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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Super 14: Probable Stormers team for S14 of 2006

Seeing that the cutoff for the announcement of the teams are only 9 January 2006, it seems some rugrats (Rugga World posters) want to start speculating over the possible teams. The biggest problem still is the tight five shortages and with Dollie going to the Spears, flyhalf was left a little thin with Grant still to prove himself.

Here is my squad if I was afforded the luxury of selecting them.

1 Neil Fullard
2 H Shimange
3 JD Moller
4 Andries Bekker
5 Ross Skeate
6 Schalk Burger
7 Justin Melck
8 Joe van Niekerk
9 Paul Delport ©
10 Peter Grant
11 Jongi Nokwe
12 De Wet Barry
13 Jean de Villiers
14 Ryno Benjamin
15 Chavanga
16 Edmonds
17 Eddie Andrews
18 Rob Linde (Who else???)
19 Luke Watson
20 Bolla Conradie
21 Marius Joubert
22 Justin Peach

Rest of 26
Doug Weatley
Werner Greeff (unfortunately)
Pieter Louw

Most of my selections speaks for themself, the one however I would like to explain is Jean at 13. I still maintain that Jean on the outside will create more opportunities than close in. Anycase De Wet is a great organiser of defense and with the lack of a brilliant tight five the Stormers will have to do alot of defending. Paul Delport must captain the side as it is imporbable that he will be required to do Boks duty and therefore some continuity can be taken through to the CC

Now fire away!

Is almal al met vakansie?

Ek dink nie hulle hou hulle oe oop vir nuwe threads nie.
Before everybody start asking me about Schalk Brits. If the Stormers had a brilliant T5 Iwould rather play him than Edmonds, but at this stage they need strong hookers. I just don't get that impression from Schalk (although he will probably bliksem me), but he acts more as a loose forward when you dominate upfront.

Maybe they can use him in games against the Aussie teams and the Sharks.
Okei Donner

Ek sit al die laaste twee dae en dink aan 'n clever naam om muppits te vervang en jy kom sommer netso daarmee op.

wpw sal nou sy naam moet verander na therugratknownaswpw

Waar's Zaheer Raylands?

En die ander skrumskakels?
Niel De Kock kry nie plek nie?  
better front row than mine, would like to brits though, but shimmie deserves his chance.

on experience ill take luke ahead of melck, use him as a super sub rather.

agree on paul

jean at 10

mj at 13

nokwe and chavies on the wings

peach the fullback

Can only choose 26. There are enough to cover wing and two scrummies is certainly enough in teh 26
and how can you not have gus in the squad?  
Yo,Donner i was gonna question why you made Delport captain but you backed it up rather nicely.well done boet.  
Lyk my ek het iets langs die pad gemis? Waar is Gus Theron? Het die Sharks hom gekoop?  

I didn't know you wanted me to name the waterboys aswell.
what about Gerrie Britz on the bench in place of Linde?
And i hope Bolla gets a decent run... Nobody is saying anything of Chumani Booi...Did we not buy him last yr for the S14? I'm sure we did...

You thug you. Gerrie can be in place of Rob, but Rob seems to have abit more mongrel in him. Although he doesn't look like it.

Ek is nog hier.

Gaan nog baie straont praat vannaand- volgende week ook

Rugrats- kole

Liverpool rocks!!
Daar was heeldag nie nuwe threads nie- hoekom moet ons ns oe oophou
The way I see it. The Stormers won't do great, they must just make it to 2007. Then guys like Moller, Fullhard and Bekker will be hardebaarde en dan gaan die kak spat. Its a good team. And the tightfive will be great. One day!  

Tony is answering your questions on his thread
Goeie span...
net 'n paar dinge:
1. Is Neil Fullard nie 'n vaskop nie?
2. Sou eerder vir Brits i.p.v. Edmonds daar wou gehad het.
3. Ek sal graag vir Geo Applon in die span bo Werner Greeff wou sien.
4. Verstaan jou standpunt i.v.m. kaptein maar ou Scalla sal ook nie 'n slegte roep wees nie.
5. Is Boland se stutte nie veronderstel om ook goed te wees nie?
6. Die twee of drie ouens wat ons "gekoop" het behoort sekerlik ook plek te kry nl, Attie Winter, die stut van oorsee en Booi?

Ek vra nederig onverskoning. Heeltemal vergeet van Aplon. Stem saammet jou.

So ver ek weet het die "Bulle dra almal rokke" die beste van die Boland stutte gekoop. Ingils as ek reg onthou.
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