you should think it through.

So where did I put my bloody hat...
I agree with Koos that Mexted and the Kiwis will be looking at the bottom line but I'm delighted to read this piece anyway.

For too long in SA we have been insular and inward looking. Anything that breaks that mould and get's us interacting with 'overseas' rugby cultures is a good thing, in my opinion.

These boys certainly sound like they are cooking on gas down in the SEC. It's quite possible they can become everyone's favourite 'second' team. Wouldn't that be amazing.

You guys can chew on the below - my concern is they, the International Rugby Academy, can only do us in Mid to end March and I have elected to play some "Ïnternationals" and that clashes - I had originally discussed February to Up-Skill our squad in an intensive program and now I feel one can ingrain a belief in our South African youth that to go to NZ and attend the IRA one almost submliminally brainwashes them that the NZ boys are superior and that is a problem for me, as this will stay with them for the next 3 years. Rather we do this on our home turf - besides which we flag and offer them the opportunity of profiling our talent when next we go head to head in internationals - kind of like giving the game away.

You can read Mexted's comments and offering but the timing and the rationale was good for Feb but the above sentiments and mid to end March does not suit us.

Quote @ 14 December 2005
To: Tony Spears, The Spears (
For: Intensive training camp at International Rugby Academy
Numbers: 27 players and three management
Dates: Customised course for 10 days (9 nights):
Arrive morning of 13 March, depart after lunch 22 March 2006
· Accommodation at the Millennium Institute, Auckland for nine nights. Facilities include accommodation, dining, Olympic size swimming pool, 400m running track, rugby field, basketball court, cardio, weights and strength and conditioning rooms. Additional activities include kayaking, water polo, rock climbing on site.
· All meals at Millennium Institute (breakfast x 9, morning tea x 9, lunch x 10, afternoon tea x 9, dinner x 9)
· Intensive training camp run by International Rugby Academy staff coaches:
Dave Rennie, Facilitator (10 days)
Dave Rennie is employed as team coach for the courses that IRANZ operates throughout the year. He has outstanding qualifications following stints as head coach for the Wellington Lions from 2000-2002 (winning the NPC in 2000) and assistant coach for the Hurricanes in 2002. Dave coached eight All Blacks who were playing for Wellington during this time including Tana Umaga, Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen and Alama Ieremia.
With Dave’s indepth knowledge of rugby and his experience at all levels of rugby within New Zealand, he has a huge amount to offer any team committed to improving their performance. He is renowned for his ability to communicate effectively with players and coaches and has a wealth of knowledge, gathered from his time spent with our position specific specialists.
Dave Ellis, Progressive Skills Specialist (10 days)
Dave Ellis is employed by IRANZ as our skills expert and multimedia producer. He also runs skills' sessions for club, school and representative teams. Dave has a lateral approach to coaching, having worked with a variety of sports in New Zealand and overseas including Australian netball and cricket, rugby league and American Football. With his indepth knowledge of rugby and his experience with these other sports, Dave has developed a unique coaching style and our high performance graduates and array of international coaches have rated him highly in their evaluations. He is an integral part of our team.
As skills' coach for IRANZ, Dave covers all aspects of player skill development. With a special interest in vision and decision making, Dave often builds these components into his skills' sessions giving them their own unique flavour. At academy courses Dave runs sessions on the Basic Pass, Taking the Ball into Contact, Defence Skills, Tackle and Evasion Skills along with his Vision and Decision Making session that he has developed himself from a unique blend of information from various sports adapted for rugby.

Wayne Taylor – Strength and Conditioning Coach, Injury Prevention, Team Building (10 days)
IRANZ Fitness Specialist Wayne Taylor is the current fitness trainer for the New Zealand U21 team and the Tasman NPC team. He is a vital member of the IRANZ team working closely with the players to educate them on rugby specific conditioning to maximise each individual’s potential. This includes all training techniques and clear guidelines of the training ethic required. For coaches, Wayne provides them with the tools to understand and plan the physiological requirements for their players. This gives coaches an overall understanding of ‘when and what to do’ when planning and periodising all training volumes, intensity, weekly routines, conditioning and recovery.
Wayne is able to fitness test a team and gives feedback on individual standards specific to each player’s position and compares them to those required at higher levels, i.e. academy, NPC etc. From this information clear guidelines and individual targets can then be set.
Wayne has trained extensively in strength and conditioning, sports rehabilitation, massage and sports medicine. He has completed studies through the Chek Corrective and High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist Institute in the USA. He also specialises in team building and has designed team building and leadership activities for elite rugby teams including the NZ Black Ferns as well as Leadership Captaincy Courses for the NZRU.

Position Specific Specialists
Richard Loe/Bull Allen: scrum analysis, set up of scrum, the maul, position specific (front row): technical and practical (3 days):
Ian Jones: forward consultant, aerial possession, driving maul, position specific (locks): technical and practical (7 days)
Ant Strachan: clearance of the ball from set play and broken play, position specific (half backs): technical and practical
Murray Mexted: position specific (loose forwards): technical and practical (3 days)
Liam Barry: position specific (loose forwards): technical and practical (1.5 days)
Grant Fox: field position, alignment and starter moves, kicking module, position specific (1st 5/8): technical and practical (2 days)
Dave Rennie: back attack, back defence, counter attack, creation and exploitation of space, position specific (2nd 5/8): technical and practical (10 days)
Frank Bunce: backline defence from broken and set play, position specific (centre): technical and practical (1.5 days)
Jeff Wilson: back attack, counter attack, position specific (centre): technical and practical (3 days)
* See attached tutor list for bullet points on each of the position specific coaches

Also includes
· Two matches at the Millennium Institute against local competition
· Filming and analysis of both matches
· Conference room

· Training diary for players
· Course folder/training diaries for coaches/management
· Airport transfers from Auckland International Airport to the Millennium Institute and return
· Transport to match venues
Does not include:
· Airfares to and from Auckland, New Zealand
· Sightseeing options

Please Note:
Course tutors may change depending on availability. Tutors will be confirmed as soon as booking is confirmed.
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