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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Super 14: Painting the town RED!!!


In a mammoth display of solidarity and inclusiveness, that is becoming the hallmark of the Southern Spears Super 14 rugby franchise, today announced, at a media conference at City Hall, an invitation to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality and their 6,000 employees and families to attend the inaugural match on the 14th January 2006.

Mr. Aldy Meyer, Chairman of the Southern Spears Super 14 Franchise, declared, “This is an unprecedented offering in South African rugby, to offer over R400,000-00 worth of complimentary tickets to the Nelson Mandela Municipality. We feel it is time that the rugby passion in the region is ignited and that all rugby fans and their families in the area, are afforded the opportunity to watch the Spears at their inaugural match against the 2005 Currie Cup Champions”.

Already some 10,000 tickets with a face value of R65-00 have been taken up in response to the Southern Spears press and radio campaign on Algoa FM.

This early gift of Christmas cheer is also extended to all Port Elizabeth’s corporations and their employees to support the Southern Spears team, on condition that tickets are collected before the 7th January and that supporters wear red on the day of the match.

Another interesting incentive and motivation to supporters is that VIP parking for 1,000 cars has been set aside for all red, black and white cars, directly outside the stadium grounds in a specially cordoned off parking section.

The spontaneous response of the public has been so overwhelming, with families planning to spend the entire afternoon at the EP Rugby Union grounds to watch the curtain raiser and squad of SpearLeaders, that the Municipality’s Traffic and Disaster Management Division have already planned for a series of meetings in anticipation of a full stadium of 30,000.

In a further gracious gesture, the Nelson Mandela Metro Fire Department have been allocated prime parking and seating for their red fire engines and firemen and firewomen.

The much anticipated game of the Southern Spears against the Free State Cheetahs, the 2005 Currie Cup Champions is intended to be a huge baptism of fire for Peter de Villiers’ squad of 28 players, who represent the regions new crop of players. The Southern Spears will burst onto the South African rugby scene on the 14th January 2006 when they meet the Cheetahs in a warm up friendly in Port Elizabeth.

De Villiers’ acumen and excellent judge of rugby talent, has crafted a team of virtual unknowns into the Southern Spears, a formidable and exciting team of the People. Without any prescribed formula to develop a Southern Spears Team, de Villiers and his assistant coaches, Dumisani Mhani of Border and Johan Lerm of South Western Districts, have called up a squad of 28 talented and conditioned players that is representative of Border, Eastern Province and South Western Districts and especially of South Africa.

The players have been assessed by the Sports Science Institute and SA Rugby’s High Performance Unit and have been rated in fitness, strength, endurance and stamina, as good as the best rugby players in South Africa. Tony McKeever, CEO of the Southern Spears said, “It is our objective to fill the stadium in a sea of red, on the afternoon of the 14th January 2006, to allow our players to draw off the passion and enthusiasm of the crowd of supporters, that have turned out to watch them play”. McKeever went on to add, “Our players are in peak physical condition but need to be so psychologically motivated to win, a full stadium, will enhance their mental toughness and desire to win. Can you imagine the shock waves that will reverberate through South African rugby if the Spears beat the 2005 Currie Cup Champions? It is possible and our team knows it. That is why we are calling for the support and turn out of the people of the Nelson Mandela Metro to support their team”.

The Southern Spears Super 14 campaign starts on the 14th January against the Cheetahs in Port Elizabeth, the 21st January 2006 against the Cats in East London and the 28th January against the Stormers in Wellington.

Thereafter the Southern Spears are on an international campaign against the likes of Kenya, the USA Eagles, Uruguay, Madagascar and Argentina before they commence duty in the 2006 Currie Cup.

If anyone desires a ticket for their friends and family, they are to e-mail before the 7th January 2006 and they have to wear red on the day of the match on the 14th January 2006.
Aldy??...MMM!i wonder!

I hope they win
Aldy??...MMM!i wonder!

I hope they win

Did you write this release?

It's a bit long winded but very good nevertheless.

I would have kept it a bit shorter.

BTW, are the Spears management planning anything for the EL game and the same level of marketing for the Cats match in East London?

So Tony heads up the CC side of the Spears and Aldy the S14 side or how does it work?


What you wondering

ps. Sorry about taking the lead story. I dunno how to move mine to No.2, but you're welcome to it.

Just how small will Oranje Orakel feel should the Spears win?

That would be worth a chuckle.
Bet his sphincter is already giving it large.
dont they play against the cows too? i think i read that the match was cancelled though.  
was just pondering if Aldo has any involvement in this.  
Oh StP

You're walking into this one

Just the same as the atmosphere the Bulls tried to create at Loftus this year at the Final?

Province, if I had anything to do with this, they'd be playing the Bulls twice before S14 and I'd make them lose everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Tell you what though

These boys of the Spears are going to come out smoking and this is going to be more than a warm-up match for the Cheetahs, Cats and Stormers.

Thinking of it now, maybe the Bulls and Sharks have been bright not to play in this fixture because it'll be a Super 15 for the other three teams....

Unlike you I believe that the Sharks and Bulls have been quite bright not to play the Spears in a warm-up match.

These Spears are going to come out smoking, determined, passionate fueled by a fanatic home town crowd with a point to prove.

The Cheetahs, Stormers and Cats are in for a hair raising ride in these warm-ups.

They're going to end up playing a Super 15!!!!!!!
The Spears taking on the Bully Boys would put an end to their marketing campaign ala quick.

Nobody enjoys a blood bath......except maybe the S/M Cats crowd?
I think we are all just interested in seeing if this Spears side can play.  

hit it on the head StP.
Yup St P

Just ask Anton Leonard next time how it felt trailing the Lions by 20 after half the match and having 38 put past them.

Oh and ask him how come the Bulls lost to only one South African team in the opener and ask him how Ettienne Botha feklt being Wayne Julies' bitch.

Then fast forward to the semi and ask Wynand Olivier how it felt to have Wayne Julies make you look like a doos...twice....

Oh, and at least we didn't lose to Freestate at Ellispark....


i am staying out of this one for once!!
I agree thouh StP

I wish the Spears good luck.

I honestly don't think they're going to win any of the warm-ups, but I hope for their part they play a cracker in each so they scare the three warm-up teams and have a nice solid base from which to build for the CC and 2007 S14.

Kandas and PA

All the S14 teams are on holiday at the moment. Don't you okes reckon that with the Spears boys hard at work right now, thgey may be getting themselves peaking middle of season and fading as 2006 winds down?
Ja PA I would too if I were you.

There was nothing paper in those displays....if only WP had learnt something from that...
uhm, when last did you beat WP???

or the stormers for that matter????

now see what you made me do!!!!

i got involved!
i think there will be a lot of additions to the squad throughout the year davids.

they got a couple of youngster now, but that will change - beating one, or all of the SA teams in these warm-ups will also do wonders for the marketing image.
Greetings Kandas & Co.

Just seen this post.

You guys are fast.
Why don't you ask what it's like to win 3 in a row.

Have the Lions won 3 CC's?

I seem to remember them losing in the final all the time?
i remember a team once winning 5 in a row....

wonder if that will ever happen again?
Actually there is no let up - the Spears assemble on the 4th January - have a warm up against Eastern Province on the 7th January to shake out all their moves and be ready for the 14th January.  
has a fixture list for the year (before the CC) been decided and approved yet tony?  
The Southern Spears playing on the 14th January receive their colours on the 10th Jan in a ceremony from 22 ex Springboks - each guy receives their game jersey from the Springbok that played in that position drawn from the guys in and around Port Elizabeth.  


What do you reckon seriously.

When the S12 squads used to get together and start practicing in December we'd always play kak in S12 and the Boks would play crappy too.

With The Spears hard at work now, I'm thinking they may be getting themselves peaking too soon in the season.

Another issue that affects the major unions is the non involvement of Boks in the CC

Besides with the provincial stars on Bok duty all year, the Spears may have a good chance, but I reckon teams like the Sharks (I hate myself for this), Freestate and Bulls could end up fighting it out with the Lions and WP severely hampered by Bok call-ups.

I mean WP loses its whole midfield abd loose forwards

The Bulls have some decent lock and wing cover, but the Lions don't have much beyond Enrico, Andre, Wayne, Jacque and Conrad Jantjes to do work, except for young guns Earl Rose, Jodie Rose and Thabang Molefe...

Nice of you to show up.
didn't I beat you up badly enough the last time?

Remind us all exactly which team you supported as a youngster,please?

i think the spears have a brilliant chance of taking the CC.

and dont read too much into the boks unavailability. i dont think JW can afford to rest his players for 2 months, they need game time somewhere - so for the bigger games expect the boks cleared to play.
Geez Tony that'll be really electric for the kids, especially if they know they guys. Is No. 13 getting his from Danie Gerber...damn, what an honour...

Pity old Domkrag isn't around to see this...

Tony I have two quaestions

1. What are the marketing plans for the EL game? I haven't really seen any hype about that?

2. What is the coaching staff's attitude about possible player burnout, given that at the end of season 2006 your boys will have played non-stop for almost two consecutive seasons?
exactly what is the format for the CC this year?

Do sides have to qualify for the top tier games again?


More of the ACERBICNESS of the Russian winter troubling you....

there will be 8 teams competing.


are already confirmed.

the last two spots will be made up from the top 2 teams (finalists) of the vodacom cup.
St.Petersburgbok -

If that is what you call beaten up - bring it on

Who says I am still not a youngster, but for the record my allegiances went to the Springboks, Stellenbosch, van der Stel, Ikeys, False Bay & Hammies
as far as i understand it will be played on a home and away basis, with the top4 teams contesting the semi's and finals - so none of this section x and y shit again.  
aerobics what?  
false bay boy tony? in the mallet era?  

There are two tiers

One of 6 for the lower tier games and a top tier one of 8 teams.

The test unions, like Bulls, WP, Lions, Cheetahs and Sharks qualify automatically. Then the Spears and then there are two tier spots open that the remaining teams must play out for.

So the strength v strength format is back.


The loss of Boks is going to make a massive difference for the Lions, especially if Wikus Van Heerden gets called up. Unfortunately Jonathan Mokuena has signed for the Leopards this year so we can't even contract someone...

And without DWB, Marius Joubert and Jean De Villiers the WP midfield will lose all its sting... and that's their strong point...
So you are a softie then?

To bad.

My allegiance was with SACS and the Bulls.....the kakkest school side and the best provincial one!!!

I think the last two spots will be qualifying matches and not based on this year's finalists, otherwise the Pumas and Falcons would have qualified and Kandas would not have been mentioning that the SEC reagion could have two teams in the top level.
yes i agree davids.

i just think that JW will rotate players more next year, which will mean a lot of guys wont play that many matches - to rest a schalk, joe, juan, smit, vic, bakkies and the likes for 2 months without game time and go over the the UK to play the poms twice is not a good idea in my view.

so i think he will release players, at times, for one or 2 games to stay match fit.
So St P

Loyal to a school that spawned Percy Montgomery.....

i meant to say the vodacom cup finalists.

Exactly why will the loss of the Boks make a big difference to the Lions?

It's not as if you win when they are there.
Spectator value may increase...but results remain the same?
Percy was in my class.  
actually old percy was spawned in namibia.

but SACS - i agree - damn i hated that school - StP the only thing you should tell me now is you support ManU and McClaren...

1. Marketing Plans for the East London game remain the same - You will be picking up the Radio Spot and stinger off Algoa FM today as it airs - if you give me an e-mail addres I can send it through or it will be compressed and available off the Spears website later today

2. Player burn-out? These guys are fit & strong and their training is multi-disciplinary and they are eager for the 7th and then the true test the 14th January - they are set and will be ready for when they will be judged the most - the 3 weeks in January - 14th, 21st & 28th.

I have just put in my calls to all of the players and a few are so psyched, they are in the gym or on the track where they should be alone with their thoughts and their mental eye on their opposition - the game could be this Saturday - their yearning and desire to win is palpable.
percy was in your class, man that explains your hatred for the cape and its rugby - hehe  

Played with Mallett and UCT

Ja probably but the Unions won't be happy having teams dictated to them from SARU


Is Pieter speaking to JW about aligning the Spears style of play to that of the Boks so that players can reasonably seamlessly fit into the national set-up like they do in Australia and New Zealand or will we have a brand new exciting style of play?
Only lost three matches this year StP

Two to WP and one to the Bulls....

Ring any bells?

Second highest points scored in the CC?
Thanks Tony,

I'll pick it up off the site...

I'm still concerned the guys may not last the whole season. It is a long one. Pieter must be doing a fantastic job if they're this psyched already. I pity Rassie's battle hardened professionals...

What are your plans if Jake White calls up some of your players? I understand your No. 8 is looking especially promising...seeing as we need one of those...

I hope the youngsters bring some, for want of something better, youthful exuberance and flair to their play, because I think our rugby players are over coached and some of the battle hardened veterans are so over coached that they've lost all their flaiur. I'm talking about guys like Percy, Bryan Habana and Jean De Villiers, who opebned their accounts with their incredible flair, while the coaches of today seem to want automatons..

So is that contract management job still available?

Is it okay if I support the Cats/Lions?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
Bloody hell Tony!

Is that a SANZAR workshop?

I can't believe that SARU can possibly be stricken with the kind of common sense we're seeing here.

Jake White's transformation lecture is one you and Pieter De Villiers can actually present.

I think you've shown the other uniuons the way of the future on that score already.

Do you know where I could lay my hands on the proposal for a Transformation Charter that SARU presented to the Sport Portfolio Comittee in parliament. I'd like to wade through the spin that the media put on it and actually write what it REALLY says, seeing as BEE is part of my job...
Just had a funny thought.......

Imagine Alex Ferguson,Arsen Wenger,Sven Erikkson and Moriniho sitting in a room together exchanging foorball ideas for the good of the country.

Now that would be interesting.
Damn, missed Tony again!!!

Tony, seeing as you have supported Hammies in the past, did you see our Rugga World feature article on them?

Do you remember 'Appy' Appleton?

I'm loving hearing about the Spears plans. Even should they not immediately get the desired results, they are already winning friends with the professional and dynamic approach.

I will get a copy of the Transformation Charter to Kandas so ask him.

Remember this was authored by Willie Basson who was contracted to do this.

There is no heart and soul and practical rationale in this tome and it is merely a sacrificial offering to parliament to show that there is a charter inplace.

I authored a smaller more compact version that I thought all Unions could easily subscribe to as it address more the need for corporate culture change than a band aid Charter approach.

This was ignored, but we will be back at them in February with a chain saw.
Tony, what do you think of becoming this site's Tackler?  
Cheers Tony

I'd appreciate that.

I also think the Charters can be made really short, compact and in plain english.

The mining industry has quite a nice short one.

After all the BBBEEA is only some 8 pages long, so why write a ballad of Alexander Dumas-like proportions.

Of course, my personal view is that simple adherence to the generic model would probably have worked just as well.

The only small changes would ahve been to the gender equality side.

We need to give Tony a lobotomy before he can become Tackler and frankly, I enjoy him more than that stupid expat Kiwi twit
Yeah Davids, I agree, but he generates just as many hits!  
That's because he offers a fresh and intelligent view on rugby...  

Spears hoping for sea of red at debut to big-time

By Nicky Blatch

THE fledgling Southern Spears team are hoping for a sea of red when they run onto the EPRU Stadium for the franchise’s inaugural match against the Free State Cheetahs on January 14.

And in a bid to make this a possibility, the franchise has offered more than R400 000 worth of complimentary tickets to the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality’s 6 000 employees and their families – and even extended the invitation to the public.

But to qualify for a free ticket to the historic game at the EP Rugby Union stadium spectators must wear red.

Making the announcement at Nelson Mandela Bay’s City Hall yesterday, franchise chairman Aldy Meyer said: “We feel it is time that the rugby passion is ignited and that all rugby fans and their families are afforded the opportunity to watch the Spears at their inaugural match against the 2005 Currie Cup champions.”

The invitation has been extended to all Mandela Bay companies and their employees – together with members of the public – on condition that the tickets are collected by January 7 and that supporters wear red on the day of the match.

About 10 000 tickets, worth R65 each, have already been snapped up in response to the franchise’s media drives in newspapers and on the radio. On the day, VIP parking will be set aside for 1 000 red, black and white cars just outside the stadium grounds. Prime parking will also be provided for the fire department’s red fire engines, while seating will be allocated for firefighters. Meyer said the game between the Southern Spears and the Free State Cheetahs – a warm-up friendly to introduce the Spears – would be “a huge baptism of fire for coach Pieter de Villiers’ squad of 28 players”, a new crop of players representative of Eastern Province, Border, the South Western Districts and other parts of the country.

“We want to showcase our talent and show crowds what to expect in the coming years,” said Meyer.

Southern Spears’ chief executive Tony McKeever said while the team was in “peak physical condition”, a full stadium would provide the “psychological motivation” that it needed to win.

“Can you imagine the shock waves that would reverberate through South African rugby if the Spears beat the Currie Cup champions? It is possible and it can be done,” he said.

The municipality’s traffic and disaster management division has planned for a series of meetings in anticipation of attracting a full stadium of 30 000.

Municipal recreation and cultural services business unit manager Mbulelo Gidane said that following the severe traffic problems experienced during the June Test match between France and South Africa, the municipality had employed an additional 30 traffic officers.

“We want the city to be ready for events of this nature,” he said.

The Spears play the Cats in East London on January 21 and the Stormers in Wellington on January 28.

Fans wanting tickets can e-mail before January 7.
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