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Monday, December 05, 2005


SWD - The most marketable Union in SA!

Outeniqua Park at dusk. Light traffic noise. Ranges of mountains melding into hues of blue, merging with a darkening sky. Green. Green foliage. Green shrubbery. George is green… George is gorgeous… George is the sexiest city in our land.

George is home also to the Eagles.

Take note, you Warriors of Rugby. The Eagle is rebuilding its tattered nest. The Eagle will defend this nest as only a raptor can and will. Take note, you Gladiators of The Game, but beware… The Eagle is soaring.

SWD is one of the smallest Rugby Unions in South Africa, a veritable Cinderella. It has, in the past, had its moments: A Currie Cup Semi-final berth in 1999, a regular presence at the national Club Championships, a showing at Craven Weeks, a few 7’s Springboks… but mostly SWD was the Cinderella of SA Rugby.

No more!

No more shall you Ugly Sisters poach our talent! We shall retain the fruits of our development programs by giving talented youngsters contracts… and game time.

No more shall you Ugly Sisters pluck feathers from this bird of Jove! We shall defend our historic pride and our new-found dignity with a vigour akin to a bird of prey.

The Home of the Eagle will become the place where local, and selected national and international talent, congregate to plan to conquer land animals like Bulls and Lion and Cheetah, to net Sharks, to pluck peacocks and to snap up Daisies.

Where do you think, coaches and managers of the SA Rugby Powers, will the players our new coach wants be keenest to be: “Tshwane”, or the golf Mecca of South Africa – George; “Joeys”, or near the awesome Wilderness; “Bloem”, or in the lush Garden City; on pebbled beaches in “Durbs”, or on sandy ones at Vic Bay?

What do you think players would rather have: Game time in a green shirt, or bench time in blue or black or red strip?

The people of South Western Districts shall will the Eagles to victory. People from all walks of life, across cultural and language and race and income divides, are uniting behind the waxing call of the greatest creature of the skies – the Eagle.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Have to admit, I'm afraid!  
A very eloquent and impassioned detailing of the desirability of your region, Kandas!!

There is no doubt that for any players looking for 'lifestyle' in addition to their rugby career, they could do a lot worse than head for the SEC.

The issue is, where should the players base themselves? Where should they rent or buy a house?

If they rent/buy in Plett, for instance, they'd be ideally suited for George but PE would start to become a bit of a trip and EL would be far to travel.

I suppose the realistic option has to be Port Elizabeth?

I think there is a bit of misunderstanding here. I am now only talking about the SWD and not the SEC or Border or EP. People have to remember that we are talking about four different entities in the same way that we are talking about WP and Boland and Sormers as seperate entities.

The SWD consist of parts of the Karoo (Beaufort West/ Uniondale, etc.), Klein Karoo (Oudtshoorn, etc.) and the Garden Route (George, Mosselbay, Knysna, etc.). Also important to note that the SWD will try next year to qualify for the CC Premier Division. Which will mean that both the SWD and the Spears will play in the CC Premier Division.

Last Friday 10 of the SWD players were selected for the Spears side. New players coming to the SWD will be eligible for the Spears but they will be based in the SWD - staying, and registering for Clubs Clubs, in Oudtshoorn, George, Mossel Bay, etc.
Oh, and Thanks for the compliment Ras. :)  

Can you please email me with an address I can reply back to.

Have a suggestion.


The SWD has always delivered quality players. It will now be the big question to keep them. The SEC S14 franchise made it easier, but now the challenge will be to step up to the plate.

I believe they will and it could mean a swift in the traditional strongholds of SA rugby.
Kandas, you are 100% correct. I wasn't paying enough attention.

My questions are obviously irrelevant as regards the SWD, apologies.

Sheesh, imagine being selected for the SWD and being able to live in Plett and canoe up my favourite stretch of river on the Keurbooms!!!! Man, I wish I was a good rugby player!!!.....and a few years younger ;-)

Donner, absofirkinglutely, and I firmly believe there are tons more potentially great players in the SWD (in addition to SEC). What they need is an entity in which they can have faith and belief - somewhere that is going places, where salaries are paid on time and the media are generally favourable.

I'm hoping that with the new energy and passion behind the SWD, and SEC, the foundation for this new and emerging esprits de corps will be laid.
PA appears to be sitting on the stoep with his good Scottish lady, staring at the stars on the horizon ;-)))) Hopefully, he is at least having a braai!

Do any of you know how popular or discrete PA would like to keep this hidden corner of the rugby world over the festive season?

I have an idea that could introduce a few old friends, and possibly foes!

If it is meant to be kept fairly quiet and invitation only then fair enough, I'm just looking forward to Brannasnacht already!
ras old (new) brannes buddy.

feel free to mail me at
Hi PA, sent you the email but a friend called whilst I was sending, hope it made sense as, unlike women, I can't multi-task.  
Ras, Boertjie,

Are you out there?
So pas gearriveer. Ek sien die site het ontwikkel in 'n propagandamasjien vir Kandas en SWD
Kandas - baie goed geskryf, hoor!

EK kan myself nie uitspreek oor die propoganda gedeelte nie, maar ek ken die area en sy geskiedenis in 'n sekere sin. Kom ek stel dit so, die Bulle en WP sal moet oppas. WP se rekord van vyf in 'n ry kan baie vinnig in gedrang kom. On shet net altyd gehoor van die Vrystaat wat "gerape" word tov spelers, maar daar is baie spelers wat uit SWD kom wat nou groot name is.
Die "propaganda" was 'n grappie.
Ek is self dol op daai streek. En tussen my en jou: Ek dink WP en Stormers se broeke is klaar op hul knieë...

Ek kry die idee hulle het nie meer broeke aan nie :-)
I posted a comment on your Blou Willem thread.
Of enigeen van julle:
Het julle dalk 'n kopie van Teddy Shnapps se boek oor die Springbokke?

Nee. Sal dit op die wish list sit
Nee hel waar is julle nou.

Ras hou op artikels soek. Jy kan dit na 12 doen wanneer ons gaan slaap :-)
Dit is onder meer 'n ongelooflike bron van die spanne wat al die toetse gespeel het, in tabelvorm.
Ek sal betaal vir fotostate.
Lyk my nie Brannasnacht vat vlam nie, en ek het 'n paar e-pos probleme en sukkel met vertaalwerk.
Praat weer more of so.
Sorry Boertjie

Maar die ark was oop hierdie kant, sal maar weer later kuier.

Goed gese Kandas

Die enigste probleem met al hierdie spanne is dat daar net vir 22 plek op 'n Saterdag is

Hoe groot is Outenikwa Park?

I think it was Tackler who told the story of Border beating Fred Allen's unhappy New Zealanders in 1949.... Border are going to be part of the Spears set-up.

I for one can't wait to see a rejuvenated Eastern Cape rugby side.

The idea of living in Mosselbay, Knysna, George, Wilderness and one of my favorite places in the world, Klein Brak Rivier, would more than be an incentive to take a hike from Joburg and go play for SEC / SWD if I were a fringe player at one of the bigger unions.

I'm impressed that Pieter De Villiers is showing, with his selections so far, a total commitment to making SEC team THE premier team on the cutting edge of rugby transformation.

Now, I hope SWD hands out a few PK's as well. The Blue Bulls have this habit of falling in EL, and in the 80's they had this habit, big names and all, of cracking at The Boet.

Here's hoping Outeniqua turns into a hoodoo ground for them too.

I remember a few years ago the Lions and the Bulls getting torn new assholes at Outeniqua Park.
Not afraid at us your players first.

Bulls are going to give you a Danie Roussow anyway.
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