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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Super 14: Spears make the front page!

It is wonderful to see the Southern Spears being splashed across the front page of today's The Herald. Way to go for all involved!

To view the actual full front page visit
Well done Kandas

This article seems to be a paste and copy job from your press release.

My wife's press releases get the same treatment usually.

She spends weeks writing them, then the so-called experts at Business Day just copy and paste her release and claim it as their own...
Can we change this site to Spears!?

Just joking, I know there is no new news from the other unions!
Oh and before I forget, Oranje Orakel Likes Heynecke Meyers Schnyster/poepol!  

Tony does his own media releases and we are not involved in it. We are involved with SWD and are assisting Tony in the timeous distribution of his releases.

Okay, so my note yesterday about it being too long was aimed at him then...


Good coverage for the team though

But typical media too...

Your context?

Yip it seems that the Herald can do with a bit of Oranje then.
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