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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Super 14: New Super 14 quotas


RUGBY teams representing South Africa in next year's Super 14 tournament must have no fewer than eight players of colour in their squads, the South African Rugby Union (Saru) has announced.

This was revealed by Saru's deputy chief executive Mveleli Ncula, addressing delegates on the second day of a provincial sports indaba at an East London beachfront hotel.

Of the 30 contracted players, eight must be black – six in the final squad of 22 and four in the starting line-up.

Stern warning

He sent a stern warning to coaches who were not willing to adhere to this new resolution.

Ncula said Saru was serious about transforming rugby from grassroots level to the top echelons.

He added that the new rule was part of Saru's transformation charter.

"Anyone who does not comply with this will have to face serious consequences. We have to make sure each and every province in South Africa is following this law."

The new rule will come into effect next year.

'We don't want to bring politics into sport'

"We do not want to bring politics into sport, but want to afford opportunities to those who have never had them.

"I refuse to believe there aren't enough black players in South Africa who can play in the Super 14," Ncula said.

"Look at the U21s: 60 to 70 percent of the team was black. They did us all proud.

"You cannot tell me today that the players who went on to beat New Zealand in the finals of the World Cup were not picked on merit.

"The technical staff of that team (were under) no pressure whatsoever to select black players."

New franchise

He hailed Southern Spears coach Peter de Villiers, former head coach of the U21 team, for his willingness to give enough opportunities to black players. Talking on the new Southern and Eastern Cape franchise, Ncula said it was imperative that the Southern Spears, as the franchise is now known, received maximum support from the people of the Eastern Cape, including the government.

"Since the team will not be actively participating in the Super 14 next year, we have already organised some friendly matches for them to prepare the squad. They must use next year to prepare for the upcoming battle."

The Central Unions will become the fifth South African franchise to participate in the tournament.

The team that finishes fifth will be relegated and replaced by the Spears.

However, Spears will not be relegated until 2009 and thereafter they will be judged equal to others.

The sports indaba ends today.

Daily Dispatch
wpw wants a bigun up the bum from Shane Warne  
am i wrong or does this completely differ from the ideals as you set out in your article davids?  
oh yes.

wpw is a token cpae flats thug who likes big exhausts

Now why theheck do they need to issue this damned directive from up high.

Why all these warning crap.

This is really good for fostering good relations from the S12 franchises.

Damn hell doesn't SARU understand wht the hell corporate communication is all about?

Idiots. Absolute damned idiots.

Why not put a positive spin on the damned story.

SARU and the S14 franchises have agreed that the squads will contain at least 8 black players next year. This development shows the growth of black talent in SA rugby (haul out stats for 2004/5) and shows how our development programme is working because so many of the talented black players we have in Craven week and the U21 / U 19 team are now entering the mainstream professionalism. It's a credit to the unions and franchises that they have been able to develop our black player pool to such an extent that a third of the five squads will be black...... blah blah blah compliment franchises and unions again....

F---king a class stupid bloody bureaucratic morons

Put a dunce cap on and go stand in the corner git!

Write out 10 000 lines of


It's completely in line with BEE

It's the way it's communicated that makes my hair stand on end in absolute f----ing seething damned unbelieveable blow my top anger
Maybe ill make the stormers team  
But i understand why you are pissed off,davids  
Spot on, David.

Whether anyone agrees with it or not is irrelevant, quotas or the application of BEE as you laid out, is here to stay.

So why not prosper from it and learn how to manipulate the media and public. At the very least, ensure that news such as this is released in a positive manner instead of a threatening tone that simply gets a lot of people's backs up.

I do wish there was something that could be done about the mis-communications department within SARU, if they even have one.

Again, the responsibility lies with Prinsloo & Ncula as chief office bearers.

I'm more and more inclined to get rid of them rather than worrying about the board.

I see Wes has given up....


I'm not annoyed about having 8 black players in each squad. What I am annoyed about is the way its done. Now all it does is foster resentment and it makes the rugby playing public doubt whether players are selected based on their ability.

By putting a bragging spin on it they would have achieved so much much much more....


1. Players aren't sure whether they're being selected cos SARU says so

2. The unions are the moer in because they're being prescribed at from the media

3. The fans (rightly or wrongly) think that they won't have the best teams playing

4. SARU confirms that they're a bunch of incompetent gits.

The probabilities are that most of the unions already have 8 or more black players in their squads. I know for a fact the Cats can field 8 in their damned stariting line-up, nevermind their squad...

The Stormers probably too. Dunno about Fs and the Bulls, but I suspect the Sharks are in kak.
I suspect the Bulls are in trouble as well.

3 starting, 5 on the bench???
4 starting, 4 on the bench?
5 starting, 3 on the bench???

It's going to go down like a lead balloon.
I posted an arti on my thoughts about this whole quota thing. Shit doesn't these guys ever learn.

One can only plead ignorance so many times.
ras why do you say that, players of colour in the Bulls squad that can easily walk into most teams:

Guthro Steenekamp, Tim Dlulane, Heini Adams, John Mametsa, Bryan Habana, Aikona N'dungane, Trompie Nontshinga, Kennedy Tsimba, Chilliboy Rapele.

These guys are all part of the current training squad. So I can't see the problem with it.
Davids,i know i said,i know why you are pissed off.  
Aldo, you've named 9, the requirement is for EVERY match i.e. not taking into consideration resting players.

SARU are now saying that, regardless of the requirement for rotation, we require 8 players in the squad for EVERY match.

Chilliboy is a fab talent but I'll be happily surprised if he is ready for S14 by next year.

Just think, if you play all 8 you've mentioned it means that some of the Bulls stars are going to sit out for sure. Then add in the fatigue factor of having your 8 black players playing every single match week after week.

Nope, the provinces are in for a shock. In reality they each now require at least 12 black players of S14 quality.

The value of a black player of genuine S14 quality has just shot through the roof, imo.
8 x 5 = 40 starting S14 black players (by starting, I mean playing squad).

4? x 5 = 20 rotation S14 black players.

60 S14 black players....

It's going to be interesting, I suspect we're in for an exciting ride with the relegation factor thrown in.
I see your point Ras, injuries might come into play as well. Shit, this might not be good news. But the way I see it, you need eight players in your squad, is it in your matchday 22 or in your extended 28/30 man squad?  
8 players in the matchday 22, Aldo.

As many as you want in the season's squad.
Injuries will DEFINITELY come into play.

That's why even 12 black players of S14 quality in your squad may not be enough.

This is a big leap forward here.
Well like I said, The Cats are ok. We have The Rose brothers, Lorry Sephaka, Enrico Januarie, Wayne Julies, Thabang Molefe, Wylie Human, John Daniels, Ashwin Willemse and Conrad Jantjes who could ALL be in the starting line-up on any given day.

That's 12 players.

Unfortunately all of them, with the exception of Lorry, are backline players.


I think the requirement is to have four in the starting line-up and six in the match 22.

I think some black players are going to get burned out or introduced too soon, like at the Sharks for instance.


4 of the players you mention are wings.

Maybe it's time the Bulls started using Bryan Habana correctly to exploit his the centre...

Any idea how "black" they must be?
Will he be happy if 7 of the eight are coloureds with straight hair?

Agree with you all re the way this is communicated. It is also the token of Big Brother arrogance that pisses me off.

In the previous decade our teams were banned because of government interference and racism.
Is this not government interference - prescribing how teams must be selected?
When does something become "racist"?
How is Ashwill Willemse doing,is he recovering well?no1 really mentions him much.  
"six in the final squad of 22 and four in the starting line-up."

You are right, my apologies.

Phew, I was getting worried there.

I'm simply not sure we currently have 60 black players who can be genuinely said to be S14 quality.

Then it shouldn't be much of a problem, most have 8 black players in their squads already and can field six black players.

Injuries and player rotation will still mean each province ideally should have about 12 black players, I'd have thought.

It is undoubtedly racist in the narrow sense of the word.

However, the Constitution allows for institutional practices aimed at redressing past imbalances.

This is just that at work.

Amazingly the BEE statutes differentiate between coloureds, whites, asians and africans in the same way that old apartheid legislation differentiated between white, 'bantu', asian and coloured people.

News on Ash is that he may return to top flight in 2006.

Jake White still mentions him often as a capable replacement for Breyten Paulse, although with WP producing a Breyten clone in Zaheer Rayland, I think Ash might find space in the Bok squad hard to come by.

Have you guys recalled that when BVR named the Bok team for EOYT 2004 he insisted that the word quota would never again be mentioned in SA rugby because it was negative connotations and henceforth, it would be referred to as a ttransformation process, and yet here comes this git and calls it exatly that...
Thanks Dave
But i think Ryland still has a long way to go b4 even thinking of a bok cap,yes he has blistering space and a huge step but the boy is still very inexperienced and way too small,Jake probably cant even see him yet.

I was actually referring to the international community and the ICC, IRB etc. that banned us.
According to the NP government, we were in the right because apartheid was accepted and made law in what they saw as a "democratic" process.
Does having this regulation part of the new constitution make it more acceptable to the controlling bodies for SA to dictate a policy based on race, and prescribing selections?

I also note that black newspapers, e.g. Sowetan, don't even publish reports on Springbok selections and test matches.
M-Net also sees to it that tests are watched only by the privileged.
If the game is to be carried to the black population BY LAW and not by individual preference - will these media institutions also be forced to carry reports and visuals? Knowing full well that the absolute majority of their readers and viewers prefer soccer and boxing?

"Jake probably can't even see him yet."

Ash was a great wing, not sure that he can come back to that standard. Look how Snyman etc. struggled after knee-ops.
True,but we can always hope.He was a strong MF too,heard he could bench 160-180,for a wing that is KAK heavy.Spotted Richard Bands @ the Sevens over the weekend, that dude looks like he can bench a truck.
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