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Thursday, December 15, 2005



The franchises haven’t announced their Super 14 squads yet. They will on 6 January 2006. On 21 January 2006 the Cats face their first challenge against a young and inexperienced Spears. Snubbed for the Super 14 by Norman Arendze’s panel, the Spears will be out to make a point. DavidS, the quintessential Cats fan, speculates about the make-up of the squad and the one that will face the stern Spears test and probably the Stormers at Newlands in the season opener

There are a few things to recall about this side. The first is that under the rugby transformation edict that Mveleli Ncula issued there must be eight black players in the squad, six in the match 22 and eight in the squad of 30. The second is that Frans Ludeke will want to retain the nucleus of the Lions for the squad and basically, the squad will be a beefed up Lions squad with depth added at key positions where the Lions are lacking. If DavidS was the selector with these conditions, this is the squad he’d like to see.

1. Lawrence Sephaka
2. Lukas Van Biljon
3. Marius Hurter
4. Kleinjan Tromp
5. Jannes Labuschagne
6. Cobus “Baywatch” Grobbelaar
7. Wikus Van Heerden ©
8. Gerhard Vosloo
9. Enrico Januarie
10. André Pretorius
11. Ashwin Willemse
12. Wayne Julies
13. Jacque Fourie
14. John Daniels
15. Conrad Jantjes
16. Gordon Gilfillian
17. Jonathan Mukoena
18. Earl Rose
19. Baksteen Nel
20. Nicholas Eyre
21. Grant Estehuizen
22. James Van der Walt

The other four?

23. Casper Steyn
24. Heinrich Kok
25. Willem Stolz
26. John Daniels

Aside from Jonathan Mukoena (Leopards) and Casper Steyn (Pumas) the rest are all from the Lions and their selections are self explanatory. Two notes. There are still injury clouds over André Pretorius, Ashwin Willemse and Kleinjan Tromp. If the three of them don’t make it, then there would be the following replacements in my Cats side:

a. For André Pretorius Nel Fourie
b. For Kleinjan Tromp Trevor Hall (seeing as Cobus Grobler – the other one – has moved to Bloem)
c. For Ashwin Willemse Ogingwa Siwundla

However in the starting line-up, Casper Steyn, who was superb for the Pumas last season at flyhalf would replace Pretorius. Ashwin would be replaced by John Daniels and Gordon Gillfillian would start.

We have a massive shortage of quality at scrumhalf and here’s sincerely hoping we don’t have an injury with Enrico Januarie, because there’s a vast difference between him and the next best in Nicolas Eyre. Anyway look carefully and note this down:

You are looking at the names of the Super 14 Champions 2006.
very good squad davids...........on paper.  
hehe, couldnt help myself!!  
Dammit PA you bastard I knew someone was going to say that!!!!!!  
Not in the first comment though!!!!  
damn, i missed a trick, i should have poste "Beeld" in my first comment  
My sammajoor in the army used to say to us before an opfok

"You are playing wif de lion's ainies"

Keep going PA...keep going....

At least we managed to beat the Bulls in S12 in 2004. Must be because.......

hehehehehehe, the bulls one is better............on paper  
plus i dont have a hassle, WP is kak...........even on paper!  
Thanks for the article. I agree on everything. Now just remember to copy and save to see how close you were.
PissAnt- Now it's your turn... How do you think the Stormers should look next year..?
Jammer, het nou eers die Stormers artikel gesien...
no problem  
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